Megatron removes the Heart of cybertron from the Spaceship Somewhere in the jungles of South America some archeologist discover a 4 milion year old spaceship in a mountain. Soundwave and Megatron hear of this news on a newsbulletin, it is the Decepticonship on which they left Cybertron. They both know what the cargo is. Perceptor is doing some routine repairs on Ironhide, he is able to enlarge chips so that he can easily repair them. Brawn makes clear he considers Perceptors job as less important then fighting the Decepticons. Bumblebee disagrees with Brawn. Optimus Prime doesn't know what the cargo is, but he decides to stop Megatron from getting it whatever it is. Both Decepticons and Autobots slowly progress through the jungle. The Decepticons arrive first, Megatron retrieves the Heart of Cybertron from the ship. The Heart of Cybertron is a energy maximizer. Hook implants it in Megatron chest. The Autobots arrive, Megatron proves to be an one-man-army. Smokescreen puts a cloud of smoke around Megatron and the Autobots start shooting at him. Then they blast a mountain putting an avalanche on top of the Decepticons. The Autobots are able to leave. The Autobots arrive severily wounded at the Ark. Brawn is angry at Perceptor because Perceptor is the only one who isn't hurt. But Perceptor has a plan to stop Megatron: he'll shrink himself with his engine to enter Megatron and remove the Heart of Cybertron. Optimus prime agrees with the plan and orders Bumblebee and Brawn to accompany him. They decepticons have a feast and are all drunk of energon. Powerglide drops a box with the three Autobots on Megatron. The three enter Megatron, Perceptor warns them that they will become large again in two hours. Slowly they advance, everywhere they get attacked by Megatrons immune system. They reach Megatrons brain, Brawn suggest to smash it. Perceptor warns him that that would be to dangerous, it could set of an explosion in the Heart of Cybertron. In the meantime Megatron and the Decepticons start their attack on Autobot Headquarters. Perceptor and the others ride on Megatrons brain impulses to the Heart of Cybertron. Perceptor manages to disconnect it just before Megatron tries to blast Optimus Prime. They quickly leave Megatron with the Heart of Cybertron. The Decepticons flee. The Heart of Cybertron almost explodes, Brawn throws it in the sky and Perceptor destroys it with a blast. Brawn is impressed by Perceptors actions and declares him the hero of the day.
The Insecticon Syndrome
Optimus Prime transforms Megatron Hound, Beachcomber, Bumblebee, Spike and a ranger are driving through the woods. The ranger brings them to a plave where the trees have been eaten by giant bugs. Beachcomber concludes it must be Insecticons. Another ranger spots them and the Autobots head towards them. The Insecticons drive the Autobots off, a hologram of Hound convinces them that the Autobots have been killed. Megatron and some other Decepticons observe the Insecticon victory. Megatron offers them the core of the Nova Powerplant, in exchange the Insecticons have to help him to break into the defense computer of Iron Mountain. The Autobots overhear and make plans to stop the Decepticons. At the Nova Powerplant a battle emerges. The Decepticons keep the Autobots busy, the Insecticons meanwhile eat the powercore. This energy makes the Insecticons grow to the size of the other Decepticons. Soundwave overhears the Insecticons talking about deceiting Megatron, however he is observed. Bombshell places a cerebroshell in his head, so Soundwave comes under Insecticon control. The new size of the Insecticons surprises the Autobots, Wheeljack and Ironhide get injured. For once the Autobots flee. Teletran One warns Spike that the Nova Powercore is incompatible to the Insecticon design, they will explode soon. Megatron attacks Iron Mountain, not knowing that Soundwave is under Insecticon control, he tells him to eliminate the Insecticons the minute the Decepticons have the computer data. The Autobots head to Iron Mountain, Ratchet remains in Headquarters to create an antidote for the Insecticons. Soundwave reaches the computer and starts downloading the info. Megatron orders the Decepticons to eliminate the Insecticons. However all have been implanted by Bombshell with cerebro shells. Megatron nearly escapes such device himself. Megatron tries to blast Bombshell, but is stopped by Optimus Prime. Optimus Prime explains that such blast could set off an explosion. Ratchet arrives with the antidote and Megatron offers his help. Megatron gets wounded in the fight and Optimus Prime transforms Megatron into his weapon mode and shoots the antidote at the Insecticons. Only Shrapnel escapes, he starts to explode. Spike quickly throws the antidote in Shrapnels chest. The explosion still occurs but is limited to Shrapnel himself. Bombshell is able to repair him, but he has lost his control on the Decepticons. The data Soundwave downloaded is lost. The Insecticons flee, the Decepticons go in pursuit.
