Blaster Blues
The Decepticon moonbaseSpike, Carly and Blaster are visiting a rock-concert. Blaster starts broadcasting the music on all Autobot channels. Meanwhile, professor Haley has developed a new descrambler, the Voltronic Galaxer, he uses it to send a signal into space to get in contact with aliens. Megatron, Starscream and Thundercracker arrive and steal the transmitter. As a result of Blasters music the Autobots have trouble receiving the professors emergency signal. Megatron and the Decepticons board Astrotrain and leave Earth. The Autobots arrive after the Decepticons have left, Optimus Prime promises the professor to get it back. The Autobots search the Earth, Blaster and Cosmos circle the Earth and find the device on the moon! Blaster and Cosmos carefully approach the Decepticons who have built a little base on the moon. They are discovered and captured. Megatron decides to use Blaster as a transcrambler and Cosmos as a powerbooster. Megatron then activates the device and all radiocontact seizes on Earth. A chaos on airports and other services like the fire brigade and wheather forecasts is a result. The Autobots do their best to end the chaos. They extinguish a fire caused by a train accident and save a group of people that were snowed in. Optimus Prime gets seriously injured by the Decepticon jets while he is busy regulating the traffic on an airport. Megatron is able to broadcasts on all frequencies and demands all the Earth's energy supplies in exchange for the release of the airwaves. Blaster is able to block the broadscast with his music, Carly quickly locates his position. Spike, Carly and Powerglide take the unconscious Optimus Prime with them and head for Omega Supreme. Carly does her best to repair Optimus Prime, but unfortunately they can't contact Ratchet and the other Autobots. Omega Supreme decides it is best to first stop Megatron and they head to the moon. Megatron discovers what Blaster is doing and is about to shoot him when Omega Supreme arrives. Omega Supreme puts the others on the moon and starts a fight with Astrotrain. Megatron discovers the unconscious Optimus Prime and is about to kill him, just in time Optimus Prime gains consciousness. Optimus Prime and Omega Supreme both manage to defeat their opponent and Blaster and Cosmos are able to dissable Megatrons deveice. Optimus Prime and Powerglide free Blaster and Cosmos and together they leave the Decepticon moonbase.
The Autobot Run
The Constructicons put Ironhide in the wreckerChip and Spike are watching a race, Chip thinks it would be great if the Autobots would race some time for charity. The Constructicons are building a transfixatron for Megatron. This device can lock Transformers in their transformation mode. Megatron orders Starscream to be a testsubject, the device works, the device can also neutralize its own effect. The Constructicons start constructing a second device. All Autobots, except for Huffer, like Chips idea and head for the race. Huffer, Ratchet, Brawn and Wheeljack stay in the Ark. During the race Skywarp teleports to above the racetrack and uses the transfixatron unnoticed on the Autobots. The public loves the show, the Autobots give some extra demonstrations. Mirage detects Decepticons approaching. The Autobots try to transform, but fail. The Autobots try to ram the Decepticons, however the Decepticons blast the Autobots easily. Bumblebee who did not participate takes Spike and Chip with him and heads for the Ark. Chip, Wheeljack and Ratchet start developing a beam to restore the Autobots to normal. Megatron introduces the Autobots to the second invention: a giant car wrecker. Hound sends a hologram of the Autobots location to the Ark, Soundwave blasts Hounds holographic projector. However Chip has already been able to pinpoint his location. Megatron chooses Ironhide as the first victim. The other Autobots gather around him to protect him, but their attempt is futile. Wheeljack is ready with a grenade to counteract the effect of the transfixatron, the Autobots in the Ark head out to save the others. Optimus Prime has still a surpise which enables him to help Ironhide: Roller. Roller distracts the Decepticons, Optimus Prime is able to get Ironhide out of reach of the machine. The others arrive and after some struggles, Chip is able to throw the grenade to the Autobots. The Autobots are able to transform again. Megatron orders the Constructicons to form Devastator. Devastator is too strong for teh Autobots. Wheeljack sees the transfixatron and asks Cliffjumper for help, together they operate the transfixatron and aim it at Devastator. Devastator falls apart into the Constructicons. Megatron orders a retreat. Ironhide and Trailbreaker smash the transfixatron. The Autobots head back to their headquarters.
