Shot of space, we see a binary star system, close up of Unicron moving into view between the 2 stars. Change to shot of planet, various views on planet, cut to 2 robots walking along corridor, they enter a lab and a third robot takes some beakers from them and places them on table, the table starts shaking and the beakers fall on the ground breaking apart.

Kranix: Orbulus, look it's Unicron!

Unicron starts to eat the planet

Kranix: The ships! Get to the ships, it's our only chance!

Robots run to ships, 2 launch, 1 is sucked back into Unicron

Orbulus: Kranix! AAAARGH!!!

Views of Unicron digesting planet and powering up.

Main Theme
Voice over with star wars like titles

Voice over: There's an evil new force in the universe. A monster planet that devours everything in it's path....and it's heading for the small planet of Cybertron, where a unique race of transforming robots continue to fight a civil war... a war between good and evil that has raged for millions of years. The evil Decepticon transformers, led by the maniacal Megatron, have sworn to crush their enemies, the Autobots. To this end they have relentlessly pursued them across the galaxy, from planet Cybertron to planet Earth and back again. But the heroic Autobot transformers and their courageous leader Optimus Prime are not easily defeated.

Scene 1
Voice over as we see: View of Cybertron getting closer, catch sight of Laserbeak as he comes closer, follow Laserbeak to moonbase one where we see a small glimpse of the base there, he then starts spying on Prime etc.

Voice over: It is the year 2005, the treacherous Decepticons have conquered the Autobots home planet of Cybertron. But, from secret staging grounds on 2 of Cybertron's moons the valiant Autobots plan to retake their homeland.

Optimus: Ironhide, report to me at once.

Ironhide: Every time I look in a monitor Prime, my circuits sizzle, when are we gonna start busting decepti-chops?

Optimus: I want you to make a special run to Autobot city Earth.

Ironhide: But Prime!

Optimus: Listen Ironhide, we don't have enough energon cubes to power a full scale assault. Ready the shuttle for launch.

Ironhide: Your days are numbered now Decepticreeps!

Ironhide moves off towards the shuttle.

Optimus: Jazz, report security status.

Jazz appears on monitor.

Jazz: No signs of Decepticons here Prime.

Optimus: What about moonbase 2?

Jazz: Jazz to moonbase 2, Jazz to moonbase 2

Bumblebee and Spike come on the screen.

Bumblebee: Bumblebee and Spike here.

Jazz: We're about to send up a shuttle, any Decepticon shenanigans in your area?

Bumblebee: All clear Jazz.

Spike: Hey Ironhide, tell my son Daniel I miss him, and tell him not to worry, I'll be coming home just as soon as we've kicked Megatron's tail across the galaxy.

Ironhide: Will do Spike.

Optimus: Cliffjumper, commence countdown.

Cliffjumper: 5...4...3...2...1, blast off!

Optimus: Now all we need is a little energon, and a lot of luck.

Laserbeak returns to the Decepticons base on Cybertron.

Shockwave: Laserbeak returns Megatron.

Megatron: Welcome Laserbeak, unlike some of my other warriors you never fail me. Soundwave, playback Laserbeak's findings.

Soundwave: As you command.

Soundwave replays parts of what Laserbeak saw in the Autobots moonbase: -

Optimus: I want you to make a special run to Autobot city Earth.

Ironhide: But Prime!

Optimus: Listen Ironhide, we don't have enough energon cubes to power a full scale assault. Ready the shuttle for launch.

Optimus: Now all we need is a little energon, and a lot of luck.

Megatron: More than you can imagine, Optimus Prime.

Scene 2
The interior of an Autobot shuttle, Brawn, Ironhide, Prowl and Ratchet are onboard. The side is blown open and in comes the Decepticons.

Brawn: Megatron!

Megatron: Decepticons, die Autobots!!

Megatron transforms and is held by Starscream who shoots Brawn, Prowl shoots at Constructicons who return fire killing Prowl, Ironhide and Ratchet both spin round and attack in unison but are finished off by Starscream with Megatron who then transforms into robot mode.

Megatron: This was almost too easy Starscream.

Starscream: Much easier all mighty Megatron than attacking the real threat, the Autobots moonbase.

Megatron: You're an idiot Starscream, once we slip past their early warning systems in their own shuttle and destroy Autobot city, the Autobots will be vanquished forever.

Ironhide is not yet dead and he tries to grab Megatron.

Ironhide: No!!

Megatron: Such heroic nonsense!

Megatron shoots Ironhide

Scene 3
Earth, Hot Rod and Daniel are fishing.

Hot Rod: Fish are jumping today huh Danno?

Daniel: Guess so..

Hot Rod: Hey, what's the matter?

Daniel: Ah I dunno Hot Rod.

Hot Rod: Come on, you can tell me.

Daniel: Guess I just miss my dad.

Hot Rod: Don't worry, Spike will be back soon. Oh hey! I caught something.

Daniel: Woah, look at the size of it.

Hot Rod: Yep it's a whopper alright.

Something in Daniels pocket starts to beep. Daniel takes the device out of his pocket.

Daniel: Hot Rod the shuttle's coming, lets watch it land.

Hot Rod: Talk about dull Daniel.

Daniel: Hurry, or we'll miss it!

Daniel jumps onto a hover board and promptly crashes it. Hot Rod catches Daniel just before he hits the ground.

Hot Rod: If you're gonna ride Danno, ride in style.

Hot Rod transforms and puts Daniel in the drivers seat.

Daniel: Hey, lets stop here.

Hot Rod: Why settle for a peak Daniel when you can see everything from look out mountain.

