Five Faces Of Darkness, part 1
Cyclonus  stops the fightingThe episode starts with scenes of the destruction of Unicron from The Movie. The narrator tells what happened afterwards: "It is the year 2005, the great wars are finally over and the Autobots have won. But while the Autobots celebrate their victory with their new leader Rodimus Prime, the surviving Decepticons without a leader of their own and desperately low on energon have retreated to the burned out planet of Char". Astrotrain arrives at Char, but has too little energy to properly land and transform. The Decepticons start fighting over the few energon cubes he has brought with him. Cyclonus and the Sweeps land and restore order. Cyclonus is angry that the Decepticons are no longer the mighty army they were under the command of Galvatron (or Megatron as Astrotrain points out). The Autobots have organized the first Galactic Olympics. Blurr wanted to participate in a race, but he has gotten a mission from Perceptor. He and Wheelie must secretely bring the transformation cog of Metroplex from Cybertron to Earth. The original cog was destroyed in the war and now Metroplex can not transform anymore. Unknown aliens watch the Olympics, they give a creature a signal. This creature shoots something at the olympic flame and it explodes. In the dense smoke the Autobots notice that ships land on the planet. A tough fight starts in the smoke. Finally Springer manages to extinguish the fire. After the smoke clears the Autobots regroup. The attackers are gone and so are Ultra Magnus, Kup and Spike. Rodimus Prime puts the planet in quarantine, but an unknown spaceship leaves. Springer and Arcee follow in an Autobot shuttle. Cyclonus and the Sweeps enter the head of Unicron that still is in Cybertrons orbit. Cyclonus uses the databanks and determines that Galvatrons remains must be on the planet Throw. Scourge scans the planet and sees that Galvatron is still alive. The Autobots are wondering who has attacked them and kidnapped the two Autobots and Spike. They suspect the Decepticons, so they want to know the location of Char to investigate. On Earth Blaster and Outback capture Ramjet and Dirge and get the location. Perceptor examines the remains of a killed attacker but doesn't recognize it. Arcee and Springer fly into a trap with an artificial astroid. They find the creature that caused the fire, he tells them he was paid by the Decepticons and then he flees. Springer and Arcee take control of the astroid and continue their way. On Char the Decepticons have lost all hope. Cyclonus arrives and tells them Galvatron lives. He needs energon to rescue him. Motormaster gives his last energon and falls to te ground. The other Decepticons follow his example. Rodimus Prime and Grimlock see this happening from a mountain. Rodimus Prime even feels sorry for the Decepticons, but Grimlock enjoys himself. Rodimus prime concludes that the Decepticons can't be responsible for the attack. Cyclonus notices them and shoots them from the mountain top. The Decepticons attack the two Autobots.
Five Faces Of Darkness, part 2
Scourge rescues GalvatronThe Decepticons are without energon and can't use their lasers. They starts hitting the two Autobots with their weapons. Rodimus Prime gets many hits and looses consciousness. Luckily an astroid is about to crash and the Decepticons flee. The astroid is the ship of Springer and Arcee, they rescue the two others and leave. Cyclonus and the Sweeps leave for the rescue of Galvatron. On Quintessa the unknown aliens show their faces; it are the Quintessons. They question Kup about the defences of Cybertron, but they seem afraid of Spike. On a remote planet, Arcee tries to heal Rodimus Primes wounds. He tries to hand the Matrix to Springer, but Springer refuses. Then Rodimus Prime dies. Grimlock claims that he must be alive: the Matrix is still inside him. Arcee agrees, but then where is Rodimus Primes life force? Rodimus Prime is inside the Matrix and sees confusing images, among those are the images of Quitessa that explodes and of a Quintesson. Then he returns to his body, he orders Springer to bring him to Quintessa. On Quintessa, Spike, Kup and Ultra Magnus try to escape. They capture a Quintesson, but the other Quintessons throw them all in a pit with Sharkticons. On Throw, Scourge pulls Galvatron from a lavapool and Galvatron resumes command. Rodimus Prime, Springer, Arcee and Grimlock arrive in the astroid at Quintessa. Arcee contacts the Autobot assault force to help them. Meanwhile, Spike asks the charges of Quintessons. They respond they charge the Autobots with theft of Cybertron. Then the Quintessons notice the astroid. They destroy the astroid, releazing that Rodimus Prime and the Matrix are on board. But the Autobots had already left the astroid and they attack. The Quintessons decide that the destruction of Quintessa is a small price for the destruction of the Matrix. While the Autobot assault force, made up out of the Aerialbots, arrives to rescue the Autobots, the Quintessons leave their planet. They push a button and the planet starts to explode.