Day Of The Machines
Torq III Megatron and Soundwave infiltrate Quantum Laboratory, there they reprogram the supercomputer Torq III. With circuit linkers Megatron gives Torq control over all the mechanisms in the compound. Dr Paul Gates and a professor are locked in by Torq, they use materials in the lab to make a transmitter to contact the Autobots. Megatron puts cicuit linkers on oil tankers to give Torq III control of them. All oil tankers now head for a oil platform built by the Decepticons. Optimus Prime sends Hound, Skyfire and Spike to the oil tankers, he and the other Autobots head for Quantum Labs. The defences of Torq III are too strong for them and Optimus Prime calls for the Dinobots. The Dinobots succeed in destroying the defences. Dr Gates and the professor are rescued and Optimus Prime heads into the compound alone, he manages to deactivate Torq III. Meanwhile Hound and the others have boarded of a oil tanker and surprise the Decepticons. Laserbeak captures Spike and Megatron orders Hound and Skyfire to surrender, they comply. The deactvation of Torq is no problem for Megatron, because he has a remote control for the oil tankers. Spike and the two Autobots manage to escape their prison and they deactivate Megatrons forcefield. The other Autobots are now able to attack the platform. Megatron sets the self destruct and all Transformers flee. Optimus Prime stays to find Spike and the others, he finds them just in time and Skyfire brings them all to safety.
Megatron's Masterplan, part 1
Sean BergerThe new elected mayor of Central City presents a solarenergy facility, the building has been given to the city by the man who lost the elections, Sean Berger. The mayor doesn't know that the building is a trap designed to capture Decepticons. The Decepticons, Starscream, Ramjet, Thrust and Dirge arrive and soon discover there is no energy. Sean Berger orders his tankcrews to attack. The human tanks are no match for the Decepticons, the mayor contacts the Autobots. Optimus Prime, Tracks, Ironhide, Smokescreen, Warpath, Bumblebee and Spike arrive and the Decepticons are forced to retreat. Sean is uppset that the Autobots ruined his plan, the mayor thanks the Autobots and decides to honor them in the City Hall. Sean is thinking about a new plan in his studyroom, when a cassette transforms into Laserbeak. Lasebeak kidnaps Berger and brings him outside the city to Megatron. Megatron explains him that the Autobots are evil and that the Decepticons are good. In exchange for his help Megatron promises him one city, Berger agrees for two cities. Later Berger is hovering above an oilfield in a helicopter with a cameracrew. He sees and films how the Autobots are plundering the field while no one is present. Ironhide sees the chopper and alerts Optimus Prime, Optimus Prime starts shooting at it. Megatron comes to the rescue, the Autobots flee. The city is celebrating Autobot Day, all people have gathered in the streets to greet the Autobots. In the City Hall the mayor is about to honor the Autobots. He shows the tape of the rescue at the solarenergy facility, but the tape has been switched. The people get to see scenes of the Autobots stealing and making plans to conquer the world. The mayor cancels the honoration, the Autobots are forced to leave the city in disgrace. Sparkplug, Spike and Chip keep loyal to the Autobots. Back in the Ark, the Autobots are discussing the situation, when a human army arrives. The army under the command of Sean Berger and the mayor places the Autobots under arrest. Optimus Prime orders the Autobots to go without resistance. In a football stadion a trial is held against the Autobots. Spike leaves to search for new evidence, Soundwave notices him leaving and orders Ravage to follow him. Spike finds the original tape, on the tape he sees how Optimus Prime puts off his helmet and it proves to be Starscream! Meanwhile the judge has reached his verdict, he banishes the Autobots from Earth for ever. Berger has a spacecruisher ready, the Autobots board the ship and take-off. Megatron enters the Ark together with Berger, he changes the Autobots flight plan in Teletran One from Cybertron into the sun.
