The Girl Who Loved Powerglide
Powerglide and Estoria A rich, spoiled girl is celebrating her birthday. The girl is Estoria Carlton Ritz, chairman of the board of High Technologies Cooperation. Suddenly Ramjet, Dirge and Thrust attack and try to capture Estoria. Powerglide is in the neighbourhood and is able to rescue her. She falls in love with Powerglide. Powerglide takes her with him to an Autobot Headquarters in the city to consult with Optimus Prime. Spike and Estoria have a talk about Powerglide, Spike gets frustrated because all his electric equipment suddenly fails in her neighbourhood. She explains machines always fail when she is around. Optimus Prime gives Powerglide the order to escort her to the Ark. Estoria and Powerglide first visit a fair together. She tells Powerglide about her necklace, it's a present from her father before he died, she promised him to never take it off. The three Decepticon Planes attack again, but Powerglide and Estoria escape from the fair. In the sky the Decepticons manage to severly damage Powerglide, he makes a crashlanding in a desert. The Decepticons arrive and capture Estoria, Powerglide is covered by a landslide. Powerglide tries to follow the Decepticons, but doesn't come far. Ratchet and Wheeljack rescue him. In the Ark he is repaired. Teletran One reports atmospheric disturbances above the north Atlantic, coming from a suborbital station. Powerglide immediately goes there to rescue Estoria. On the Station Megatron interrogates Estoria, he wants the High Techs energy formula. She refuses, Megatron decides to use the Psycho probe. The probe fails; as Estoria told before machines and her don't go together. Powerglide approaches and the Decepticons leave Estoria alone to see who is approaching, Estoria manages to free herself. Powerglide can't get through the energy storm, Estoria decides to throw her necklace, which contains the formula, in the device which generates the storm. Part of the suborbital station explodes and it starts to crash, the Decepticons flee. Powerglide and Estoria stay a while longer on the station. Powerglide repairs the controls and gives the station a new destination. Then he and Estoria leave the station. The Decepticons arrive in their Headquarters, Soundwave notices the station is now heading right for their Headquarters. The station crashes, damaging Decepticon Headquarters. Estoria and Powerglide say goodbye, Powerglide ask if it's alright to visit her when next he's around, she is thrilled that he asks it. When Powerglide walks away some lights on his chest light up in the shape of a heart.
Triple Takeover
The temporary leadersStarscream, Blitzwing and Astrotrain are discussing the leadership of Megatron. They all agree that it is time for a new leader. Strascream leads Megatron into a sub-zero trap, but he himself is also trapped by the Triple Changers. Blitzwing captures a football coach and makes him his military advisor. Astrotrain takes control of a trainstation and makes it his headquarters. He rebuilts the trains to follow his commands. Blitzwing offers the Constructicons part of the leadership in return for the construction of a defense system. Then he starts bombing the city from his base. Tracks, Prowl, Skids and Bluestreak are captured in Blitzwings defences, Scrapper makes a throne from their bodies. Astrotrain has some successes with collecting energon reserves. Powerglide, Smokescreen and Hoist rescue the captured Autobots. Astrotrain invites the Decepticon Jets to see he well he manages all the trains. But the trains have just collided and the Decepticons are making fun of Astrotrain. One train is still able to ride, it tries and then hits the main water supply. The entire city is flooded, Megatron and Starscream are freed by the water. Optimus Prime rescues Spike who was cought by the sudden flood. Then he and Ironhide plug the leak in the water supply. Blitzwing and the Constructicons start fighting for the leadership. Optimus Prime angers Megatron and Starscream by saying he is looking for the real leader of the Decepticons. Now all Decepticons encounter each other at Blitzwings stadion. After a brief battle Megatron is victorious and orders his troops back to headquarters. The Autobots agree: Optimus Prime is the one and only leader in the universe.