Kup and some other Transformers are working somewhere down the road that Hot Rod is taking.

Kup: A little to the left, a little bit more.

Hot Rod crashes through the road block type thing.

Kup: Turbo revvin young punk, I'll straighten you out yet.

Daniel and Hot Rod reach the look out, Daniel jumps out and looks through a telescope like thing.

Daniel: Hot Rod look! There's a hole in the shuttle.

Hot Rod: What!...*some sort of binoculars appear before his eyes* Decepticons! *opens fire*

The Transformers that were working at the roadblock look up as soon as they hear Hot Rod firing.

Kup: What's that darn fool doing?

Hot Rod hits the shuttle and the Decepticons flie out of it.

Megatron: Attack!

The attack begins proper, Megatron blasts look-out mountain. Daniel falls down the mountain side.

Hot Rod: Daniel!!

Daniel: Aaaaaaa!

Hot Rod jumps after Daniel and catches him in mid-air. Blitzwing and Shrapnel attack Hot Rod.

Blitzwing: Come on down Autobrat.

Kup deals with Blitzwing and Shrapnel.

Hot Rod: Not bad for an old timer.

Kup: Old timer, that's something you'll never be if you don't get back to the city.

Hot Rod: Save it Kup, lets burn rubber.

Shots of Decepticons attacking and Perceptor examining the situation.

Perceptor: Ultra Magnus, a cursory evaluation of Decepticon capabilities indicates a distinct tactical deficiency.

Ultra Magnus: In other words Perceptor?

Springer: We're outnumbered..

Ultra Magnus: Springer, you and Arcee transform Autobot city. Perceptor, tell Blaster to radio Prime for reinforcements.

Blurr: WhatAboutMeMagnus,WhatAboutMe?muhmmmmhmmmmm. ICanHelp, IWannaHelp,WhatAboutMe

Ultra Magnus: Blurr, you can help me alert the others.

Blurr: AbsolutlyPositivlyDefinitly,NobodyCanGetTheJobDoneFasterThanICan, NobodyNobodyNobody.

Springer: Come on Arcee, lets go!

Arcee: But Hot Rod and Kup are still outside the city.

Springer: We can't wait, they'll have to take care of themselves, come on.

Shot of Starscream chasing Springer and Arcee down a trench which starts to be sealed at the top by a big heavy looking shutters.

Starscream: Pathetic fools, there's no escape.

Starscream escapes the trench catching his foot and has to blast it to escape.

Starscream: Ow my foot!

Shots of Arcee and Springer transforming Autobot city, Megatron watching and trying to blast open an entranceway.

Megatron: Breach their defenses.

On fly Shrapnel and Kickback who begin to eat the entranceway Megatron tried to shoot earlier.

Kickback: Delicious, eh Shrapnel?

Shrapnel: A little heavy on the electrons, electrons.

We see Kup and Hot Rod racing up towards the entranceway.

Kup: The Insecticons are in our way.

Hot Rod: Wrong! Their our way in! Yaaaa! *Jumps over the gap between the road and the entranceway, knocking the 2 Insecticons as he does so*

Kup then runs over Kickbacks head and knocks Shrapnel away from the entranceway which reseals itself with another door. We cut to shot of Perceptor entering Blasters communication tower.

Blaster: Look out shout, owww! Hey Perceptor, what's shaking, other than this fortress?

Perceptor: Blaster, Ultra Magnus sends orders to contact Optimus Prime on moonbase 1.

Blaster: Alright, cover your receptors Perceptor. *transforms and connects with his chair* Optimus Prime, do you read me, the Decepticons are blitzing Autobot city, we're really taking a pounding, don't know how much longer we can hold out.

We see Megatron noticing the communication.

Megatron: Soundwave, jam that transmission.

Soundwave: *while ejecting the said tapes* Rumble, Frenzy, Ravage, Ratbat eject, operation interference.

Blaster: Optimus Prime, do you read me, the Decepticons are blitzing Autobot city, we're really taking *is cut off as Frenzy etc. rip out the satellite dish.

Frenzy: First we crack the shell, then we crack the nuts inside.

Frenzy and Rumble smash the Tower window and all tapes go for Perceptor to begin with.

Perceptor: Hey, run Blaster, save yourself.

Blaster: No way, 2 can play. Sic 'em.

Rewind, Eject, Ramhorn, and Steeljaw eject and fight off the Decepticon tapes.

Perceptor: Do you think you got through to Prime?

Blaster: Lets hope so, cause if I didn't we're all gonna look like burnt out toaster ovens.

Views of the Decepticons and Autobots fighting.

Blurr: We'veGotDecepticonsAtTheGate,DecepticonsInTheAir,Decepticons InsideTheWallsDecepticonsDecepticonsDecepticons.IfWeBeatThemOnThe Walls,TheirStillInTheAir,WeShootThemOutTheAir,ThierStillAtThe Gate.SoWhereDoesThatLeaveUs,NowhereThatsWhere.

Cut to Springer pushing a launcher into position.

Springer: Come on Arcee, we gotta get this launcher into place, Megatron is making his big push, and we got to push back.

Kup Hot Rod and Daniel enter.

Kup: Keep at it Springer my boy, helps at hand... Together now.

Together they start pushing the launcher into place.

Arcee: I was afraid you'd be caught outside the city.

Hot Rod: Hey, I wasn't worried for a microsecond

Arcee: Then you probably didn't understand the situation.

Kup: That did it.

Cut to Megatron who is gathering some Decepticons, just out of reach of a large canon on a tower.

Megatron: Constructicons, merge for the kill.

