The Complete History Of The Transformers

Before the Series

Before the Series Pre-Movie Series The Movie Post-Movie Series

Quintesson FactoryMilions of years ago, the planet of Cybertron was made by the Quintessons as a production plant for the robots they needed. At the start they experimentated with creatures partially robot and partially organic, later they made real robots. There were two types of robots; military units and consumer goods. A computer; Vector Sigma, situated somewhere deep under the surface of the planet was used to give all the robots their own unique personalities. The Quintessons were very hard on their own robots and gradually more and more robots started to rebel. However the Quintessons had built gigantic robots to protect themselves; the Guardian Robots. Finally the great rebellion started and the robots (mainly the consumer goods) under the leadeship of A-3, managed to defeat the Guardian Robots. Start of the RebellionThe Quintessons had to flee from Cybertron. Five Autobots (Blaster, Ramhorn, Rewind, Blurr and Wreck-Gar) that came from the future helped the robots with this start of the rebellion (see later).

After the rebellion there was peace once again on Cybertron. The consumer goods-Transformers were finally able to do what they liked to do. This time was later referred to as the Golden Age of Cybertron. The military robots became restless and started riots in some cities on the planet. Not everywhere on the planet was there a struggle between the two classes of robots. So it was that two friends; a scientist (Skyfire) and a military robot (Starscream), made an expedition together. While exploring a distant planet they were seperated by a blizzard. Only Starscream managed to return to Cybertron.

Creation of MegatronNew robots were created, among these was Megatron. Megatron was one of the first robots that was able to fly in robotmode and thus he became something of a sensation. Robots in different cities heard of the incredible flying robots and of rumours that some cities were attacked by these same robots. Still they thought of the war as nothing more as a rumour, besides the guardian robots that were reprogrammed after the departure of the Quintessons protected all cities. During this time the consumer goods-Transformers developed the custom to hand over the Matrix from leader to leader. The Matrix contained all the wisdom of all its former custodians. Also the Autobot develop the art of transformation, soon the Decepticons start to use this ability too.

Alpha Trion and Orion PaxOrion Pax was a robot that worked on the docks in a city that was rich on energon. This city was Megatrons next target due to this energon. Megatron made friends with Orion Pax, who was awed by all of Megatrons capabilities. As soon as Orion Pax showed the energon supplies of the city to Megatron, Megatrons orders his troops to attack. Orion Pax, his girlfriend; Aerial, and another friend get seriously wounded. Once again some Autobots from the future play a critical role in Cybertron history, this time it are the Aerialbots. They carry Orion Pax off from the place of attack and in search for medical help they find Alpha Trion (it is possible that he still calls himself A-3 at this moment). Alpha Trion has made some sort of hospital and is already helping as many robots as he is able to. He promises to do his best for Orion Pax.

Introduction of Optimus PrimeAfter some time Alpha Trion reports to the Aerialbots that he was able to repair Orion Pax, he has even rebuilt him. Orion Pax new name is: Optimus Prime. Alpha Trion was also the bearer of the Matrix at that time and while he rebuilded Orion Pax he gave him the Matrix. Alpha Trion assures Optimus Prime that he will send some droids to get the other wounded, he has even already a name for the girlfriend of Orion Pax/Optimus Prime; Elita One. Optimus Prime heads back to the battle, together with the Aerialbots. Optimus Prime drives off Megatron and many of his forces. The Aerialbots notice how many of Megatron troops go after the energon and decide to blow the entire storage building skyhigh to prevent the energon from falling in the wrong hands. They are almost killed themselves while doing it, but they are transported back to their own time just in time.

