Many people have helped me with my homepage. Some with sending me files or information, others helped me to construct this page. These are their names in random order:
Remco van de Beek
He helped me with the layout of my homepage.
Joe Igo ("Clamup7004")
He supplied me with all the names of the Beast Wars figures. Also he helped me with many Transformers that were not released in Europe, such as the generation 2 versions of Beachcomber, Bumblebee and Seaspray. He helped to sort out the problem with Archforce/Megatron and Sureshot/Optimus Prime.
Tony R. Davis
He greatly helped me with information on the Japanese series. He has his own Transformer homepage: The Transformers.
Dave Gillcash
He supplied me some of the Transformer Midi files that are on my site.
Victor Hopmans
He helped me with constructing this homepage. A special thanks to him for scanning the following pictures for my Encylopaedia: Groundpounder, Neutro, Missile Master, Moonrock, Motorhead, Road Burner, Takedown and Wheel Blaze. He also was nice enough, to point out numerous typing errors on my homepage :-). He has his own homepage: HomePage of Victor Hopmans.
Mike Humphrey
He gave me the names of many Nebulon partners, also he gave me a number of scripts, including the script of the Movie.
Will the Phenom
He gave me the idea to make a Transformer history on my homepage.