Surprise Party
Following Daniel's surprise birthday party, Ultra Magnus saves Wheelie's life. Both Daniel and Wheelie want to do something nice for him, so they decide to throw him a surprise party. There's only one problem: no one, including Ultra Magnus, knows his birthday. Daniel and Wheelie go to the Autobots' records planetoid to learn the info. Cyclonus sees this and goes and captures them, setting the planetoid on a collision course with Cybertron. Daniel and Wheelie get off the place, and the planetoid is destroyed.
Madman's Paradise
Spike Witwicky and his wife Carly host a banquet for a visiting ambassador. Their son Daniel gets impatient and storms off. Grimlock follows him, and they find a mystical chamber where Quintessons banished their criminals. They slip through to a world of magic, and fight on the Red Wizard's side, only to find out that he is a Quintesson, and that they must help the Golden One. Ultra Magnus, Blaster, Eject, Rewind, Ramhorn, and Steeljaw show up to help, they go home, and everyone is happy.
Fight Or Flee
Sandstorm is the leader of a group of pacifist Autobots on a planet with a rich energy core called Paratron. The Deceps find the planet and take it over; the Autobots on the planet will not fight them, as they have sworn off war to keep their planet peaceful. The other Autobots land on the planet and convince their compatriots that fighting is the only way to get rid of the Deceps. The Deceps decide to blow up the planet if they can't keep it, and all Autobots are evacuated to Cybertron.
Carnage In C-Minor
The three singersThe Decepticons are creating a large engine on a comet. They plan to stear it towards Metroplex. Perceptor noticed the construction and he, Ultra Magnus, Broadside and Blaster head to stop the Decepticons. The comet gets out of it's course and heads for a small planet. Soundwaves come from the planet and destroy the comet. Three inhabitans of that planet, Basso Profondo, Shebob Scendetta and Allegra, are arguing and Allegra leaves. Galvatron is impressed by the destructive power of that weapon and he wants to have it. The Autobots investigate the weapon too, they want to keep it from the Decepticons. Ultra Magnus speaks to the leader of the planet, but he refuses to help them. He tells that the only one who might them is Allegra. Soundwave and Galvatron overhear this and decide to find Allegra first. They attack the Autobots in the city and bury them under a mountain of rubble. The inhabitans free the Autobots, on of them is Shebob Scendetta, he offers the Autobots his help. Galvatron reaches Allegra and Soundwave records her music. But that is only part of the weapon, Basso Profondo and Shebob have the rest. The Autobots arrive too and Galvatron orders Soundwave to use the third of the weapon that they have. Shebob uses his third to counter attack, Soundwave records that too. The Decepticons have now two thirds and use it immediately. The Autobots are burried again under a pile of rubble. Galvatron disposes of Allegra. The Autobots free themselves and attack again. Shebob rescues Allegra, but is hurt himself. The Decepticons retreat. Allegra uses her music to heal him. The Decepticons attack the city, Basso Profondo uses his part and Soundwave records it. Now the Decepticons have the complete harmonic weapon. The Decepticons leave and head for Earth to use it against Metroplex. The Autobots have brought Basso Profondo, Shebob and Allegra along to make anti-sound. Blaster quickly erases Soundwaves tapes and the Decepticons flee. Basso Profondo and Allegra make peace again.
Starscream's Ghost
Trying to escape from Galvatron and the Decepticons who want him destroyed, Octane befriends Autobot Sandstorm, who gets him asylum. The Decepticons, however, track him down and attack him on Cybertron, where he takes refuge in a Decepticon crypt. He then encounters Starscream's ghost, who possesses Cyclonus and pretends to torture Octane. Galvatron discovers the truth at the last minute and blasts Cyclonus. Cyclonus comes to, with no memory of what happened; meanwhile Scourge is possessed by Starscream...
Web World
Galvatron detroys the Memory Core The Decepticons are searching for Icitrite to repair their weapons, but they find the Autobots arrived before them. The Decepticons attack them, but Galvatron is so mad that he does more damage then good to the assault of the Decepticons. Because of this the Autobots can savely flee. Back on Char Cyclonus tries to defend Galvatrons actions against Swindle, Motormaster and Laserbeak and when they leave the Quintessons contact Cyclonus and tell him Torquolon is a world specialised in curing mental disorders. Cyclonus doesn't trust the Quintessons, but he's willling to try anything to help Galvatron. So Cyclonus decides to lure Galvatron to Torquolon by saying Autobots are there. When they arrive Galvatron is captured bu the Torquolons so they can treat him. They try several treatment methods on him, but nothing seems to help him. When they are out of options they decide to cure him by using the Ailya, a living extension of the planet. They can cure Galvatron but this might destroy Galvatrons mind too. Cyclonus then tries to stop them but is imprisoned himself. Galvatron is linked to to planetary computer so it can repair Galvatrons madness. During this proces the planet becomes as mad as Galvatron. Galvatron can then escape from his prison and because he was in the computer's mind he knows where the central processor of the planet is located. He flies the its location and the planet tries to stop him, but doesn't succeed. Galvatron fires on the memory core and destroys it. Galvatrons wants to destroy the entire planet after that, but when Cyclonus talks about the Autobots Galvatron decides that he should attack the Autobots again and leaves Torquolon.
Ghost In The Machine
Starscream's Ghost seeks a new body and, through the body of Scourge, reactivates Unicron's head. He is given three tasks to fulfill in order to receive his body. He must first steal Metroplex's eyes (but one is destroyed and one of Trypticon's must be taken), then steal Trypticon's transforming cog, and finally connect Unicron to Cybertron as his new body. Scourge cuts out of the deal, and the plan to give Unicron a new body is stopped, but Starscream has his body, although he finds himself drifting through space aimlessly.
The Dweller In The Depths
In a plot to destroy the Transformers and reclaim Cybertron, the Quintessons convince Galvatron and the Decepticons to unleash a half-organic, half-metallic beast located at the center of Cybertron. It attacks the entire planet, forcing the Autobots to eject a newly installed power core to prevent the beast from becoming unstoppable.
Nightmare Planet
Daniel is having nightmares, and the Autobots find themselves caught up in them with Predacons. They manage to battle through the situations they find themselves in with the help of an unconscious Daniel's imagination. They soon discover that Daniel is the subject of a Quintesson experiment, and rescue him.
The Ultimate Weapon
Galvatron claims to have a new weapon which is capable of mass destruction which he uses as a threat to get what he wants. First Aid, a pacifist by nature, leaves his fellow Autobots after failing to stop Swindle from stealing Metroplex's transformation cog. First Aid is finally persuaded by Hot Spot to return, and he steals Trypticon's transformation cog and installs it in Metroplex. Rodimus realizes Galvatron is bluffing about the weapon or he would have already used it, and the Decepticons retreat.