The Golden Lagoon
The Golden LagoonA few Autobots (Perceptor, Beachcomber, Warpath, Seaspray and Powerglide) are walking the beach, suddenly they are attacked by Ramjet, Blitzwing and Thrust. Beachcomber hides in a cave, the cave goes a far into the mountain, on the other side he finds a beautiful place. The place is full with all kinds of animals and plants. In this place Beachcomber finds a small lake, filled with a golden colored substance, he recognizes it at once: Electrum. The mountain starts to shake and Beachcomber is reminded of the fight, quickly he heads back. He decides to tell no one of his discovery, in order to save this piece of nature. Thrust however sees the lake from the sky and dives in the lagoon. He now has a golden color himself and proves to be indestructable. Perceptor and Seaspray are captured, the others flee. The other Decepticons bath in the electrum too, for fun they start firing at each other, detroying much of the surroundings. The three escaped Autobots reach some other Autobots and together they head out to help Perceptor and Seaspray. Their attack is futile, they are all defeated. Beachcomber realizes they must have found the Electrum and heads to the lagoon, there he is captured too. Megatron decides it is time to attack Omega Supreme, even now this Autobot is hard to defeat. After Omega Supreme is defeated the Decepticons head for the Ark. The Autobots are now alerted by Teletran One about the presence of Electrum and they head out to find the lake. Beachcomber, Seaspray and Perceptor escape and also head for the lake, there they meet the other Autobots. The Decepticons find the Ark deserted and go back to the lake, the Autobots are waiting for them. Slowly the effect of the Electrum wears of during the fight, the Decepticons destroy the lake and head back to their headquarters. Beachcomber stays behind after the Autobots leave too. Amidst the remains of this once beautiful place he remarks "We won".
Quest For Survival
The MorphobotsA giant army of Insecticons is eating the wheat crops. Six Autobots, Tracks, Inferno, Smokescreen, Skids, Warpath and Huffer, arrive to drive off the Insecticons. The Insecticons are too strong and the Autobots are forced to retreat. Back in Autobot Headquarters, Optimus Prime agrees with Smokescreen it was the best thing to retreat. Bumblebee contacts Optimus Prime from the planet Floron III, Spike, Cosmos and he have found the robotic insecticide and are on their way back to Earth. Cosmos is attacked by some strange mechanical plants growing on an astroid. Cosmos escapes but is covered by seeds of the plant. On Earth, Megatron transfers energy from the Insecticons to energon cubes. The Insecticons receive as reward only a small part of the energy that is accumulated. The seeds on Cosmos start growing, Spike and Bumblebee use the escape pod, Cosmos crashes on Earth. The plants keep growing, Cosmos is covered by many plants. Bumblebee and Spike go to Autobot Headquarters to get help. Bumblebee has some plants on his back to, Ratchet removes them and gives them to Perceptor for research. Teletran One shows that the entire valley is already covered by those plants, the Autobots head out to rescue Cosmos. Laserbeak notices this and alerts Soundwave and Megatron. Megatron is espacially interested in the insecticide. Perceptor recognizes the plant as a species that was thought to be extinct: Morphobots. They are capable of devouring any robotic form, they should be approached by extreme caution. Thrust warns the Insecticons to keep away from the valley, because of the insecticide. The Insecticons think that Megatron is hiding something in that valley and head to it with their entire army. Megatron and some Decepticons arrive at the valley and are impressed by the large amount of Morphobots. They hide when the Autobots approach. Warpath tries to blow a path trough the plants, Ironhide uses his liquids, both attempts fail. Blaster uses his music, this works! The plants move out of Blasters way, the Autobots are able to rescue Cosmos. Cosmos gives Optimus Prime the insecticide, then the Decepticons, Megatron, Soundwave, Starscream, Blitzwing, Dirge and Ramjet attack. Megatron blasts the cannister with insecticide. While Megatron isn't paying attention a Morphobot grabs him. The Decepticons come to his rescue and get him free. Then the Insecticons arrive, they think that the Morphobots are food and that Megatron has been hiding it from them. The Insecticon army lands in the middle of the valley and gets eaten. The three Insecticons escape. The Decepticons and Insecticons flee. The Autobots put the Morphobots in a rocket and send them into space. Perceptor contacts Optimus Prime for a second rocket, the few Morphobots that he had for research have taken over the lab.