Five Faces Of Darkness, part 3
Springers tries to get away from the garbagedispensorSilverbolt rescues the Autobots from Quintessa, but then the Autobot spaceship is hit and destroyed. The Autobots are now drifting without ship in space. After some time they crash on Junkion. Galvatron, Cyclonus and the Sweeps encounter a human space platform. Galvatron orders an attack. The spaceship of Blurr and Wheelie was also in this neighbourhood and is also attacked. The two Autobots make a run for Jupiter, but they crash on the moon Io. On Mars, Marissa Fairborn notices Galvatron's attack and alarms Blaster on Earth. Then she heads for Io to help Blurr and Wheelie. The Quintessons see on their scanners that Rodimus Prime and the others are still alive. They head to Char to make an alliance with the Decepticons. They offer the Decepticons energon in exchange for the desctruction of the Autobots. All Decepticons, except for Blitzwing, decide to join the Quintessons and head for Junkion. On Junkion, a machine that destroys the carbage has targeted Rodimus Prime and the others. The Autobots are not able to get free from the substance that covers the planet. Springer is dismanteld before Rodimus Prime is able to destroy the machine. Galvatron arrives on Char and has a joyious meeting with Blitzwing. Then Galvatron, Blitzwing, Cyclonus and the Sweeps head after the Quintessons. Meanwhile on Junkion, the Decepticons start their attack.
Five Faces Of Darkness, part 4
Trypticon is born Galvatron arrives at Junkion during the attack and resumes command of the Decepticons. The Quintessons offer Galvatron information on the Decepticon Matrix and accept Galvatron's command. The confusion among the Decepticons gives the Autobots on the planet time to explore. Rodimus Prime finds a monitor and activates it. This monitor brings him in contact with Wreck-Gar, who runs this planet. On Io Blurr and Wheelie are attacked by strange flying creatures of fire. Marissa Fairborn arrives and Blurr gets the opportunity to escape with the transformation cog of Metroplex, but he refuses to leave without Wheelie. His hesitation results in the destruction of Marissa's ship, now the three of them are stranded on Io. On Junkion, the Decepticons resume their attack. The Autobots sink through the substance that covers the planet and fall through a hatch in Wreck-Gar's spaceship. On board they meet Wreck-Gar, who is able to restore Springer. With the Junkion spaceship the Autobots escape. Rodimus Prime short-circuits himself in order to enter the Matrix. There he learns the truth on the Quintessons: they have created Cybertron and all Transformers! When Rodimus Prime awakens he explains the other Autobots that the Transformers rebelled in the past against the Quintessons and that the Quintessons had to leave Cybertron. Now the Quintessons want Cybertron back. Rodimus Prime, the Autobots and the Junkions head to Cybertron to protect it. On Earth the Constructions create Trypticon to attack Metroplex. Rodimus Prime and the others arrive on Cybertron. Shortly after they arrive the Decepticons attack the planet.