Daniel climbs a ladder to a window and looks out.

Daniel: Kup, Hot Rod, look.

Kup: Devastator.

Devastator: Prepare for extermination.

Springer: I got better things to do tonight than die.

Devastator attacks, destroying the canon on the tower. Springer aims the launcher at Devastator, which they pushed into place moments before, and fires. This is the beginning of the real battle which lasts the entire night. The Autobots put up a brave battle but at sunrise the situation looks hopeless for the Autobots.

Megatron: Their defenses are broken, let the slaughter begin.

Just when Megatron wants to fire, Optimus' shuttle appears.

Optimus: Dinobots, destroy Devastator.

Grimlock: Me Grimlock love challenge.

The Dinobots flie out of the shuttle, transform and attack Devastator. They fight to a draw.

The shuttle has landed in the meanwhile and the reinforcements get out of it.

Optimus: Megatron must be stopped, no matter the cost.

Optimus charges through and knocks down or shoots the assembled Decepticons. He catches up with Megatron.

Megatron: Prime.

Prime: One shall stand, one shall fall.

Megatron: Why throw away your life so recklessly?

Optimus: That's a question you should ask yourself Megatron.

Megatron: No, I'll crush you with my bear hands.

Megatron and Optimus start fighting.

Hot Rod: I've got to help Prime.

Kup: Stay away lad, that's Prime's fight.

Megatron takes hold of Optimus Prime.

Megatron: I'll rip out your optics.

For a moment it looks like Megatron is going to win, but Optimus manages to throw Megatron some meters away. He then picks up his riffle again and aims it at Megatron.

Kup: Finish him off Prime, do it now.

Megatron: No more Optimus, grant me mercy, I beg of you.

Optimus: You who are without mercy, now plead for it, I thought you were made of sterner stuff.

Hot Rod sees that Megatron is reaching for a gun and he throws himself at Megatron.

Hot Rod: No you don't Megatron.

Optimus: Out of the way Hot Rod.

Megatron uses Hot Rod as a shield and starts firing at Optimus Prime.

Megatron: Fall...fall. I would've waited an eternity for this, it's over Prime.

Optimus: Never!

Optimus hits Megatron with both fists and Megatron falls backwards over a ledge. Optimus Prime stands up and looks over the ledge, but he isn't able to stay erect, Hot Rod runs to support him.

Hot Rod: Optimus, forgive me.

Some Decepticons also run to their leader.

Starscream: How do you feel now mighty Megatron. *he gives Megatron a kick* Astrotrain transform and get us out of here.

Megatron: Don't leave me Soundwave.

Soundwave: As you command Megatron.

Soundwave carries Megatron towards Astrotrain. The Decepticons leave their positions.

Arcee: The Decepticons are retreating.

Kup: Prime did it, he turned the tide.

All Decepticons have managed to reach Astrotrain.

Starscream: Astrotrain take off.

Scene 4
Somewhere inside Autobot city. Perceptor examines Optimus Prime.

Perceptor: I fear the wounds are fatal.

Daniel: Prime, you can't die.

Optimus: Do not grieve. Soon I will be one with the Matrix.

Hot Rod: Prime.

Optimus: Uh, uhhh..., Ultra Magnus, it is to you, old friend, that I shall pass the Matrix of leadership, as it was passed to me.

Magnus: But Prime, I'm....I'm just a soldier, I am not worthy.

Optimus: Nor was I, but one day an Autobot will rise from our ranks and use the power of the Matrix to light our darkest hour.

Optimus lets the Matrix drop, but Hot Rod catches it and gives it to Ultra Magnus. The short moment that Hot Rod holds it, the Matrix shines with a bright light.

Optimus Prime Dies.

Shot of Unicron screaming, or making some sort of noise.

Scene 5
Astrotrain: Jettison some weight or I'll never make it to Cybertron.

Starscream: Fellow Decepticons, Astrotrain has requested we lighten our burden.

Constructicons: In that case I say it is survival of the fittest.

Starscream: Do I hear a second on that?

All unwounded: Aye.

Starscream: And against?

Wounded: Nay.

Starscream: The ayes have it.

The wounded are thrown out, into space.

Various: Get, Make room for others, No, Please don't.

Starscream carries Megatron to the door.

Starscream: Oh how it pains me to do this.

Megatron: Wait, I still function.

Starscream: Wanna bet.

Starscream lets go of Megatron.

Megatron: Starscream!!!!!

Starscream: Well as Megatron has, how shall we say, departed, I nominate myself leader.

Scrapper: Wait, the Constructicons form Devastator, the most powerful robot, we should rule.

Soundwave: Soundwave superior, Constructicons inferior.

Bonecrusher: Who are you calling inferior.

Hook: No one would follow an uncharismatic bore like you.

Frenzy: No one calls Soundwave unchrasimatic.

Rumble: Yeah, lets kick tailgate.

Scrapper: Constructicons unite!

Frenzy: No way.

A fight ensues between the Decepticons for leadership as we see Astrotrain continuing his voyage to Cybertron.

Scene 6
The wounded Decepticons drift in space and encounter Unicron.

Unicron: Megatron. Welcome Megatron.

Megatron: Who..who said that?

Unicron: I am Unicron.

Megatron: Show yourself.

Unicron: I have summoned you here for a purpose.

Megatron: Nobody summons Megatron.

Unicron: Then it pleases me to be the first.

Megatron: State you business.

Unicron: This is my command, you are to destroy the Autobot Matrix of leadership, it is the one thing, the _only_ thing that can stand in my way.

Megatron: You have nothing to fear, I have already crushed Optimus Prime with my bare hands.