The Secret of Omega Supreme
The BirdA spaceship takes of from the ocean and heads to an astroid, the Constructicons are on board. They bring the astroid in Earth orbit and start mining the ore on the astroid. Cosmos spots them and heads back to headquarters to report it to Optimus Prime. Optimus Prime sends him back to investigate further, Optimus Prime himself heads for Omega Supreme. He explains the situation to Omega Supreme, when he mentions the Constructicons Omega Supreme becomes agitated. Optimus Prime asks him what he has against the Constructicons. Omega Supreme starts a story from long ago: At the start of the war Omega Supreme was a Guardian Robot, his duty was to protect Crystal City. He was also a good friend of the Constructicons. Megatron used a device named the Robosmasher to reprogram the Constructicons as Decepticons. The Constructicons lured Omega Supreme away from Crystal City by telling him that there was a Decepticon attack somewhere else. When Omega Supreme noticed there was no attack, he ran back to Crystal City, only to see it destroyed by the Constructicons. He tracked the Constructicons and managed to capture them, he programmed them back to Autobots. They encountered the Robosmasher again, and the Constructicons surprised him with their new mode: Devastator. They were still Decepticon and tried to use the Robosmasher on Omega Supreme, halfway during the reprogramming Omega Supreme managed to free himself. The Constructicons fled and Omega Supreme followed them for milions of years. Optimus prime later sends Omega Supreme to the astroid to stop the Constructicons from mining it. Then Optimus Prime hears from Teletran One that the astroid is organic from nature, he tries to radio Omega Supreme, but Omega Supreme ignores him. During the fight the astroid splits and some sort of bird hedges from an egg inside of the astroid. The bird heads for San Francisco, the Autobots try to stop the bird. Teletran One tells that the astroid is the birds food, so it attacks because it is hungry, Omega Supreme has to lure it back to the astroid. Optimus Prime finally convinces Omega Supreme to stop his vendetta and to help the Autobots. Omega Supreme succeeds to bring back the bird and meanwhile Optimus Prime destroys the Decepticon base where the ore was being processed.
Child's Play
Erin and the AutobotsThe Decepticon spacebridge has appeared inside a stadion. The Decepticons attack the humans inside. The Autobots arrive to save the humans. Perceptor and Trailbreaker try to deactivate the spacebridge, Megatron shoots at them. The Autobots and Decepticons who where in the spacebridge and some energon cubes are transported to an alien planet. The Transformers that arrive on this planet are: Optimus Prime, Perceptor, Bumblebee, Inferno, Smokescreen, Starscream, Soundwave, Ravage and Thrust. They arrive in some sort of toyroom, they get attacked by the pets that walk around. On Earth the Transformers flee from the stadion as the spacebridge explodes. On the other planet, the Autobots seek cover in a toycastle. An giant alien boy enters his room and captures the Decepticons, the Autobots remain undetected. The Decepticons manage to escape and Starscream draws the attention to the Autobots, by setting the castle on fire. The boy captures Starscream again, Inferno extinguishes the fire and saves the building. The boy introduces himself to the Autobots, his name is Erin. The parents enter Erins room and ask what is happening. They think that the Transformers are dangerous and take them from him. On Earth Chip is unsuccesfull in determining the location of the missing Transformers. On the alien planet scientists are examining the Transformers. One scientist decides to desect the Transformers. Erin snatches the Autobots away and quickly runs away. In the confusion the Decepticons escape too. Erin is spotted by security officials, he puts the Autobots in the sewer, so they can go to his home by themselves. The Decepticons attack the Autobots in the sewer, a sudden water flood seperates the fighting Transformers. The Autobots arrive at Erins room, Perceptor starts rebuilding Erins telescope into a transport beam, with the help of the energon cubes. The Decepticons arrive and capture Bumblebee. Nitro, the "cat" saves Bumblebee, but the Decepticons use the beam to go to Earth. The Autobots are stranded again and now they have no energon cubes anymore. Erin remembers that he has a toy rocketship. Perceptor modifies it into a real working ship. They say goodbye to Erin and Nitro and set course for Earth.