Five Faces Of Darkness, part 5
Predaking On Earth, Trypticon heads for the Ark. The Autobots try to stop him, but Trypticons manages to destroy both the Ark and Teletran One. The Quintessons intercept a message from Blaster and learn that the transformation cog of Metroplex is on Io. They send the Predacons to destroy it. Blaster sends Sky Lynx to rescue the cog. The Quintessons watch the Decepticon attack on Cybertron from their spaceship in orbit of the planet. Blitzwing arrives at the Quintesson ship to make a report on the attack, but he overhears a discussion between the Quintessons: there is no Decepticon Matrix. Additionally, Blitzwing learns that a commando team of Sharkticons is on Cybertron to activate a device that will destroy all Transformers. Quietly, Blitzwing leaves the ship and warns Galvatron. Galvatron refuses to believe that there is no Decepticon Matrix and Blitzwing is forced to seek help from the Autobots. Sky Lynx arrives at Io to save Marissa, Blurr and Wheelie, but the Predacons arrive too. After some time Sky Lynx manages to defeat Predaking. Sky Lynx and the others are now able to head for Earth with the transformation cog. Trypticon starts his attack on Metroplex. After some time Blaster realizes that they have no chance without the cog. With some difficulties Sky Lynx and the others manage to bring the cog trough the Decepticon ranks to Metroplex. Metroplex is now able to transforms and starts a battle with Trypticon. At the end of the battle Metroplex throws Trypticon far into the ocean. On Cybertron Rodimus Prime and Blitzwing stop the commando team of Sharkticons. Galvatron arrives and thinks that Blitzwing is trying to steal the Decepticon Matrix. Galvatron activates the device and all Transformers, both on Cybertron and Earth become frozen. The Quintessons land on Cybertron and enjoy their victory. But they forgot about Spike. He is human and so he is not affected by the device. He graps Rodimus Primes weapon and destroys the device. The Quintessons quickly flee. Galvatron wants to continue the attack, but is stopped by Blitzwing. Galvatron leaves, but warns that Blitzwing will never be welcome in the ranks of the Decepticons anymore.
The Killing Jar
Ultra Magnus and Cyclonus in the Negative Universe A Quintesson scientist is interested in the psychology of the Transformers. He cloaks his ship to resemble Sky Lynx and tricks Ultra Magnus to enter. He then uses a illusion of Rodimus Prime to attack Ultra Magnus, as the Quintesson predicted to his Sharkticon assistant Ultra Magnus defends himself without damaging Rodimus Prime. Then the Quintesson heads for Char and kidnaps Cyclonus. Then he studies Cyclonus reaction to an attack by Galvatron. The third Guinea-pig is Wreck-Gar. To the Quintessons surprise Wreck-Gar starts tearing up the interior of his cell to make himself at home. The last to be kidnapped is Marissa Fairborn. The Quintesson uses an illusion of her father to attack her, but she sees through it. Now the Quintesson introduces himself to his four prisoners. With the help of Wreck-Gar Marissa manages to get free from her cell. She tries to free Ultra Magnus, but then the spaceship is hit by an electron storm. Ultra Magnus short-circuits the energy bars of his jail and all four prisoners are now free. Together they head for the bridge of the spaceship. Marissa attacks the Quintesson, Wreck-Gar the Sharkticon and Ultra Magnus and Cyclonus fight each other. Nobody is watching the controls of the spaceship and the ship gets in the gravitation of a black-hole. All fighting is forgotten. The Sharkticon quickly sends a distress signal. The Quintesson tries to escape with a shuttle, but he is stopped by the others. The shuttle leaves with nobody on board. Ultra Magnus is sucked out of the ship through the airlock as the shuttle leaves. To his surprise Cyclonus saves him. After some time, the spaceship disappears through the black-hole. At the other side of the black-hole they enter a negative universe. All colors become distorted. The Quintesson hypothesises that they will return to their own universe if they enter the white-hole in this universe. Using spare parts of the Transformers on board of the ship they repair the spaceship. They enter the white-hole and return back in their own universe. The distress signal was received by all parties; Autobots, Decepticons and Quintessons are all waiting for them. It is a stalemate and all parties leave peacefully. There has grown respect between Ultra Magnus and Cyclonus.