Sea Change
Allana as robot and SeaspraySeaspray and Bumblebee are waterskiing in the sunset. Seaspray sees the first star of the evening and makes a wish. On a distant planet a robot named Deceptitran has enslaved the people of the planet with the help of droids. He takes energy taken from the humans for himself. But there is a resistance organization of humans, a few of the slaves even manage to escape. Deceptitran sends a message to the Decepticons to help him. Seaspray receives the planet on Earth, Perceptor tries to decypher it and he interpreters it as a distress call. Cosmos takes Perceptor, Seaspray and Bumblebee on board and heads for the planet. Close to the planet Perceptor finally decyphers it as a Decepticon distress call. They are shot down, on the planet they get help from the resistance. Seaspray falls directly in love with one of them: Allana. The Decepticons arrive too: Megatron, Astrotrain, Laserbeak, Rumble, Soundwave, and Dirge. Droids of Deceptitran catch up with the resistance, the people quickly jump in their well: the Well Of Transformation. This well can change any living being in anything he wishes. The droids fall in and disappear, they weren't living beings. The people change to mermaids, Allana warns the Autobots not to go into the well. She says them to catch up at the second step of the waterfall. At the waterfall the Decepticons attack, Bumblebee is captured, the others escape in secret cave underwater. Underwater the people have built an entire city. The Autobots and the rebels plan an attack to free Bumblebee. The attack is used as a diversion, Seapray and Allana free Bumblebee. Seaspray and Allana escape in the direction of the Well, all the others head for the underwater city. Laserbeak follows them and learns the location of the underwater city. Seaspray enters the Well, just to proof to Allana he's a real living being. He also changes himself to a mermaid, together with Allana he heads for the underwater city. The Decepticons have arrived there just before them. He and Allana head back to the well to turn back to his robot form. Rumble follows them, in the Well they're all changed. Allana tells Rumble to think of a tree, he's consequently changed into a tree. Seaspray is a robot again, Allana changes into a robot too. Together they head for the Deceptitrans city and attack. Deceptitran contacts Megatron and tells of the attack and that his energy supplies are in danger. Megatron seizes his attack on the underwater city. Allana has alreday reprogrammed Deceptitran and orders him to let his droids attack the Decepticons. The Decepticons spot Seaspray in the city and follow him to the energy supplies. The droids attack and Seaspray detonates the energy supplies. The explosion tops Rumble over and he falls in the Well, returning to robot. All Decepticons board Astrotrain and leave. The city above the water is destroyed, the people think it a small price for their freedom. Allana changes back to human, she and Seapray stay in love.
Hoist Goes Hollywood
Warpath as defeated Evil Alien Robot Spike, Carly and Hoist are making a trip, two stuntcars pass them. An accident happens and Hoist saves both drivers. The director is impressed, he offers Hoist a job, Hoist accepts. Dirge sends a SOS to Decepticon Headquarters, he crashes near a film studio, Major Pictures. Astrotrain, Ramjet and Thrust are ordered to rescue Dirge and to keep Dirges secret cargo a secret. The next day, Hoist, Spike and Carly arrive at Major Pictures. The director is busy with another movie first, he is disturbed by four Autobots: Tracks, Warpath, Sunstreaker and Powerglide. All Autobots want to have their own role in the movie, the director gives them jobs. The director discovers Dirge and is just filming him, when the other Decepticons rescue him and his cargo. They bring it to Megatron. It is an unknown device that was locked in Wheeljacks laboratory on Cybertron. Astrotrain tells about the filming, Megatron orders the Decepticons to destroy the film. He thinks that Wheeljack will be able to make a counterdevice when he knows Megatron has this invention. The director decides to use the footage of the Decepticons in his new movie: Attack of the Alien Robots. The Autobots get jobs as the "bad guys" in this movie. Meanwhile Spike and Carly discover that someone has stolen tapes from the studio, the negatives are forgotten by the thieves. Megatron orders the Decepticons to get the negatives. Rumble sabotages the set of the Autobots, the Autobots survive the explosion. Carly and Spike get the negatives and see what's on it. They are attacked by Megatron and Soundwave. The Decepticons follow them throughout the different sets in the studio. Spike and Carly reach Hoist and tell him everything. The Decepticons arrive shortly after. Hoist has Spike and Carly with the film above a pool of flesh-eating lava. He orders Megatron to retreat otherwise, he'll throw the humans and the tape in the lava. Megatron says that Hoist is bluffing, but Hoist throws them in. After Megatron has left, Hoist deactivates the "flesh-eating lava", it was just some movie device. Wheeljack comes to the studio to watch the film, the device was an invention of him that had never worked. The director offers Hoist his own movie, but he refuses.