The Gambler
Slishzardo, Bosh, Defcon and SmokescreenThe ship in which the five Autobots left Erin (see Child's Play) looses it's power and stops. Another ship flies over and captures the Autobot ship. The Autobots are taken prisoner by (human sized) aliens. Bosh, the captain of the ship is a gamble addict. He deactivates the Autobots free will, making them slaves. The machine fails to do so on Smokescreen. He tells Smokescreen he plans to sell the Autobots for money. Smokescreen makes a deal with him, if Smokescreen can make enough money by gambling, then Bosh will release the Autobots. On Monacus, a gambling planet, they have to sell the Autobots to Lord Gyconi to get any money to gamble with in the first place. Smokescreen is making good money with cheating, but he takes too many risks and looses all. They can't buy the Autobots back anymore. Gyconi plans to use them that night in a fight in his arena. Gyconi orders a little green creature, named Slishzardo,to keep an eye on Smokescreen and Bosh. Astrotrain lands on the same planet, Dirge and Ramjet deboard him and head for the city to get energy for Astrotrain. A strange Autobot named, Defcon, follows the two Decepticons. Bosh and Smokescreen are sittin in a bar. Slishzardo is attacked by some people in the bar, Defcon rescues him. Smokescreen sees the Autobot symbol and asks Defcon for help. Slishzardo pledges his loyalty to Defcon. Defcon is a bounty hunter, he is following Astrotrain, Dirge and Ramjet. Dirge and Ramjet have arrived at Gyconi to get energon, by chance they hear that the Autobots fight in his arena. Gyconi gives the Autobots unstable energon to ensure their defeat, he hopes that everybody will put money on the Autobots. Smokescreen and Bosh are in the public, as soon as Optimus Prime and Inferno start to loose, Smokescreen creates confusion by smoke. Ramjet and Dirge attack Smokescreen, with the help of Defcon the Decepticons are driven off. Slishzardo contacts Defcon and tells him that the Autobots are brought to Astrotrain. Defcon, Smokescreen, Bosh and Slishzardo go to Astrotrain and attack. They manage to free the Autobots. The three Decepticons and Gyconi escape. Defcon transforms to follow them, he invites Slishzardo to come with him as his partner. Slishzardo accepts. The Autobots are restored. Bosh promises to bring them back to Earth.
The Search For Alpha Trion
Alpha Trion and Elita OneThree Female Autobots, Chromia, Firestar and Moonracer, enter Shockwaves energy supplies on Cybertron. Moonracer gets trapped, Chromia orders Firestar to leave with the energon they already got. Shockwave is alerted by the activation of the trap, he shoots at Firestar, but misses. Then he heads for the other two. He shoots at Chromia, but Chromia ducks, the shot of Shockwave shatters Moonracers trap. The two Female Autobots escape and catch up with Firestar. The three get to their Headquarters and ask Elita One for permission to enter. Elita One warns them that a sentinel is on their trail, they shoot Shockwaves sentinel and then they enter. Now Shockwave knows approximately the location of their headquarters. He contacts Megatron, Megatron orders him to capture Elita One, Megatron also sends Starscream, Astrotrain, Rumble and Ramjet to help. Elita One suspects that Shockwave now knows their location and decides to contact Alpha Trion. Alpha Trion advices her to find a new location for their headquarters as soon as possible. He warns her not to use her special powers. Elita One is just outside when the Decepticons arrive. Rumble activates his piledrivers, destroying the base. Elita One attacks, but is captured. The entrance to the headquarters is blocked, the Female Autobots are trapped. Megatron contacts Optimus Prime and tells him that he captured Elita One. He orders Optimus Prime to go to Cybertron and surrender. Optimus Prime heads for the spacebridge. He remembers the last time he saw her; just before he left Cybertron. He refused to let her come with him because he thought that his trip would be to dangerous, an explosion occured and he did not see her anymore, still he vows to get back for her. The Autobots see that Optimus Prime heads for the spacebridge, Ironhide, Powerglide and Inferno follow him. Optimus Prime arrives on Cybertron and is captured. The Female Autobots use the captured energon to blow a way out by an explosion. The Decepticons hang Optimus Prime above a pit of acid, they are about to throw him in. Elita One uses her special ability: everybody is frosen in time, execpt for Elita One. Elita One unfreezes Optimus Prime, she tells him that her special ability uses all of her life force. Only Alpha Trion can save her, Optimus Prime promises to take her to him. The Decepticons get unfrozen too and think that Optimus Prime has fallen in the acid, the three Autobots arrive and attack. The Decepticons flee, the Autobots follow. The two groups keep battling, the Female Autobots show up and help their male partners. Optimus Prime finds Alpha Trions base, he takes a look at Elita One. After some time he calls Optimus Prime, he tells him that only energy from Optimus Primes power filter will be able to restore her. Optimus Prime is surprised, only his creator could know that. The Decepticons almost win from the Autobots, then Optimus Prime and Elita One arrive. They drive off the Decepticons. Alpha Trion helps the Female Autobots with a new headquarters. The Autobots say goodbye to the Female Autobots again and head back for Earth.