The RobosmasherSo the war on Cybertron starts for real. Megatron leads the military robots, his group is named the Decepticons, Optimus Prime becomes the leader of all the robots that fight for peace, this group is called the Autobots. Not all robots are willing to fight for peace, many leave the planet in search for a new home. So the battle rages on for milions of years. Even among the Decepticons there are some differences of opinion, Megatron captures five renegade Decepticons and stores their personality chips. During this time many new weapons were tested. One of the most feared of these weapons was the Robosmasher. This device of the Decepticons was able to reprogram any robot into a follower of Megatron. Omega Supreme and DevastatorOne of the last victims of this machine were the Constructicons. After being reprogrammed they lured Omega Supreme away from Crystal City, by saying he was needed in another city that they claimed was under Decepticon attack. As soon as Omega Supreme realized that he was tricked, he ran back to Crystal City, only to see it collapse. Omega Supreme followed the Constructicons and tried to undo the Robosmashers work, but without any results. The new ability from the Constructicons to form a gestalt (Devastator) surprised Omega Supreme and almost he himself became a victim of the Robosmasher. He managed to destroy the Robosmasher and he pursued the Constructicons across the galaxy for milions of years.

Pre-Movie Series

Before the Series Pre-Movie Series The Movie Post-Movie Series

Shockwave gets commandMeanwhile the war continued and finally the entire energy supply on Cybertron was exhausted. Optimus Prime decides to go on an expedition with his elite forces to find extra reserves. The Decepticons learn from this plan and in this they see the golden opportunity to defeat the Autobots for once and for all. Megatron orders his spaceship to be made ready and also takes all of his elite forces with him. He orders the third robot in command (Shockwave) to stay on Cybertron and guard it till his return.

Departure of the AutobotsJust before takeoff from their spaceship; the Ark, the Autobot base is attacked by Decepticons. The Autobots that are selected for this expedition board the Ark during the attack. Elita One hurries to the Ark and begs Optimus Prime to allow her to come with him. Optimus Prime refuses because he doesn't want to expose her to the dangers of this hopeless expedition, but he promises to return for her. Then a grenade explodes between them and as soon as the vapours of the explosion disperse, there is no trace left of Elita One. The Ark departs, just after take off it gets stuck in a meteor shower. Optimus Prime orders the use of the lasers and they plough themselves a way through the meteors. That is the moment Megatron decides to attack, with the lasers empty the Autobots are defenseless. The Decepticon spaceship moves alongside the Ark and the Decepticons board the Ark. a fierce battle follows. The two ships started drifting and get in the gravitational field of a planet and the Ark with all the Transformers on board crashes into a vulcano.

Megatron is repairedMilions of years later there is a vulcanic eruption. The main computer of the Ark (Teletran One) is reactivated by this eruption and it automatically launches a probe to explore the planet. The probe finds a military jet and sends the data back to Teletran One. Teletran One starts to repair the Transformer that is closest to him and makes that his new transformation is a jet. Unfortunately it was the Decepticon Skywarp that was closest by. Skywarp moves Megatron towards Teletran One and also Megatron is repaired. Very soon afterwards all Decepticons are functional again. They leave the Ark and decide to make a new base elsewhere from where they can drain the energy from this planet and they also need to get in contact with Cybertron, if it even still exists. Starscream gives a blast of his laserriffle as a last salute to the Autobots. This proves to be a very decisive blast, because Optimus Primes body falls over and gets in the beam from Teletran One and he too is repaired.

Cliffjumper shoots at MegatronAs all Autobots are repaired, it's their turn to make plans. They also decide there is need to find out whether Cybertron still exists, but first Optimus Prime is interested in this new planet (Earth) that they are on. The Autobots Hound and Cliffjumper go exploring and find the Decepticons. Cliffjumper tries a surprise shot at Megatron, but he misses. Now the Decepticons know that they have the Autobots once again as enemies. A oilplatform proves a important target for the Decepticons, here they make one of their first strikes. The Autobots make a more or less futile attempt to stop the Decepticons on the platform, but they are able to make their first human friends: The Autobots make friendsSparkplug and Spike Witwicky. The Decepticons continue their attacks and finally they have all the resources for a spaceship with a full cargo of energon. They manage to depart from Earth, but they have a stowaway; Mirage. Mirage blasts the controls just at the moment that Starscream makes one of his many attempts to overtrow Megatron. The spaceship gets uncontrolable and Mirage jumps out of a door and saves himself with a parachute. The ship crashlands in the ocean.