Unicron: You exaggerate.

Megatron: The point is he's dead, and the Matrix died with him.

Unicron: No, the point is you were a fool, the Matrix has been passed onto their new leader Ultra Magnus. Destroy it for me.

Megatron: Why should I, what's in it for me?

Unicron: Your bargaining posture is highly dubious, but very well, I will provide you with a new body and new troops to command.

Megatron: And?

Unicron: And nothing! You belong to me now.

Megatron: I belong to nobody!

Unicron: Perhaps I misjudged you, proceed on your way to oblivion.

Some sort of red light starts to glow, the Decepticons are slowly digested.

Megatron: Aaaaa, no, no, I accept your terms, I accept...

Unicron: Excellent. *the light becomes blue and all Decepticons get new appearances, Megatron becomes Galvatron.* Behold Galvatron. And these shall be your minions, Scourge, the tracker and his huntsmen, the Sweeps. Cyclonus the warrior, and his armada. And this shall be your ship. Now go, destroy the Autobot Matrix of leadership.

Galvatron: I will rip open Ultra Magnus and every other Autobot until the Matrix is destroyed. To Cybertron.

Galvatron and his troops enter the ship which then moves off.

Unicron: Destroy the Matrix.

Scene 7
We see Starscream about to get coronated, the Constructicons keep playing trumpets with Starscream getting impatient with their interruptions.

Starscream: Get on with the Ceremony. My fellow Decepticons, as your new leader I... Who disrupts my coronation?

While Starscream was ranting on Galvatron has entered with Cyclonus.

Galvatron: Coronation Starscream, this is bad comedy.

Starscream: Megatron? Is that you?

Galvatron: Here's a hint.

Galvatron transforms and blows Starscream into dust.

Galvatron: Will anyone else attempt to fill his shoes?

Frenzy: What'd he say his name was?

Galvatron: Galvatron.

All assembled: Long live Galvatron! Galvatron!

Scene 8
We cut to moonbase 1 where Unicron is attacking.

Jazz: Where'd that come from?

Cliffjumper: Who cares, I'm more worried about where it's going.

Cut to Earth where we see Blaster helping in the repairs as he picks up a signal.

Jazz's voice: Talk to me Earth, we got a situation up here. Roger me, wilco me, anything, hello hello Earth.

Blaster: I'm picking up a faint signal.

Jazz's voice: This is Jazz, a ginormous weird looking planet just showed up in the suburbs of Cybertron.

Cliffjumper's voice: And it's attacking Moonbase 1.

Magnus: Jazz, Cliffjumper!

Cut back to the moon. Jazz and Cliffjumper are on board of a shuttle and are about to take off.

Jazz: Got to blast free if we can.

Cliffjumper: Ignition and...

Jazz: Hit it!

Cliffjumper: Jazz, we're not getting away!

Cut to Spike and Bumblebee on Earth communications monitor

Spike: This is Spike and Bumblebee up here on moonbase 2.

Bumblebee: This thing, this monster planet just ripped the first moon to shreds.

Spike: And it's heading this way.

Bumblebee: We'll try and slow it down.

Spike: But you'd better get here fast, cause we're not gonna.... (communications are cut off)

Daniel: Dad!

Cut to moonbase 2 with Spike and Bumblebee.

Spike: Bumblebee, activate the explosives. If this doesn't stop it, nothing will.

Bumblebee: The explosives are activated, lets get outta here. Hurry it's gonna blow!

They run towards a shuttle and leave the base just in time. The moon is eaten and explodes, the shuttle is rocked by the explosion.

Bumblebee & Spike: Alright. Hooray. We done it. Way togo. Ha ha....

Bumblebee: Look!

Shot of Unicron, not even dented.

Spike: It isn't even dented. Oh shit, what are we gonna do now?

("Oh shit" is not said in all versions of the movie. Censorship?)

Bumblebee: We're being sucked into it!

The shuttle is sucked in by Unicron.

Cut to Galvatron watching the moons destruction.

Galvatron: How dare Unicron, Cybertron and all it's moons belong to me...Argh!

Galvatron is struck down with pain as Unicron uses some sort of attack on him

Scourge: But remember, we belong to him.

Galvatron: I belong to nobody! (Falls down stairs) I will obey Unicron. (recovers as the attack stops) Decepticons, to Earth.

Scene 9

Magnus: Autobots, prepare to board the shuttles. This new menace is more dangerous than all the Decepticons put together, somehow we must destroy it, before it devours Cybertron.

Daniel: But what about my dad? He's on the moon between that monster planet and Cybertron.

Magnus: Daniel, we'll do everything we can for Spike.

Springer: And what do we do when we get there? If that thing crunches moons it's gonna make short work of us.

Magnus: Maybe the Matrix can stop it.

Hot Rod: You're right, it can.

Kup: What do you know about it lad?

Hot Rod: I just got this feeling.

Springer: Look.

A whole heap of Decepticons appear and start attacking.

Magnus: To the shuttles.

Galvatron: I Galvatron will crush you just as Megatron crushed Prime.

Magnus: And you'll die trying just like Megatron.

Galvatron: Autobot scrap.

Scourge: You want me to gut Ultra Magnus?

Galvatron: There are plenty of Autobots for you, Ultra Magnus is mine.

Arcee: Stay close to me Daniel.

Hot Rod: And you'd better stay close to me.

Arcee pushes Hot Rod just in time away from a explosion.

Arcee: No, you'd better stay close to me.

