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Last updated December 21, 2000
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TRANSFORMER pictures This homepage is entirely dedicated to the Transformers. First I will give a short description of what Transformers are, for the few that came across this homepage by chance. Transformers are robot toys, that are able to change in all different kinds of vehicles, animals, buildings, etc. They appeared for the first time in the United States in 1984 and were released by Hasbro. This first series consisted just out of 25 robots. The series of 1985 already had 72 robots (including a second release of the first 25). Since then there have been new releases every year up to about 1994 (at least that's the newest Transformer in my collection). In 1995 a new kind of robots was introduced under the name Beast Wars. These robots still have the name "Transformers" somewhere on their packaging and many of the names of individual robots are the same.
Alpha Trion There was also a television series of Transformers. This series lasted three seasons and most of the robots up to 1986 appeared in the series. However, in Japan the series continued and three more seasons were made there. Marvel Comics published comic books of the Transformers; the entire series has 80 issues, plus a few extra issues. There is a television series of Beast Wars, at many locations worldwide it is still being broadcast. This Beast Wars series occasionally makes some references to the original series or even has "guest-appearances" of the original Transformers.
At the moment there are very many Transformer-fans world wide. Just take a look at all the homepages in the Transformer-Webring. There are special news groups for Transformer-fans, homepages that sell and buy Transformers and even congresses (BotCon). The main difficullty in collecting Transformers is that not every Transformer has been released worldwide. Some have only released in the U.S., some only in Europe, etc. Almost every week I discover with the help of Internet a few Transformers I didn't know existed. This encyclopaedia is for this reason not complete and perhaps it will never be, but I'll sure give it a try to make it complete. Therefore every correction, addition or suggestion is welcomed. So feel free to e-mail me if you have any of these.
Most of the music I have gotten from different homepages. I had collected them before I had plans for my own homepage, so I didn't make a list of where I got everything. If anyone recognizes something of his artwork and wants credit for it, or wants it removed from my homepage, please e-mail me. All the pictures are screenshots taken from the series by myself, or are photos from my own collection.
I'm just one of the many TF-fans, this page is in no way related to one of the official companies that bring Transformer products on the market.

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