The SpacebridgeThe Decepticons survive the crash and make a underseas headquarters from their spaceship. Suddenly they receive a message; it's Shockwave. Cybertron still exists, but the energon supplies are now really critical. Shockwave developed a new transport system during Megatrons abscense; a spacebridge. This bridge enables the Decepticons to travel with the speed of light from and to Cybertron.

The DinobotsThe Autobots also do a lot of inventions, their most succesfull invention are the Dinobots. These Dinobots have very simple circuitry so they aren't intelligent, but by their strength they become the Autobots that are the most feared by the Decepticons. First only three Dinobots were made, later when those proved succesfull two more were made.

During one of their many attempts to make energon, the Decepticons find a strange object beneath the polar ice. It's a gigantic robot, Starscream remebers him: Skyfire. Skyfire joins the Decepticon ranks, but later when he makes contact with Spike and Sparkplug, he decides to change sides. He becomes very important for the Autobots because in the beginning he is the only one who is able to transport other Autobots by air. The Decepticons discover even more Transformers on Earth. Somewhere deep in the jungle they find a escapepod from their own spaceship that crashlanded milions of years ago. The three Insecticons were on board the pod. These three don't join the Decepticon ranks, they are more of opportunitists and thus only help the Decepticons when it suits themselves.

Spike and CarlyDuring one of his adventures with the Autobots, Spike encounters a girl at whom he falls in love; Carly. Carly and Spike even visit Cybertron together, because the Autobots slowly stop funcioning and need new Cybertonium from Cybertron. In the meantime the Constructicons have reached Earth and join Megatron in his quest to destroy the Autobots. Bumblebee and Powerglide make a interesting discovery. Within some sort of energon storm there is a island untouched since the prehistory. It becomes a training ground for the Dinobots. Grimlock gives the island its name; Dinobot Island. Some time after the Constructicons does also Omega Supreme arrive on earth.

Chromia and ShockwaveThe Autobots that hadn't left Cybertron managed to survive all the milions of years that Optimus Prime and his fellows were away. All the girlfriends of the Autobots that had left formed a new group; the Female Autobots. They are still under the leadership of Elita One, who apparently survived the attack on the Autobot base. Megatron gets alerted by Shockwave of the existence of these Female Autobots and he sends a group of Decepticons to capture Elita One. Optimus brings Elita to Alpha TrionThey succeed in doing so and Megatron orders Optimus Prime to surrender or else he will kill Elita One. Optimus Prime obeys, but in the end he and Elita One manage to escape. Elita One gets seriously injured by using her special skills to save Optimus Prime, so Optimus Prime sets outs to find Alpha Trion. Alpha Trion still remembers the scematics of both Optimus Prime and Elita One and with the use of Optimus Primes powerconverter he manages to repair Elita One.

The Stunticons head for EarthAfter yet again a few more defeats, Megatron gets frustrated. He realizes the Autobots are superior on the ground and that he will need some Decepticons that are able to transform into cars if he wants to defeat the Autobots. He then creates five robots that transform into cars and whose outer hull are heavily protected by forcefields. He calls them the Stunticons. The Stunticons are still just machines after their creation and they will have to be taken to Vector Sigma to get their personalities. The Decepticons go to Cybertron over the spacebridge and they beat up Alpha Trion to get his key that leads to Vector Sigma. The Autobots get alerted by the use of the spacebridge and Optimus Prime suspects Megatron sceme. He and some Autobots board Omega Supreme and they head for Cybertron. Alpha Trion merges with Vector SigmaFirst they repair the injured Alpha Trion and then they follow the Decepticons. The Decepticons have already left with the activated Stunticons. To stop the Stunticons, the Autobots make the Aerialbots. Alpha Trion uses his own circuits to activate Vector Sigma without a key. His entire personality is integrated into Vector Sigma. The activated Vector Sigma also gives personalities to the Aerialbots. Not very long after their creation the Aerialbots get trapped in a time trap from Megatron. They arrive just at the start of the war and there they help Orion Pax (see earlier). The Autobots are luckily able to get the Aerialbots back to their own time.