Blurr: NiceDino,GoodDino,SweetDino,WontYouStepIntoTheNiceSpaceship, Please,PrettyPlease,PrettyPrettyPlease,NiceDino,GoodDino, WithSugarOnTopAndACherryAndSomeWhippedCream,NiceDino, GoodDino,SweetDino.

Grimlock: Me Grimlock not nice dino, me bash brains.

Magnus: Blurr, get the Dinobots in the shuttle.

Blurr: I'mTryingToGetThemInTheShuttleUltraMagnus,CauseIKnowWeCan'tLaunch TillIGetThemInTheShuttleButICan'tSeemToGetThemInTheShuttleCause TheirImpossibleImpossibleImpossible!

Magnus: Ok forget it. Kup, Hot Rod, you guys get the Dinobots aboard and get out of here!

Kup, Hot Rod and the Dinobots take the first shuttle, the other Autobots take the second shuttle.

Hot Rod: come on you big bozo, get in the shuttle.

Kup and Hot Rod take their places at the controls of the shuttle as soon as the Dinobots are on board.

Kup: This reminds me of the battle on Alpha 9, the petro rabbits were...Grimlock, get your noodle outta my face.

Grimlock: Me Grimlock love Kup's war stories.

Kup: Your living one now. Engage the boosters for Cybertron's sake.

Grimlock: Tell Grimlock about petro-rabbits again.

Kup: I'll give you Petro rabbits. Contact.

Kup and Hot Rods shuttle starts to take off.

Springer: Looks like we're shipmates squirt.

Daniel: Alright.

Springer: But if you get spacesick you're gonna walk home.

Magnus: Hurry.

The shuttle starts moving.

Daniel: Wait Ultra Magnus, Arcee is still out there.

Springer: Jump.

Arcee jumps and is hauled in by Springer.

Arcee: Thanks.

Daniel: *sighs* That was close.

Springer: Believe it or not, this is the fun part.

Scene 10
Both shuttles are on their way to Cybertron.

Magnus: Congratulations Autobots, we've lost them, so rest while you can.

On board of the first shuttle. Kup is telling war stories to the Dinobots, Hot Rod is practicing with a Combat drone.

Kup: Yep I remember the dust was so think on Beta 4 you had to windshield-wipers on your optic-fibers.

Grimlock: Me Grimlock know all about wipers, want to hear good part of story.

Swoop: Good part come, Kup, tell Swoop good part.

Kup: Okay, okay, so the dust was really thick. And then this gigantic Igyac came tromping and stomping down the mountain, flame spewing out of it's nostrils, and I thought for sure...

Hot Rod: Hey Kup, don't you think we have better things to do now than tell old war stories.

Kup: Like what?

Hot Rod: Like maybe figure out how we're going to rescue our friends and save Cybertron.

Grimlock: No, tell story!

Various Dinobots: Shhhh. Quiet. Tell story. We want to hear story. Tell story.

Combat drone: Timeout, timeout, timeout!

The Decepticons start attacking the shuttles.

Hot Rod: They're closing on us.

Kup: Yep, like the shritebots of Dromadon.

Hot Rod: How'd you beat them?

Kup: I'm trying to remember, there were an awful lot of casualties that day. Oh yes, we invented polarities.

Hot Rod: They're coming' back.

Hot Rod: Alright, we survived that.

Kup: Yeah, but will we survive this?

Galvatron: Cyclonus, transform and attack.

Cyclonus leaves the Decepticon spaceship and transforms. He shoots at the first shuttle.

Kup: I can't control it.

Hot Rod: We're gonna crash!

Springer: Kup and Hot Rod just bought it.

Magnus: I can't deal with that now.

Springer: Face it Magnus, the Decepticons are gonna dog us until they see us dead.

Magnus: Then that's exactly what they're gonna see, prepare for emergency separation.

Perceptor: That's too dangerous.

Magnus: What choice do we have.

The Autobots separate 3/4 of the shuttle and let it get blown away.

Scourge: The Autobots have been terminated.

Galvatron: Excellent, and the Matrix with the. Aaaaa (Unicron attacks again) no Unicron why? Take me to Unicron, take me now, aaaaaa...

Scene 11
Arcee: Did we have to let them detonate 3 quarters of the ship?

Springer: Seeing as they would have detonated 4 quarters, I think it was a good choice.

Arcee: But how are we going to get there in this wreck?

Magnus: Perceptor, can you locate a place to set down for repairs?

Perceptor: Gamma waves in this region of space create marginal navigation probabilities...however, ahem, yes I believe I can, the planet of Junk is in this vicinity.

Magnus: Then lets go for it.

Scene 12
Quintessa(presumably) underwater with Hot Rod...

Hot Rod: Kup, Grimlock, Slag, anybody!

Kup: Hot Rod! Help me!

Hot Rod comes across Kup, who is being attacked by some metallic octopi-thing, which Hot Rod manages to scare off. Kup lies wounded on the ocean floor.

Hot Rod: Kup, Kup!

Kup: Help.....

Hot Rod: Kup, talk to me.

Kup: Ffffix me.

Hot Rod: Sure Kup, right away.

Hot Rod gathers up Kup parts and carries him off.

Scene 13
Magnus: Brace for impact!!

The shuttle impacts hard, plowing across the ground.

Magnus: Say something, anybody.

Springer: Remind me to give the auto-pilot a raise.

Arcee: Daniel?

Daniel: I..I'm okay.

Magnus: Let's try to salvage this thing.

Daniel: Can I help?

Springer: It's rough out there kid.

Arcee: I think Daniel can make himself useful with this, it was Spikes exo-suit.

Daniel: Dads exo-suit, he told me all about it.

Arcee: Here try it on. Now try to walk, come on you can do it.