The Key To Vector Sigma, part 1
The Stunticons get personalitiesThe Autobots escort a few tankers that carry a new type of super fuel. Megatron, Ramjet, Dirge and Thrust attack. The three jets are so clumsy that they all crash into a mountain, it's up to Megatron to continue the attack alone. He aims at a tanker and orders the Autobots to stop, Smokescreen puts up a smokescreen and Megatron is forced to retreat. Megatron decides it is time that he too gets some troops that are able to transform into cars. The next few days Rumble steals four cars and a truck, Megatron starts to convert them. The cars become protected by forcefields and are therefor practically indestructable, Megatron calls them the Stunticons. Optimus Prime notices the thefts and suspects Megatrons plan, but Megatron can't create personalities on Earth. Just as Optimus Prime says that, Teletran One announces that Megatron uses the spacebridge. Optimus Prime radios Omega Supreme to follow the Decepticons to Cybertron. Megatron, Soundwave, Rumble and the Stunticons arrive on Cybertron and they ask Shockwave the way for Vector Sigma. Vector Sigma is the computer that gave all Transformers their lives. To activate Vector Sigma Megatron needs the circuit key, but that is in the possesion of Alpha Trion. Megatron decides to get it from him. The Decepticons attack the lab and get the key. The Autobots arrive after the Decepticons and find a badly injured Alpha Trion. They repair him and then together they go after Megatron. Megatron has already reached the antechambers of Vector Sigma and is attacked by Centurion Droids. He uses the key to order them to attack the Autobots instead. The Autobots are already near, they pass an old storage bay, which was used in the "old days". A little further they encounter the Centurion Droids and have to pull back to the storage bay. Megatron reaches Vector Sigma and asks him to give the Stunticons their personalities, he also asks to make them hate the Autobots. The Stunticons are: Motormaster, Dead End, Breakdown, Dragstrip and Wildrider. Then Megatron heads back to Earth again, with the key. Optimus Prime asks Alpha Trion, Ratchet and Hoist to reactivate some drones to help them against the Centurion Droids. The first group of drones is destroyed, the second group rans into a ravine, the Centurion Droids follow them into the ravine. The Autobots arrive at Vector Sigma and realize that they have come to late. Optimus Prime asks Alpha Trion if it is possible to make five modern jets from the old shuttles in the bay, Alpha Trion thinks it is worth a try. The Decepticons have reached Earth again, the Stunticons attack a military base to get the super fuel. The soldiers see cars without drivers and conclude that it must be the Autobots.
The Key To Vector Sigma, part 2
Menasor and Superion The Autobots create five modern jets from the shuttles. Alpha Trion explains that he is a first generation product of Vector Sigma, so he has the same computation matrix and can merge with Vector Sigma, reactivating it. Optimus Prime tries to stop him, but Alpha Trion convinces him that this is the only way to stop Megatron and save the citizens of Earth. Optimus Prime asks Vector Sigma to give personalities to the jets. He explains to Blaster: "One Autobot gave his life so that six could be born". The Aerialbots are formed: Silverbolt, Airraid, Fireflight, Skydive and Slingshot. Alpha Trion speaks from Vector Sigma and he warns Optimus Prime that the key that Megatron stole may doom the entire Earth. Shockwave overhears this and radios this information to Megatron. The Autobots are able to pass the Centurion Droids with the help of the Aerialbots. They board Omega Supreme, but Omega Supreme is damaged and back on Earth he explodes the moment that everyone has deboarded him. He is put on life support while Ratchet and Sparkplug try to repair him. The Autobots go to the military base and are attacked by the soldierswho think that they stole the super fuel. The Aerialbots are offended by this incident. The Stunticons attack while the Autobots are still discussing the situation, the soldiers are now convinced of the Autobots innocents. The Aerialbots prove to be a good match for the Stunticons, during the fight it becomes apparent that Silverbolt is afraid of heights. Megatron calls the Stunticons back to base. Optimus Prime makes Silverbolt leader of the Aerialbots to give him something else to worry about. Slingshot decides to leave the Autobots, the other Aerialbots follow him, except for Silverbolt who promises Optimus Prime to bring the Aerialbots back. Megatron finally discovers the effect of the key: it can turn everything into metal. He starts using it to turn Earth into a metal planet, just like Cybertron. Teletran One notices Megatron activities and the Autobots head out to stop him. The Stunticons are to strong for the Autobots and slowly they start to loose the fight. The Aerialbots see how Ratchet has to stop repairing Omega Supreme to recharge, while Sparkplug keeps working. Also they see that the Autobots are loosing the batlle. Finally they decide to help. Slingshot saves Optimus Prime from the Stunticons and then the Aerialbots defeat the Stunticons. But the Stunticons have a surprise: they form Menasor. Then the sixth Aerialbot makes an appearnace when the five Aerialbots form Superion. Menasor almost wins, but Omega Supreme arrives just in time to rescue Superion. Megatron flees with the key. Silverbolt follows him and overcomes his fear for heights, he destroys the key. Slingshot rescues Silverbolt from a fall. Slingshot and Ironhide apologize to each other for their behauviour. The Aerialbots join the Autobots again.