Starscream and the CombaticonsStarscream attempts a new takeover, but once again he fails to get the support of the other Decepticons. Laserbeak dumps Starscream on a tropical island. Starscream finds a lot of old military vehicles from World War II on this island and he gets an idea. He uses the the spacebridge and steals the personality chips of the five renegade Decepticons, those chips were stored there by Megatron. He then returns to Earth and uses the chips and the old vehicles to create his own army; the Combaticons. Starscream finally is able to take command over the Decepticons, but only for a few seconds. The Stunticons appear and their gestalt form (Menasor) is able to defeat Bruticus (the gestalt form of the Combaticons). Megatron accepts Starscream and the Combaticons back into the Decepticon ranks, after some more events.

The Movie

Before the Series Pre-Movie Series The Movie Post-Movie Series

Hotrod shoots at the shuttleThe planet Unicron, which is made by Primacron, is traveling through space. Slowly it is heading for Cybertron. The Decepticons manage to capture the entire planet of Cybertron over time. The Autobots only posses the two moons of Cybertron anymore. Earth is entirely in Autobot hands. Optimus Prime is in command of Moonbase 1, there he orders Ironhide to take a shuttle and get more energon supplies from earth. Megatron learns of Ironhides journey by Laserbeak. Megatron and some other Decepticons attack Ironhides shuttle and kill all passengers; Brawn, Prowl, Ratchet and Ironhide. With this shuttle the Decepticons are able to pass all early warning devices of the Autobots on Earth. Daniel notices the holes in the shuttle as it starts its decent to Autobot City. Hot Rod starts shooting at the shuttle, but the Decepticons are already very near to the city.

Attack on Autobot CityA fierce battle follows. Many Autobots get killed, among others Wheeljack and Windcharger. Blaster sends a S.O.S. to Optimus Prime, but the Decepticon Cassettes disable his antennas. The next morning the situation starts to look hopeless. The Constructicons form Devastator and he is able to destroy much of the Autobot defences. But then the shuttle of Optimus Prime appears. The Dinobots leave the shuttle even before it has landed and they manage to stop Devastator.

Megatron uses Hotrod as shieldOptimus Prime lands the shuttle and he fights his way through the Decepticon lines, till he reaches Megatron. A heroic battle follows. Finally Megatron begs for mercy, but it's just a trick; invisible for Optimus Prime, he reaches for a gun. Hot Rod sees this and jumps Megatron. Megatron gets hold of Hot Rod and uses him as a shield while he shoots at Optimus Prime. Optimus Prime falls and Megatron throws Hot Rod away. Slowly Megatron walks to the heavily wounded Optimus Prime, but suddenly Optimus Prime is able to reach up and he hits Megatron hard with all his remaining strength. Megatron falls, soon followed by Optimus Prime.

Optimus Prime diesStarscream stands gloating over the defeated Megatron. Finally he is the leader of the Decepticons, he orders the retreat. From everywhere the Decepticons head for Astrotrain, many are carrying the wounded. Soundwave carries Megatron from the battlefield. The Autobots cheer over this unexpected victory, but soon they start to morn as it becomes apparent that Optimus Prime is mortally injured. On his death bed Optimus Prime chooses his replacement: Ultra Magnus. He gives the Matrix to Ultra Magnus and then he dies.

Creation of GalvatronIn the meantime the Decepticons encounter some problems: Astrotrain is to full with Decepticons, he can't reach Cybertron if he doesn't get any lighter. Starscream orders that all wounded are to be thrown from board. With much joy he himself disposes of Megatron. Megatron and the wounded Decepticons drift in space for a long time an finally they encounter Unicron. He offers to repair Megatron and his Decepticons, on the condition that Megatron will destroy the Matrix, because the Matrix is the only thing that is able to destroy Unicron. Reluctantly Megatron agrees. Megatron is not just repaired, he is even rebuilt, his new name is Galvatron. The wounded Decepticons, among others Bombshell, Thundercracker and Skywarp, are rebuilt into Cyclonus, Scourge and the Sweeps.