Megatron's Masterplan, part 2
Megatron watches the Autobot ship explodingThe city is now celebrating Decepticon Day. Spike manages to get away from Ravage with the tape. The Autobots are getting second thoughts and decide to return to Earth. They discover the ship is uncontrolable and that their destination is the sun. Cosmos tries to change the destination by accessing Teletran One, but without succes. Megatron watches his monitors while the ship comes closer to the sun, after a few minutes the ship explodes. Now the Decepticons head for a press conference. Spike shows the tape to the mayor, together they too head for the conference. On the conference Megatron declares his plan to conquer the world and he tells them he has succeeded thanks to Berger. The Decepticons immediately start wrecking the city. Megatron renames it Megatronia One. Berger tells everyone he has seen the end of the Autobots. Spike tries to use the tape to clear the Autobot name, but is stopped by Ravage and Laserbeak. Berger saves Spike from the two Decepticon Cassettes. All humans are taken prisoner and are forced to do hard labour for the Decepticons. Berger too has to do hard labour. Trailbreaker has created a forcefield in which the Autobots are temporarily save. Cosmos tries to bring them back to Earth, but he too is connected with Teletran One and they stay heading for the sun. Chip thinks that Teletran One might be able to help the humans, Spike helps him escape. Megatron sends Thrust after Chip. Chip manages to enter a trailer unnoticed and after some time he reaches the Ark. Teletran One tells him that the Autobot ship has entered the sun and has exploded. Thrust comes crashing through the roof and captures Chip, he also destroys Teletran One. Chip is very depressed, all hope has gone now that Teletran One is destroyed. Spike tries to cheer him up. Cosmos now has control back, the Autobots head back for Earth. Meanwhile on Earth, the government has gathered an airforce to attack the Decepticons. The Decepticons easily deal with them. Megatron celebrates his superiority, then suddenly a familiar sound comes from outside. Megatron hears Optimus Primes voice calling him. The Decepticons attack the Autobots, after a short battle the Autobots are victorious. The Decepticons withdraw. The humans are freed, the mayor apologizes to Optimus Prime. Sean Berger also apologizes, but still he has to face justice. The Autobots once again head to the Ark.
Auto Beserk
Red Alert shortcircuitingThe Autobots test a new weapon, developed by Wheeljack: the Negavator. Red Alert detects Decpticons, The Autobots head out to stop the Decepticons from obtaining the Negavator. Red Alert asks Inferno to stay with, because he is worried. When the Autobots get in trouble Inferno goes to help them, leaving Red Alert alone. The Decepticons leave, Rumble launches one last missile which hits Red Alert. Red Alert gets wounded and becomes even more paranoia as usual. The Autobots decide to take the Negavator to their headquarters, on the way they are attacked. The Decepticon attack fails, Starscream is left behind when they retreat. The Autobots notice Red Alerts malfunction and try to convince him to go with them for repairs. Red Alert flees and encounters Starscream. Starscream uses Red Alerts paranoia to convince him that the Autobots are planning to deactivate him. Red Alert believes him and together they head to the Negavator to show the Autobots and Decepticons their superiority. Time however is running out for Red Alert, because his circuits are starting to overload, soon he will explode. Red Alert and Starscream manage to reach the Negavator in its bunker. The Autobots quickly go to the bunker when they notice that security is breached. They try talking to Red Alert again, chaos becomes complete when the other Decepticons arrive. Starscream and Red Alert get in disagreement when Starscream wants to join the Decepticons again. They start fighting, finally Starscream has to use his no-ray on Red Alert to stabilize Red Alert's circuits, otherwise he himself would have been killed when Red Alert would explode. Red Alert quickly sets the self-destruct of the Nevagator, both the Decepticons and Autobots leave. Red Alert is wounded by the explosion and Inferno heads into the fire to save him. The friendship between the two of them is restored and Red Alert is carried by Inferno from the fire.