Springer: Just think about what you want to do before you do it.

Daniel: It's kinda tricky, woah, uh.

Arcee: Keep on practicing, you'll get the hang of it.

Magnus: Come on, ShowTime's over, we've got work to do.

The Autobots go outside the shuttle.

Daniel: *whistles* This must be the junk capital of the universe.

A number of robotic figures come out of the junk some distance away. They are not noticed by the Autobots.

Wreck-Gar: Stop thief, no welcome wagon hello stranger with that good coffee flavor for you, offer expires while you wait, operators are standing by.

Scene 14
Hot Rod reaches the shore and starts reapairing Kup.

Hot Rod: That done it. Well what do you think?

Kup: Of all the circuit glitched diode blowing dim wittery, you left a piece out.

Hot Rod: No way, you're just a little stiff.

Kup: Anyway, all things considered you did an amazing job lad. Amazing.

Hot Rod: Really?

Kup: Yeah, you even got rid of a nasty bar on my rotator. Now lets find the Dinobots and get off this twisted planet.

Hot Rod and Kup transform, drive a bit and come across some Sharkticons.

Kup: Don't act hostile, I'll use the universal greeting.

Hot Rod: Universal greeting?

Kup: Watch, I'll have them eating out of my hand. Ba weep granna weep ninny bang.

Hot Rod: Ba weep granna weep ninny bang?

Sharkticons: Ba weep granna weep ninny bang.

Kup: See, the universal greeting works everytime. Now, without making any sudden moves, offer them an energon goody.

Hot Rod: This is getting expensive.

Kup: Don't worry, they'll reciprocate.

The Sharkticons eat all the energon and after that they wait to get more.

Hot Rod: I thought they were supposed to reciprocate? No more.

Kup: Empty.

Kup and Hot Rod are taken prisoner and led off, eventually coming to a corridor, they are followed by Wheelie, up until the corridor.

Kup: This reminds me of the Nitith slave mines on Galganath 7.

Hot Rod: Everyplace reminds you of someplace else.

Kup: Experience lad, you should learn to appreciate it.

Hot Rod: Lot of good it's done us so far.

Kup: Hey, what's going on over there?

One robot is standing on a plank above a pit filled with Sharkticons. Other robots sit on a tribune above the pit.

Inquisitor: Has the imperial magistrate reached a verdict?

Judge: I have.

Inquisitor: Guilty or innocent?

Judge: Innocent.

Inquisitor: Feed him to the Sharkticons.

The robot on the plank is thrown into the pit.

Victim: Aaaaaaaa.......

Judge: Hahahahahaha*change faces*hahahahahahaha *change faces*hahahahahaha*change faces*hahahahahahaha.

Hot Rod: We've got to get a new travel agent.

Sharkticons escorting Kup and Hot Rod: Ba weep granna weep ninny bang.

Kup and Hot Rod are put into a cell. Kranix is in the cell next to them.

Hot Rod: What is this place?

Kranix: The world of the savage Sharkticons and their cruel masters the Quintessons. I am Kranix, my planet was destroyed by Unicron.

Hot Rod: Unicron? Who's Unicron?

Kranix: A planet, that devours everything in it's path.

Kup: So that's the monster's name.

Sharkticons come in and take Kranix away.

Kranix: No please, I'm the last *gagged by Sharkticons* no, no!

Hot Rod: Let him go! *runs into electrified bars* Aaaa!

Inquisitor: Soon you too shall receive your sentence.

Kranix is put on the plank above the pit.

Inquisitor: Has the imperial Magistrate reached a verdict?

Judge: I have.

Inquisitor: Guilty or innocent?

Kranix: Spare me this mockery of justice.

Inquisitor: I repeat, guilty or innocent?

Judge: Innocent.

Kranix is thrown into the pit.

Kranix: Aaaaaaa.....

Kup: Not the end I'd wish for lad.

Scene 15
Swoop: Me Swoop no see nothing.

Grimlock: Me Grimlock positive Kup and Hot Rod close.

Slag: Me Slag say you full of baridium baloney.

Grimlock: Me Grimlock say you full of sesiame salami.

Slag: Babily and baloney.

Wheelie appears somewhere near the Dinobots.

Wheelie: Friend find, look behind.

Grimlock: Who say that?

Wheelie: Friend find, look behind. You go wrong way, you fool I say.

Grimlock: Me Grimlock fool?

Wheelie: Picture you got, not fool you not.

Grimlock: Me Grimlock no like you *smacks Wheelie who then fires a shot at Grimlock's nose* Ow! Why boy hit my nose?

Wheelie: Wheelie say, find friend today.

Grimlock: Me Grimlock say, we on our way.

The Dinobots and Wheelie go further together.

Scene 16
Galvatron: Unicron, why did you torture me?

Unicron: You have failed.

Galvatron: No Unicron, Ultra Magnus is dead, and the Matrix destroyed.

Unicron: The Matrix has not been destroyed, and Ultra Magnus lives, on the planet of Junk, stalk him, tear him apart and destroy the Matrix.

Scene 17
Perceptor: Make sure the fittings are securely welded.

Blurr: AbsolutlyPositivelyDefinitly,IWouldn'tHaveItAnyOtherWay,AnyOther WayAtAll.

Daniel: Woah, this exo-suit's fantastic, I think I'm starting to get the hang of it.

Wreck-Gar looks like he's planning a surprise attack on the Autobots, but then he notices the arrival of Galvatron and the Decepticons.

Wreck-Gar: Hold on.

Magnus: Decepticons, we've got to draw them off and double back to the shuttle.