Two MenasorsMegatron gives the Stunticons orders to get three components. The Stunticons leave the Decepticon headquarters and head for the components. The Autobots detect the Stunticons and send out patrols of their own. Breakdown and Wildrider get the first component: laserlenses from a scientist. Dead End and Dragstrip get the second component: an experimental generator from the army. Motormaster gets the last one: a perfect ruby from a museum. Grapple, Hoist and Inferno stop Wildrider and Breakdown. Warpath and Tracks stop Dragstrip and Dead End. Optimus Prime stops Motormaster himself in a head to head collision. The Stunticons are improsend and the Autobots examine the components that the Stunticons stole. They have no idea what the Decepticons were planning with those items. They decide to change the appareance of five Autobots to resemble the Stunticons: Windcharger as Wildrider, Sideswipe as Breakdown, Jazz as Dead End, Mirage as Dragstrip and Optimus Prime as Motormaster. The five Autobots with the components head to a place that Hound managed to retrieve from the Stunticon minds: a deserted crater. In the crater the Constructicons are building a large weapon, the Autobots are able to fool Megatron. Meanwhile the Stunticons are able to break free from their prisons in the Ark, they form Menasor and he heads for the crater. The weapon is ready and Megatron dismisses the Constructicons. When they have left Menasor arrives. Windcharger and Mirage manage to fool Megatron by making the Autobots form a second Menasor. The two Menasors start fighting and very soon the masquerade is over. Megatron fires the weapon a few times at the Autobots but suddenly it starts to overload and the entire weapon explodes. The other Autobots also arrive and the Decepticons decide to flee. Then it becomes clear why the weapon exploded: the Autobots had changed the real ruby for a false one.
Trans-Europe Express
Bumblebee opens the Pearl In the Middle East the Decepticons are looking for Abdul Ben-F'aisal because he knows of the location of the Pearl of Jehuddim. He tells Megatron legends says the Pearl is buried in the Galatavalley. Megatron then takes off in search for it. They see the area they have to search is too large and they go in search for an archeologist. Meanwhile a group of Autobots is partaking in a huge race, the Europa 2000. Auggie Cahnay is a racer who objects against the Autobots partaking in the race. The Decepticons have kidnapped a archeologist and he's found the most logical location for the Pearl and they start digging. Megatron gives the Stunticons orders to destroy the Autobots partaking in the race. All autobots are taken out of the race by them except for Bluestreak, Tracks and Bumblebee. Bluestreak finds the archeologist who has escaped in the meanwhile and he tells him about the Pearl. The Stunticons then stop Auggie and take his car as they need the special components of his car. The 3 Autobots pass the finishline without stopping because they have to stop the Decepticons. When they find the Decepticons Megatron tells the Pearl is the power core of a weather controlling machine from Cybertron that crashed into Earth. In the 14th century it was found and a persian seer build a protective casing for the core and it has been buried here since. Megatron needed special metal for his new weathercontrol machine and that metal is in Auggie's car. Auggie tries to stop them destroying his engine and the Autobots attack too. Bumblebee graps the Pearl from Megatron and he opens the Pearl to release the core. A huge storm begins and the Stunticons form Menasor. Bumblebee drops the pearl and it is taken into a tornado. Menasor almost defeats the the Autobots but then Auggie enters his car and launches it into Menasor's face. Then Bumblebee quickly runs into the tornado so he can destroy the pearl. He succeeds and the weather instantaniously returns to normal. They figure then out that Megatron had organised the race so he could get Auggie's car so there is no money for charity. Then Auggie hands the Core's casing over to the Autobots and tells them to sell it as it's made from gems.