Desertion Of The Dinobots, part 1
Explosion of the DinobotsThe Autobots assist professor Green with the construction of a new fighter jet. Starscream drops a bomb on the jet and it explodes. While the Autobots inspect the ravage, Megatron attacks the research laboratorium to obtain the blueprints. The Autobots arrive and thanks to a hologram of Hound, picturing a retreating Megatron the Autobots win. Meanwhile Spike, Carly and Bumblebee are on the airport to pick up Sparkplug. There they see a Decepticon jet and contact Optimus Prime, but he is still busy repairing the lab. He sends the Dinobots to the airport to attack the Decepticons. The Dinobots win the battle, but when the Dinobots transform back to their robot mode, the Decepticons blast the planes on the airport. The explosion seriously wounds the Dinobots, they are repaired but they decide to work for themselves from now on. Later the Decepticons and Autobots start to have problems in functioning properly; some can't transform, others can't speak, etc. The problems are becoming more and more bothersome. Perceptor discovers that a rare element of the Transformer circuits, cybertonium, is decaying after the milions of years on Earth. The Decepticons use the spacebridge to get new supplies, the Autobots contact the Dinobots and ask them to get the cybertonium for them. The Dinobots agree, but they go to Cybertron instead of getting it from the spacebridge. Spike and Carly go after them in Carlys car, Spike gets a thumbradio from Sparkplug. Shockwave let himself be surprised by the Dinobots, now he is prepaired and starts shooting as soon as Spike and Carly arrive.
Desertion Of The Dinobots, part 2
Swoop, Spike and Carly on CybertronShockwave hits Carlys car and it disappears, Spike and Carly quickly run past him. They ran under a small ledge and arrive in the master computer of Cybertron. Spike uses his radio to contact his dad. Carly tries to take control of the spacebridge from here. A shortcircuit occurs throwing her backwards in a pit. She twists her ankle, Spike jumps after her. Sparkplug tells there is an exit in the bottom of the pit. Shockwave informs Megatron that he can't send Cybertonium because the spacebridge is down as a result of the short circuit. Spike and Carly continue their way, they are attacked by a sentinel but they deal with him. With Sparkplug giving directions they head for Wheeljacks lab. Carly sees something following them Inside the lab something starts hitting the roof. When a hole in the roof is formed, Spike starts shooting, but it's Swoop. Swoop tells that the other Dinobots have been captured and put in the Cybertonium pits. The three of them head for the pits to free them, Carlys has become better in the meantime. They enter a mass transport device to go quicker. One of the tubes is damaged and they have to walk, they're too deep in Cybertron for the radio. They find robots and traps from the old times. With Swoops help they pass all traps. They find a viewing room and look at reports from the early days. The device tells them that the Decepticons started the war, some Autobots fled, others made weapons to defend themselves. While viewing the device they don't notice a sentinel approaching. He captures all three of them and brings them to the pits. The Dinobots are there doing hard labour for the Decepticons. Carly takes a look at them and sees that their memory circuits are bypassed. She repairs them all. Spike has an idea to escape. Grimlock starts shouting and Spike and then tells the sentinel he won't work with humans. As the sentinel deactivates the forcefield of the pit to remove Spike and Carly, the Dinobots attack. Sparkplug taps in the computer of the Decepticons and makes the spacebridge appear at the Autobot Headquarters. The Dinobots, Carly and Spike arrive at Shockwaves headquarters, they run past him and enter the spacebridge. They arrive on Earth with the Cybertonium that Shockwave had put in it. On Earth all Autobots are restored. Spike and carly are made honorary Autobots, the Dinobots are welcomed bak in the Autobots ranks.