ChaosBlast-Off captures an alien in Decepticon terratory of space. This alien has a powerful weapon that uses some sort of crystal as ammo. Blast-Off confiscates the weapon and learns of the origin of the crystals. The Autobots have detected the use of this weapon and investigate the debris of one of the targets the alien had hit. Kup recognizes the crystals; they are from the skin of the monster Chaos. Kup is at first reluctant to tell the others, but Grimlock and Blurr insist. Then Kup tells his story: As a young robot Kup had visited the planet Dread. On this planet he was captured by Orbs and made to work in the mines. In these mines many robots were forced to mine Death Crystals, which were parts of the skin of Chaos. One time the monster entered the mine and the robots fled. Kup had a chance to free some other prisoners, but was too scared. He fled the mines and the planet. In the present, Galvatron has taken over Dread and is mining the crystals using the robots that were still prisoner there. He plans to use the Death Crystals to destroy Cybertron. Sky Lynx takes Kup, Wheelie, Grimlock, Wreck-Gar and Blurr to Chaos. They are attacked by the Predacons, but manage to repel the attack. Then they head for the mines. While the others keep the Decepticons busy, Kup enters the mines. In the mines Kup frees the robot slaves and challenges Chaos. Kup and the slaves run from the mine. As Chaos exits the mine, Kup uses the weapon, which Galvatron had created to destroy Cybertron, to kill Chaos. Sky Lynx rescues them all from the exploding planet.
Dark Awakening
The empty tombOn board from a cruiser, Rodimus Prime, Ultra Magnus, Spike, Daniel, Kup, Springer and Arcee are attacked by the Decepticons. Rodimus Prime destroys their own cruiser and with the remaining shuttle they escape, hoping they will fool the Decepticons in thinking they are destroyed. Then they encounter a large space platform: it is a mausoleum, built by the Autobots. All Autobots that died in the great wars are burried in this mausoleum: Ironhide, Ratchet, Prowl, Huffer, etc. Daniel starts wandering on his own and encounters Optimus Prime and panicks. He flees and meets the others again. He tells them that he saw Optimus Prime, and Rodimus Prime decides to investigate the tomb of Optimus Prime. Indeed the tomb is empty! Then the Decepticons arrive and attack in force. Just in time they are saved by Optimus Prime. The Autobots are uncertain on Optimus Prime's condition. Daniel suggests he must have been in a coma. Optimus Prime shows them a spaceship he has built on board of the mausoleum. Rodimus Prime gives him the Matrix back. Optimus Prime seems to refuse it but takes it anyway. Rodimus Prime becomes Hotrod again. Optimus Prime offers his apologies to all Autobots and then shoots at the Autobots. He directs the mausoleum to a star and uses the spaceship to flee. On Cybertron he tells the Autobots that the Quintessons killed Rodimus Prime and the others and takes the entire Autobot fleet to the Quintessons. Hotrod and the others manage to escape the mausoleum in time using another spaceship. On Cybertron they learn from Snarl and Sludge that the entire fleet is heading after the Quintessons. Hotrod heads after his own fleet. Optimus Prime orders to ignore the radiobroadcasts of Hotrod, saying it is a Quintesson trick. In reality, he is leading the fleet into a Quintesson trap. Hotrod and the others manage to enter the flagsship. On board Hotrod battles Optimus Prime and looses. Then Optimus Prime starts to remember everything: the Quintessons have reprogrammed his body using it as a weapon to kill everyone he loved in live. He gives the Matrix back to Hotrod, who becomes Rodimus Prime again, and orders everyone to leave the flagship. He takes the controls of the ship and orders the fleet away. Then he uses the flagship to spring the trap. On board of one of the ships of the remaining fleet the Autobots watch the explosion in honor of Optimus Prime.
Forever Is A Long Time Coming
The Quintessons build a device which focuses chronal energy in an attempt to go back in time, stopping their robots from rebelling. A team of Autobots end up in Cybertron's past, fighting against the Guardians, while a timid robot from the past, A-3, is transported to the 21st century. The time-travel mechanism eventually goes berserk, threatening the entire universe as time begins to lose meaning. Eventually, A-3 is returned to the past, where he deactivates the Guardian robots, and bids the Autobots to return home. Later, an Autobot notes that A can stand for "Alpha" and 3 can stand for "Trion"...
Thief In The Night
After the battle with Metroplex, Trypticon has been vanquished, but Decepticon Octane has found him, and has taken him to an oil-rich country, where they do the king's bidding in exchange for special energon. The Autobots catch on to what's happening after world monuments begin to disappear and the evidence indicates a dinosaur Transformer. The other Decepticons find Octane and he convinces Galvatron he was scouting resources for him. The Autobots soon arrive with Metroplex, and Trypticon is once more defeated.