Galvatron assumes commandGalvatron first heads for Cybertron, there he kills Starscream, who was just being coronated, and he takes the command of the Decepticons once again. At that moment Unicron gets near to Cybertron, he attacks the two moons of Cybertron and destroys them both. Spike, Bumblebee, Jazz and Cliffjumper are sucked into Unicron. Galvatron is enraged, but Unicron makes clear to him that he is only a pawn of Unicron. Galvatron then heads to Earth to find Ultra Magnus and destroy the Matrix.

The shuttle crashesThe Autobots received the S.O.S. from the two Moonbases and are just about to board the shuttles, when Galvatron arrives with the Decepticons. The Autobots manage to take-off but the Decepticons are in pursuit. Cyclonus shoots down the shuttle with Hot Rod, Kup and the Dinobots. This shuttle crashlands on the planet Quintessa. Galvatron destroys the shuttle with Ultra Magnus, Arcee, Springer, Blurr, Perceptor and Daniel. Then suddenly Galvatron suffers from an intense pain and he orders to bring him to Unicron.

Fighting SharkticonsHot Rod and Kup get captured by some Sharkticons and are taken to the court of the Quintessons, they are sentenced to death. (The Quintesson judge declares them innocent and that means a death sentence for the victim.) They are thrown into a pit of Sharkticons, for a while they manage to hold the Sharkticons at a distance. Meanwhile the Dinobots have made a new friend; Wheelie. Wheelie leads the Dinobots to the pit with Sharkticons and the Dinobots are able to convince to Sharkticons to attack their Quintesson masters. For a second time in history the Quintessons have to flee for their own creations. Wheelie even knows where the Autobots can find a spaceship and they leave Quintessa together.

On board the shuttleUltra Magnus and the other Autobots that were on the shuttle survived the destruction of the shuttle. Just in time they separated the cockpit from the rest of the ship. This tiny ship is to beat up to make it to Cybertron, Perceptor advises to head for the planet Junkion. This planet is in fact some sort of garbage dump in space. Galvatron has a meesting with Unicron and he is told that Ultra Magnus is alive and that he is on Junkion. Again Galvatron sets out to destroy the Matrix.

Galvatron catches the MatrixUltra Magnus and the others are just starting to repair the shuttle as Galvatron arrives. Galvatron destroys the shuttle and the Autobots start running. Ultra Magnus brings the Autobots to relative safety and then he goes to face Galvatron alone. Galvatron orders the Sweeps to attack and they shoot Ultra Magnus to pieces. Galvatron catches the Matrix and decides to use it against Unicron.

Fighting JunkionsThe Autobots come from hiding after that Galvatron and the Decepticons have left the planet. They grieve for Ultra Magnus and the loss of the Matrix, however they are soon interrupted by the Junkions. Wreck-Gar the leader of the Junkions launches a full scale assault against the Autobots, for the Autobots are invaders of his planet. As the battle starts to turn against the Autobots, a shuttle appears. After the shuttle lands, the doors open and Hot Rod and the others step from the shuttle. Hot Rod manages to ally the Junkions and they agree to help the Autobots against Unicron, they even repair Ultra Magnus.

Unicron attacks CybertronGalvatron fails to use the Matrix against Unicron. Unicron transforms from planet into a gigantic robot. He swallows Galvatron and then he attacks Cybertron. Shockwave orders all the Decepticons on Cybertron to defend Cybertron, during the battle he dies (the part where he dies seems to have been drawn, but it was censored, according to one source on the Internet). The Autobots arrive in the Quintesson shuttle and Junkion shuttle. The Quintesson shuttle with on board Hot Rod, Kup, Arcee, Springer and Daniel gets hit. Hot Rod takes the ship into a collision coarse with Unicron, the ship flies straight through Unicrons eye. Inside Unicron they get separated from each other. Daniel discovers his dad and Bumblebee, Cliffjumper and Jazz. Daniel is able to rescue them all from a melting pool. Hot Rod encounters Galvatron and they start a battle for the Matrix. Rodimus PrimeFinally Hot Rod reaches out for it and the power from the Matrix goes to Hot Rod. While Hot Rod starts to change into a new robot, Optimus Primes voice sounds from the Matrix: "Arise Rodimus Prime". Rodimus Prime then grabs Galvatron and throws him through Unicrons hull and Galvatron disappears into deep space. There after Rodimus Prime opens the Matrix, its powers flow through Unicron and Unicron gets overloaded. Rodimus Prime catches up with all the other Autobots inside Unicron and he leads them to safety through Unicrons other eye. Then Unicron explodes.