The God Gambit
Astrotrain arrivesSomewhere on a distant planet, named Titan, people are exploited by priests, under the leadership of Gero, who make them believe in a sky god. A few, under the command of Talaria,see through the deceit and try to rebel. Cosmos has important info and is under attack of Astrotrain above the planet. He is shot down and crashes. The people see him crash and think it is a sign. Then Astrotrain arrives with Starscream and Thrust. Astrotrain understands the situation and acts as a god. The Decepticons get the command of the planet, they capture Cosmos and deactivate him. When the Decepticons leave, Talaria examins Cosmos. See sees a Optimus Prime on Cosmos's monitor, he asks her to activate Cosmos signal beacon. She does, Astrotrain immediately registers it too. Cosmos gets reactivated and shoots at Thrust, enabling Talaria to escape. On Earth Perceptor and Jazz board Omega Supreme and head for Cosmos. Astrotrain is brought by Gero to a cave with energy crystals. Omega Supreme arrives, his energy supplies are that low that he crashes. He is balancing above a ravine filled with some kind of electric fluid. Perceptor and Jazz search for Cosmos and get attacked by Talaria. After a short talk, they get her to help them. They head for the temple and start repairing Cosmos. The Decepticons arrive and attack. Astrotrain orders the people to throw crystals at the Autobots. Both Autobots fall in a ravine, Talaria is captured. Perceptor and Jazz find the crystals too. They collect a good amount of them to restore Omega Supreme. They hear from some people that Talaria is about to be sacrificed. Jazz leaves to rescue her, Perceptor goes to restore Omega Supreme. Jazz frees Talaria, but is attacked by the Decepticons, Omega Supreme arrives to help him. The Decepticons flee and set off the energy crystals. The Autobots rescue the people and Cosmos. The people are now free again.
Make Tracks
Tracks and RaoulTwo guys try to steal a car, unfortunatly for them they stole Tracks with Blaster. The humans are arrested and the Autobots return to their New York headquarters. Tracks decides to enjoy the city on his own. Again someone tries to steal him and he crashes into a streetlight. His hood is damaged and he can't transform anymore. One other person, Raoul, finds him and starts repairing him. Raoul has promised some gangsters to give them a car before midnight so he needs Tracks repaired. He is just finished when the gansters arrive, Tracks saves him from the gansters. The gansters flee and one says "I thought that those robots where supposed to be at our side". So Tracks tries to follows them but looses them, he decides to go undercover as a stolen car with the help of Raoul. Meanwhile Powerglide and Cosmos spot Starscream in the city, Starscream escapes in the direction of New Jersey. Somewhere outside the city the gansters hand over the stolen cars to the Decepticons. The Decepticons load the cars into a strange machine. Tracks tries to contact the Autobots but his radio is broken. He is about to enter the machine and be smashed by Scrapper, then the cable that connects his computer with his body gets loose. Raoul interferes, he tells Megatron there is bomb in his car. Megatron orders him to disarm it. Raoul opens Tracks hood and quickly repairs the cable. Tracks and Raoul escape and are rescued by Sideswipe, Jazz and Bumblebee. Back in headquarters the Autobots notice that the stolen cars are entering New York. Megatron converted them to robots. The Autobots have difficulty stopping them, Ratchet examines one robot and notices there is no brain. Optimus Prime orders Blaster to transmit a jamming signal and the robots stop functioning. The Autobots head for Megatrons construction and attack. Megatron captures Raoul, but Raoul sprays paint into a panel of Megatron. Megatron shortcircuits and the Decepticons flee. Tracks destroys the construction and the Autobots start converting the robots back into cars.