Cosmic Rust
Megatron infectedAstrotrain is exploring the universe, on board are Megatron, Starscream and Rumble. They discover a planet with the Autobot insignia. The planet is entirely deserted, they explore a city and discover some sort of communication device. A hologram appears that warns everyone coming from Cybertron to leave at once or rust to pieces. The Decepticons ignore the warning and continue their exporations. They find a lightning bug, this bug can create a destructive energy ray. The Decepticons leave the planet with the bug, but they are followed by an astroid. Megatron uses the lightning bug against it, the astroid shaters. The pieces of the astroid pierce the hull of Astrotrain, one piece hits Megatron in the chest. Quickly they head for Earth, there the piece is removed from Megatron, but it seems he has started to rust. Perceptor presents a new invention: Corostop. Corostop is able to stop all corosion, the Autobots plan to use it to protect all the Earths great monuments, the Statue of Liberty is the first to be coated. Megatrons condition is worsening and he orders the Stunticons to kidnap Perceptor. The Stunticons put Perceptor in Blitzwing and he brings Perceptor to Decepticon headquarters, the Aerialbots are in persuit but are driven of by the lightning bug. Megatron offers Perceptor piece in return for his cure. During the negotiations Megatrons hand falls off, Perceptor uses a little Corostop to put the hand back. Megatron quickly snatches the Corostop and is cured. Meanwhile Cosmos discovers that element X does not exist anymore, so no more Corostop can be produced. Megatron contacts Optimus Prime and tells him that Perceptor is released nearby, a bomb is set to go off at that location, so Perceptor has to be rescued soon. Optimus Prime rescues Perceptor, ecposing all Autobots to the Cosmic Rust. Wheeljack suggests to finish the construction of the Matter Duplicator and use it to duplicate the Corostop that's on the Statue of Liberty. Megatron hears of the Autobot plans and heads for the Statue. Luckily the Autobots arrived first, a battle starts around the Statue. Superion defeats Menasor and destroys the lightning bug, the Decepticons flee. The Autobots are all cured.
War Dawn
The Aerialbots and Orion Pax Starscream, Thundercracker and Skywarp are defeated by the Aerialbots in an airbattle. The Aerialbots, except for Silverbolt, admire the Decepticon jet for their flighing capabilities. Teletran One reports energy transmissions on Cybertron, the Autobots go to Cybertron on board Omega Supreme. The transmission are from the Chronosphere, a device that Shockwave creates to give Megatron the possibility to travel to the past to get energy. Now Megatron plans to use it as a trap for the Aerialbots. The Autobots arrive, but Omega Supreme is out of energy and has to shut himself down. The Aerialbots start exploring the surroundings and encounter the Decepticon jets. The Aerialbots don't fight, but start to talk with the jets. Starscream starts to tell that the Decepticons are not really evil. While talking, Starscream leads the Aerialbots slowly to the Chronosphere. Silverbolt tries to stop the others from walking in the trap, but gets in the trap himself. Megatron activates the Chronosphere and sends the Aerialbots to the beginning of time. The other Autobots arrive and shoot at the Chronosphere, the Aerialbots are now trapped nine milions years ago, at the start of the war. The Decepticons flee. The Autobots start repairing the Chronosphere to get them back. The Aerialbots are in the Golden Age and meet Orion Pax and his girlfriend Aerial. They see Megatron, Shockwave and Soundwave flying over the roofs. Orion Pax is very impressed, these Decepticons are the first robots that are able to fly. Aerial tells that she has heard stories that the Decepticons attacked other cities. The Aerialbots continue, Orion Pax goes back to work. Megatron goes to him and ask him where the hangars are used for, as soon as Orion Pax tells him that they're for energy storage, Megatron attacks. Orion Pax, Aerial and their friend are wounded. The Aerialbots head for the hangars and find the injured Transformers. "Meanwhile" in the present, Shockwave finds the body of a Guardian Robot, Megatron decides to use it to destroy the Chronosphere. In the past the Aerialbots carry Orion Pax to a repair bay, Slingshot swears to get even with Megatron. They find Alpha Trion who agrees to rebuilt him. After some time Alpha Trion returns and presents them to the rebuilt Orion Pax: Optimus Prime. Alpha Trion promises to repair Aerial, he'll call her Elita One. Optimus Prime heads for the Decepticon attack and drives off Megatron. The Aerialbots see how the Decepticons are heading for the energy hangars and they decide to destroy the hangars. In the present the Chronosphere is repaired, then the Guardian Robot appears. The Aerialbots have put bombs in the hangar and are about to activate them, when they see that their escape path is blocked. Nevertheless they activate the bombs. Then they are transported back to the present and appear in the front of the Guardian Robot. They form Superion and destroy the Guardian Robot. The Aerialbots took some energy packs with them from the past, so Omega Supreme can be powered up again. They surprise Optimus Prime by telling him that it was them who rescued him in the past.