The Decepticons destroy the shuttle.

Springer: There goes the shuttle.

Daniel: What do I do.

Blurr: Transform,Transform,YouCanDoIt,IKnowYouCanDoIT,YouCanDoIt.

Daniel: Transform.

Scavenger: Human Germ.

Daniel is almost captured, but manages to transform and ride through the Decepticons.

Daniel: Transform, yeah, hehe.

Magnus: Make a break for cover, I'll try and unleash the power of the Matrix.

All Autobots: Till all are one!

Ultra Magnus stands to face the Decepticons alone.

Magnus: Till all are one.*Trying to open the Matrix* Open, damn it open, Prime, you said the Matrix would light our darkest hour.

Galvatron: Magnus, I want the Matrix.

Magnus: Never!

Galvatron: Sweeps, terminate him!

Scourge and his Sweeps blast Ultra Magnus to little bits.

Magnus: Uhhh, uh *explodes*

Galvatron: Die, die. *Catches Matrix* Unicron, my master, with this I will make you my slave.

Shot of Unicron screaming or making some sort of noise.

Scene 18
Inquisitor: Before his imperial magistrate delivers a verdict, would you like to beg for your life, it sometimes helps, but not often.

Kup: I can't transform.

Hot Rod: Keep trying.

Judge: Silence, or you will be held in contempt of this court.

Hot Rod: I have nothing but contempt for this court.

Inquisitor: Guilty or innocent?

Judge: Innocent.

Hot Rod and Kup are dropped in with the Sharkticons.

Hot Rod: They've got more Sharkticons than we've got photon charges.

Kup: Then lets hold a demolition derby.

Hot Rod and Kup zoom round the tank of water they are in and are soon out of the water zooming around amongst the Sharkticons above.

Hot Rod: Haha, didn't even bend a fender.

Kup: Yeah, but look there's a lot more of those can diggin' grill crackin' things.

Hot Rod: We can't hold out forever, but we can give them one humongous repair bill.

There are too many Sharkticons and things start looking bad for Kup and Hot Rod.

Inquisitor: Execute them!

Slag and the Dinobots knock the door down on the inquisitor.

Slag: Excuse me.

Grimlock: Me Grimlock want to munch metal.

Hot Rod: Haha, I never thought I'd be so glad to see those bozo's.

Grimlock: Me Grimlock no bozo, me king.

Judge: Sharkticons, execute them!

Grimlock: *growls and stamps foot* Me Grimlock say execute them!

The Sharkticons transform think for a minute and then start chasing after the Quintessons.

Kup: I think the problems on this planet will soon be solved very shortly.

Hot Rod: Yeah but what about our problem, we need a ship.

Wheelie: You get ship, if I get trip.

Hot Rod: Who are you?

Grimlock: Him Wheelie, him friend.

Hot Rod: He'll be mine too if he can find a ship.

Wheelie: Skip stare over there.

Kup: That's a ship?

Hot Rod: Who cares, as long as it flies.

Scene 19
The Autobots on Junk go up to the remains of Ultra Magnus.

Arcee: Ultra Magnus..

Blurr: WithoutTheMatrixThereIsNoHope,NoHope,NoHopeAtAll.

Arcee: First Prime, now Ultra Magnus.

The Junkions appear.

Daniel: Look!

Wreck-Gar: Don't look behind door number 2 Monty, it's time to play end of the line my valentine, geronidoronronronronronnymo!

A fight between the Junkions and the Autobots starts, with the Junkions taking heavy damages but never staying down, always recovering.

Springer: It's not hard to knock 'em down, it's getting them to stay down that's the trick.

Arcee: They're indestructible.

Daniel: And they're everywhere.

Wreck-Gar: You check-in but you don't check-out.

The fight continues until a shuttle starts to land.

Wreck-Gar: Steady as she goes bob, snappy visitors get mud in the eye by and by.

The shuttle doors open.

Arcee: It's Hot Rod and Kup.

Daniel: And the Dinobots.

Hot Rod: Guns aren't exactly friendly.

Kup: Neither are they incase you haven't noticed.

Hot Rod: What was that universal greeting again, nevermind I remember. Ba weep granna weep ninny bang.

Wreck-Gar: Ba weep granna weep ninny bang.

Hot Rod: Ba weep granna weep ninny bang.

All Junkions: Ba weep granna weep ninny bang.

The Junkions and Autobots starts dancing, including Perceptor, and eventually a Junkion goes and kisses Grimlock on the nose.

Grimlock: Me Grimlock not kisser, me Grimlock king.

Wreck-Gar: Have a nice day. Close covers before striking friends. So say the Junkions

Hot Rod: Where'd you learn to talk like that?

Wreck-Gar: TV, we talk TV, you talk some TV?

Kup: I talk some TV, and now the news, don't touch that dial.

Wreck-Gar: By George, kimosavies your smashed up friend soon like brand new with ninety day warranty.

While Wreck-Gar is talking other Junkions come and put Ultra Magnus back together again.

Wreck-Gar: Happy motoring, cocka-doodledooooo.

Daniel: Look he's alive.

Ultra Magnus: Your all alive.

Hot Rod: The Matrix?

Ultra Magnus: It's gone.

Kup: And with it all hope.

Hot Rod: No!

Arcee: Galvatron has it.

Hot Rod: Where's Galvatron, where is he?

Wreck-Gar: And the answer is, Unicron.

Hot Rod: Then we've got to destroy Unicron.

Wreck-Gar: Yes, friends and now destroy Unicron, kill the grand poobah, eliminate even the toughest stains. Offer (?), hurry hurry hurry, sale must end, rush right on down and test drive latest model with no obligation. New improved Junkion planet is sleek sexy import with turbo handling.