Unicrons headThe Decepticons are now without leader and flee from Cybertron. The Autobots celebrate their victory with their new leader; Rodimus Prime. The head of Unicron stayed in orbit of Cybertron after his destruction, it now circles the planet as some sort of moon.

Post-Movie Series

Before the Series Pre-Movie Series The Movie Post-Movie Series

CharThe Decepticons have all retreated to the planet Char. They are leaderless and without energon, worst of all the moral is down to zero. Cyclonus decides to rescue Galvatron in order to restore the Decepticon army to its former splendor. Meanwhile the Quintessons finally decide to reclaim Cybertron, which they see as their possesion. After Galvatron is rescued, he assumes command of the Decepticons again. The Quintessons trick him in saying they can help him get the Decepticon Matrix (which doesn't exist) and so he forms an alliance with them.

Destruction of QuintessaThe Autobots first think they were attacked by the Decepticons, but Rodimus Prime travels within the Matrix and there he learns the truth. Rodimus Prime visits Quintessa to free Ultra Magnus, Kup and Spike from the Quintesson. The Quintessons abandon Quintessa and push the destruct button for their own planet, only to destroy the Matrix which is still carried by Rodimus Prime. They fail, because Rodimus Prime and all the other Autobots on Quintessa are saved in time. The Quintessons are now without any planet of their own and are forced to travel from planet to planet.

Trypticon and MetroplexThe Decepticons and Quintessons plan their attack on the Autobots. On Earth the Constructicons create a gigantic Decepticon: Trypticon. The plan is that Trypticon will attack Metroplex on Earth and that at the same time the other Decepticons will launch an assault on Cybertron. Metroplex manages to defeat Trypticon. During the battle on Cybertron some Sharkticons try to activate a device to disable all Transformer. This plan of Quintessons fails because Spike is also on Cybertron and he isn't affected by the device. Galvatron wants to continue the battle, but Blitzwing orders Galvatron to stop the fight. Galvatron listens to Blitzwing, but he warns him that he will never be welcome in the Decepticon ranks again.

Autobot TombsThe Quintessons try a new plan to defeat the Autobots. They enter the tombs of the death Autobots and make some sort of zombie of Optimus Primes . Optimus Primes travels back to the Autobots and Rodimus Prime gives the command and the Matrix back to Optimus Primes and he becomes Hot Rod again. Optimus Primes then leads the Autobots into a trap of the Quintessons. Hot Rod sees through the Quintessons list just in time and he tries to stop Optimus Primes . Optimus Primes defeats Hot Rod in battle, but at the moment that he is about to kill Hot Rod, his old personality comes through. He gives Hot Rod the Matrix and then he takes the Autobot command ship into the trap, the trap is destroyed and the ship with Optimus Primes on board is destroyed.

The Time WindowA Quintesson scientist developed some sort of time window. He uses it to capture time energy. Perceptor notices the fluctuations in the time energy matrix of the universe and decides to investigate. Wreck-Gar, Blurr, Blaster, Ramhorn and Rewind go with him as an escort. They attack the Quintessons and by accident the Autobots that escorted Perceptor go through the time window and they arrive on Cybertron at the beginning of the rebellion (see earlier). From the past A-3 also comes through the time window, for the third time in history he plays an important role in the life of the Aerialbots. The Autobots drive off the Quintessons and return A-3 to his time and manage to get the other Autobots back from the past. Then they close and detroy the time-window.

The DwellerA lot of events that are related to the past take place in the story. Grimlock and Daniel find on Cybertron a device used to exile Quintessons, the Quintessons used this device themselve when they were still masters of Cybertron. A planet is discovered inhabited by Transfomers that have fled from Cybertron at the start of the war between Decepticons and Autobots. This planet is destroyed, but all inhabitans are saved, including Sandstorm. Wheelie and Daniel find an astroid that was launched at the start of the war. The astroid contains files that the Autobots wanted to protect from the Decepticons. The Autobots are one time attacked by one creature that was locked up deep inside Cybertron. This was one of the creatures (partially robot, partially organic) that the Quintessons made before they started to make robots.