Blaster attacks Soundwave Three guys, Raoul and two others, are looking at a crowd before the danceclub Dancetron. They start making their own music in the street. A group people asks them to leave as this street is from Dancetron, they quickly flee with a mob behind them. Blaster and Tracks appear and save the three, they tell that the gang that followed them came from Dancetron. Tracks saw a bussiness man in the gang, the interest of the Autobots has arisen. They go to investigate the club. In the club Tracks takes a look at the people there: a man in a really neat suit, a woman in a dressing gown, etc. Starscream and Soundwave are somewhere and notice the Autobots. The decide it's time to eliminate the three guys and the Autobots. Raoul and his friends take a subway, the conductor smashes the control and the subway goes with a terrible speed over the track. Tracks and Blaster are in the neighbourhood and stop the subway. Tracks and Raoul go to Dancetron to investigate, Blaster and the two others go to consult Teletran One. Tracks sees a construction site, here there are also people out of place. It's going to be a larger version of Dancetron. The two friends of Raoul get free tickets for Dancetron and quickly head towards there, there they get hypnotised by the sounds. Blaster hears from Teletran One from hypnotising sounds and decides to investigate the club. Tracks and Raoul arrive there before Blaster, Tracks already suspects something and asks Raoul to wait outside. The Decepticons use the hypnotised people to capture Tracks. Blaster arrives and hears from Raoul that Tracks is inside. They head inside, Raoul protects himself with napkins in his ears. Raoul tries to free Tracks, while Blaster battles Soundwave and Starscream. Raoul discovers that water braeks the hypnotic effects. He activates the sprinkler installation. Tracks no follows Starscream who flies away and Blaster and Soundwave start a sound battle. Tracks creates clouds and the rain brings the people at the construction site back to reality. Blaster uses some extra speakers to defeat Soundwave. Tracks flies through the building, Starscream follows him, but the latter hits a wall and crashes. Blaster and Tracks then destroy the building. Raouls music blaster was damaged in all confusion, with some dislike Blaster agrees to help them to collect money for a new one.
Prime Target
Lord Chumly A Russian jet flies over an ice plain and detects a submarine under the ice. A hook appears from under the ice and gets the jet, the pilot is barely able to escape. A british bounty hunter, Lord Chumly, is behind his behind this attack, he collects all kinds of war trophies. He tells his servent Gimsmoore that his next and last trophy will be Optimus Prime. Tracks and Bumblebee are heading for a city for a PR campaign of the Autobots. A TV in a shop tells about increased tensions between the US and the USSR as a result of the stolen jet. The two Autobots see Astrotrain and Blitzwing and go after them, but it are only holograms to trap the Autobots. Chumly captures them both. When the two of them don't report in, the other Autobots are going to search for them. Jazz, Beachcomber, Grapple, Blaster and Inferno are also captured in their search for Bumblebee and Tracks. Cosmos spots the caputered Autobots and contacts Optimus Prime, they are all in traps where they will soon die. Chumly contacts Optimus Prime and challanges him to come and get the Autobots. Megatron received the transmission and is impressed, he sends Astrotrain and Blitzwing to go and negotiate with Chumly. Optimus Prime arrives in Chumly's area of sports, he has to fight many monsters and traps. Optimus Prime finds a captured woman, but he deduces it must be a trap. The Triple Changers arrive and see how Optimus Prime leaves the woman trapped, they decide to investigate; Blitzwing is captured by the trap. Astrotrain catches up with Optimus Prime and shoots him in the back. Chumly is upset, he wanted to defeat Optimus Prime himself, he traps Astrotrain out of revenge. Bumblebee sends Optimus Prime a homing signal, Optimus Prime comes back to conscious and continues his way into Chumly's castle. Finally he is in the castle, Chumly asks the Triple Changers to help him in return for their freedom. The Decepticons agree but attack Chumly as soon as they are free. Then the Optimus Prime and the freed Autobots arrive, the Decepticons flee. The Autobots return the jet together with a captured Chumly to the russians. The tensions between Russia and the US are decreased.