A shuttle appears from under some debris and the Junkions start boarding it.

Junkions: Destroy Unicron, kill the grand poobah, eliminate even the toughest stains.

The Junkions and Autobots board the shuttles, which then leave Junkion.

Scene 20
Galvatron: Unicron, Unicron, answer me, see this, the Matrix, I now possess that which you most fear, you will do my bidding or taste my wrath.

Unicron: You underestimate me Galvatron. For a time I had considered sparing your wretched little planet Cybertron, but now you shall witness it's dismemberment.

Unicron starts to transform into a huge robot and moves towards Cybertron.

Galvatron: No!!

Shockwave: (As Unicron starts attacking Cybertron) Decepticons, we're under attack, scramble.

The two shuttles from Junk enter the area and see what's happening.

Hot Rod: Doesn't this remind you of anything Kup?

Kup: Nope, never seen anything like it before.

Daniel: what happened to moonbase 2? Where's my dad?

Hot Rod: that's what we're going to find out.

The shuttles attack Unicron, the shuttle of the Junkions is hit, but suffers no damage.

Wreck-Gar: Resists fire rain and corrosion for up to 5 years, satisfaction guaranteed.

Junkions: Or your money back.

The shuttle with Hot Rod, Kup, Arcee, Springer and Daniel in it crashes through Unicron's eye, All jump out of it and Hot Rod is separated from the others

Daniel: Where's Hot Rod?

Springer: I don't know, but lets hope they didn't get him.

Some sort of defences inside Unicron attack.

Arcee: Quick this way.

Cut to Hot Rod who comes upon Galvatron with the Matrix.

Hot Rod: The Matrix.

Galvatron: It will do you no good Autobot, it cannot be opened.

Hot Rod: Not by a Decepticon.

Galvatron: Like it or not, we are allies now, against a common foe.

The red light appears again around Galvatron and he's in pain. He hears Unicron's voice.

Unicron: Destroy him now Galvatron, or you yourself will be obliterated.

Galvatron: Of course my master. *he starts firing, but Hot Rod dives away* Puny Autobot, you lack even Primes courage.

Shot of Grimlock and the Dinobots as they move in to attack Unicron.

Grimlock: Me Grimlock kick butt. (The attack fails to do much damage) Me Grimlock need new strategy.

We now see Daniel and the other Autobots inside Unicron, bar Hot Rod, being chased by some claws on the ends of moving vine things.

Daniel: *falls* Help, help!

Arcee: Daniel!

Arcee and the other Autobots, who were running, turn round and starts blasting to free Daniel, Arcee hits the wall and water starts flooding the corridor, all are swept off with Daniel being separated from the others.

Daniel: Arcee, Kup!

Daniel comes across an acid vat with bodies being dropped in.

Unknown: Arrrrrrrrgh

Spike, Bumblebee, Jazz and Cliffjumper are next to be dropped in.

Daniel: Dad!

Spike: *about to be dropped in the acid* Daniel!

Daniel: Dad, what can I do?

Spike: Knock down the acid cover!

Daniel: How?

Spike: Blast it son!

Daniel: But I don't have a gun.

Spike: Use your exo-suit. Hurry!!

Daniel fires knocking down the acid cover. All the four are saved.

Spike: Daniel, you did it!

Daniel: Yeah, I did it.

We return to Galvatron to see him looking for Hot Rod.

Galvatron: Come out Autobot, we all must die someday.

Hot Rod: Not today Galvatron. *smacks Galvatron in the face*

Hot Rod transforms and zips away, Galvatron fires after him, Hot Rod returns fire, Galvatron fires as Hot Rod charges, Galvatron catches Hot Rod in his grasp.

Galvatron: I will crush you with my bare hands, die Autobot.

Galvatron: First Prime, then Ultra Magnus, now you, it's a pity you Autobots die so easily, else I might have a sense of satisfaction now.

Hot Rod grasps the Matrix and Galvatron is flung off as a transformation occurs to Hot Rod, becoming Rodimus Prime.

Optimus's voice: Arise Rodimus Prime.

Rodimus: Optimus.

Galvatron: No! *Shoots the Matrix out of Rodimus's hands.*

Rodimus: This is the end of the road Galvatron.

Rodimus Prime picks Galvatron up and simply throws him out of Unicron into space.

Rodimus: *Opening the Matrix* Now light our darkest hour.

Unicron starts to blow up, ripping himself apart and simply exploding. Spike, plus Jazz Bumblebee and Cliffjumper run into where Springer and the others are.

Springer: Spike, Daniel.

Spike: Springer, what's going on?

Springer: no time to answer that now, lets get outta here.

The Autobots start running for any way out when Daniel spots Rodimus Prime running towards them.

Daniel: Look.

Rodimus: Autobots, transform and roll out.

Kup: I knew you had potential lad.

The Autobots depart through Unicron's intact eye just as he starts his final destruction.

Unicron: cannot destinyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Unicron is finally destroyed.

Scene 21
A scene on Cybertron, all the Autobots are assembled, with Wheelie and Wreck-Gar (probably the other Junkions too)

Rodimus: Let this mark the end of the Cybertronian wars as we march forward to a new age of peace and happiness. Till all are one!

All assembled: Till all are one! Till all are one! Till all are one!

We see Unicron's head circling around Cybertron as some sort of moon.

Voice over: The battle is over, but the galaxy spanning adventures of the Transformers will continue, and the greatest Autobot of them all, Optimus Prime, will return.