Starscreams ghostOctane is in exile from the Decepticons and has found sanctuary on Cybertron (apparently the scenario writers have confused him with Blitzwing). He is attacked and he flees to the lower levels of Cybertron, there in the halls of the Decepticons he encounters Starscreams ghost. Starscream is able to go from body to body and he can take control of that body. First Starscream takes Cyclonus body and tries to take control of the Decepticons, when that fails he tries to make a deal with Unicron. Starscream offers to repair Unicron if Unicron promises to give Starscream his own body again. The Autobots and even some Decepticons prevent Starscream from repairing Unicron and Starscreams ghost disappears into outer space.

Grimlock gets suddenly very intelligent after he bites some electrical circuits. During a battle he sees that the Autobots need reinforcements against the Terrorcons and quickly he creates the Technobots. The gestalt of the Terrorcons; Abominus, scares the Technobots and they ask Grimlocks advice. He explains that they have their own gestalt; Computron and then he transfers his newly received intelligence to Computron. Grimlock is his old stupid self again and Computron manages to defeat Abominus. Being stupid has its advantages as it is soon demonstrated.

Grimlock and PrimacronPrimacron has learned of his mistakes that he made when he created Unicron. This time he creates a creature of pure energy; Tornatron. The assistent of Primacron gathers all primitive thinking Transfomers, he reasons that since Tornatron can't be defeated by the most intelligent plans, so perhaps a stupid plan can work. All the primitives from Autobots and Decepticons are gathered on a planet, but Tornatron defeats them all. Grimlock escapes his attention and Grimlock is able to activate the reverse switch and defeat Tornatron.

The Matrix emptiedTwo humans rescue the body of Optimus Primes from the remains of the shuttle that he was in. They also discover a spore that brings hateness. One of the humans has a grudge against the Autobots and uses the spores against them. Rodimus Prime escapes the first contamination and rescues Optimus Primes s body. The spores are spreading through the galaxy and no one seems safe for them. A Quintesson agrees to restore Optimus Primes , because both he and Rodimus Prime think that Optimus Primes will be able to stop the plague. When Optimus Primes is restored he uses the powers of the Matrix to cure everyone. The Matrix has become an empty shell and Rodimus Prime is just Hot Rod again. The Autobots have finally Optimus Primes back in command.

Brainstorm and NightstickGalvatron steals a key from the Autobots to open the plasma energy chamber on Cybertron. Hot Rod and some other Transformers get it back from Galvatron, but they get stranded on Nebulos. A group of Decepticons go after them and capture some Autobots. The remaining Autobots make a deal with the Nebulons and they become Headmasters. With this advantage they free the other Autobots. Now the Decepticons make a deal with the Hive and become Headmasters and Targetmasters. The Decepticons get the key from the Autobots once again. The Autobots copy the Targetmaster technology and become Targetmasters themselve. Meanwhile Optimus Primes uses the shell of the Matrix to enter Vector Sigma and he consults with Alpha Trion.

Scorponok and Fortress MaximusLord Zarak from the hive makes a gigantic Headmasters: Scorponok. He takes the Decepticons and the key back to Cybertron. Spike makes a gigantic Headmasters Autobot: Fortress Maximus. Fortress Maximus defeats Scorponok on Cybertron, but after that Galvatron opened the plasma energy chamber. The energy starts to overload all Autobots and the sun. Spike suddenly sees a solution: he transfers all energy to Vector Sigma. Then an incredible thing happens: the Golden Age is restored. All Autobots are restored and they celebrate their victory.

The EndThe Decepticons escape in Scorponok and Galvatron already starts to make new plans to dominate the universe. Lord Zarak subtlely makes clear that it isn't necessary Galvatron that will be the leader of the universe.

Here ends the adventures of the Transformers. Later the story is continued/preceded by the Beast Wars.