The Immobilizer
Wheeljack has created the Immobilizer, a new weapon that can temporarily stop any Transformer in its tracks. The Decepticons manage to steal it partly due to Carly (first appearance) distracting Ironhide from his lookout post. During the battle which follows, Ironhide rescues Carly from the Decepticons, but they have made the Immobilizer's affect permanent and start immobilizing Autobots left and right. With the assistance of Brawn and Jazz, Spike and Carly manage to reverse the effects of the Immobilizer and save the Autobots. The Immobilizer is then destroyed.
Dinobot Island, part 1
The Dinobots above the tarpoolBumblebee and Powerglide are investigating a energy disturbance somewhere on the ocean. They pass a energy field and are suddenly attacked by a real live Pteradon. Bumblebee crashes on the island where the Pteradon came from, Powerglide scares the Pteradon off. The entire island proves to be inhabited by Dinosaurs. In the Ark the Autobots are trying to help the Dinobots with controlling their powers. This results in nothing; the mysterious island however seems like an ideal Dinobot training ground. The Dinobots, accompanied by Spike and Powerglide head for this island. Laserbeak follows them and learns the location of the island. Spike gives the island it's name: Dinobot Island. After some adventures of Spike with Dinosaurs, he leaves again with Powerglide. Lasebeak reports back to Megatron and the Decepticons head immediately for Dinobot Island. They arrive and start collecting as much energon as they can. Swoop notices the Decepticons during one of his training flights and the Dinobots head to attack the Decepticons. Meanwhile Spike and Bumblebee collect some books on Dinosaurs from the library and are suddenly attacked by babarians riding mammots! Back on Dinobot Island Megatron causes a panic among the Dinosaurs living there, he drives them in the direction of the Dinobots. The Dinobots back away and fall in a tarpool, they try to struggle out of the pool, but slowly they sink away.
Dinobot Island, part 2
The pirateship heads backMegatron watches the Dinobots sink in the tar. Starscream expresses his concerns about disturbing the time energies of the island, Megatron ignores him. The Autobots are alerted by Teletran One about a time disturbance in the towncenter, near the library. The Autobots rescue Spike and Bumblebee and lead the babarians back into their own time through the timewarp. Back in headquarters the Autbots and Chip try to figure out how the timewarp could appear. Teletran One reports two more timewarps. One brings a pirateship to the present, just next to a luxurios ship, the other brings a group of outlaw-cowboys in contact with some motorcyclers. The Autobots manage to bring them all back to their own times. Chip finds the cause of the timewarps; something is wrong on Dinobot Island. The Autobots head immediatly to the island, the disturbances are also located on the island itself; the tarpool of the Dinobots disappears and the Dinobots are freed. The Autobots are attack the Decepticons and are defeated. Meanwhile Grimlock tries to communicate with the dinosaurs and makes them attack the Decepticons. The Autobots are rescued and the Decepticons flee once again. The Autobots release to the energon from the Decepticon energoncubes and the normal timeflow is restored.
The Decepticons capture an unstable power source (electrocells) and seek to exploit them, with the Insecticons' help. Mirage's plan to turn the Insecticons and Decepticons against one another backfires when he is mind-controlled by Bombshell. Under the Insecticon's influence he leads the Autobots into a trap. Ratchet removes Bombshell's cerebro shell and learns the truth, however. In a final battle with Megatron, the electrocells are destroyed.
Enter The Nightbird
NightbirdThe Autobots are finishing a new security system in the Ark, then Dr Fuijama contacts them and asks them to protect his newest invention, a robot, from the Decepticons. The robot is a female ninja, named Nightbird. The Decepticons attack and capture Nightbird. In Decepticon temporary desert headquarters Bombshell makes Nightbird a new Decepticon. Optimus Prime promises Dr Fuijama to bring the robot back unharmed. Nightbird infiltrates the Ark and steals the world energy chip from the Autobots. Mirage encounters her on her way out and he sounds the alarm. Still she is able to escape, the Autobots head after her. Megatron is very satisfied with Nightbird, he even jokes about replacing Starscream with her. Starscream protests and he is imprisoned in a force field. The Autobots manage to capture Nightbird and the Decepticons head out to save her. Starscream escapes and heads after the other Decepticons, he disables Nightbird during her fight with Optimus Prime. Megatron orders the Decepticons to go after Starscream, leaving the Autobots with the energy chip and Nightbird. Dr Fuijama deactivates Nightbird and locks her up for ever.
Changing Gears
Normally grouchy Gears is abducted by the Decepticons and Megatron steals his personality cartridge to use in his latest plot, making Gears friendly to them. The Autobots must stop the Decepticons from using a space needle from penetrating and destroying Earth's sun and they retrieve Gears' component, making everybody except Gears happy.
A Prime Problem
Two Optimus PrimesThe Decepticons discover a fissure with colonium crystals, these crystals contain large amounts of energy, but they are too unstable to handle. Megatron decides to lure the Autobots in the crevice. When the Autobots arrive the Decepticons attack, Optimus Prime is seperated from the rest and Laserbeak knocks him unconscious. Laserbeaks scans Optimus Prime and Megatron uses these scans to make an exact duplicate of Optimus Prime, this copy is controlled by Megatron. The copy heads to the Autobots and orders them back to headquarters. Later the real Optimus Prime regains consciousness and he heads back too. The copy tries to convince the Autobots to destroy the real Optimus Prime, but Ironhide takes command and he orders to first find out who is the real one. The Autobots make some tests but none of these can make a difference between the two. Teletran notices increasing energy readings from the crevice and the Autobots head towards the crystals again, together with the two Optimus Primes. Megatron makes a copy of Starscream and he plans to destroy this copy of Starscream by the copy of Optimus Prime. Spike and Windcharger overhear this plan, Laserbeak attacks them, Spike is captured and Windcharger falls into the crevice. Meanwhile Megatron executes his plan and the Autobots are convinced that the copy is the real Optimus Prime. The copy leads the Autobots to the crevice, but then Windcharger appears; his rubber tires had protected him from the energy. He tells the Autobots about Megatrons plan and the Autobots destroy the copy of Optimus Prime. Then Optimus Prime leads the Autobots to the Decepticon base and the Autobots rescue Spike.
Atlantis Arise
King NergylLaserbeak and Buzzsaw discover a city under the sea. The Decepticons head for this city, but they are attacked by its inhibitans. After a short struggle Megatron and the leader of the Sub-Atlanticans, king Nergyl, make a treaty. Together they start to make preparations for an attack. Teletran One picks up the energy built up and Optimus Prime sends some Autobots to investigate. The Autobots are attacked and Wheeljack sacrifices himself to allow the other to escape. Nergyl captures him and decides to use him to construct an effective weapon against Transformers. The Decepticons and Sub-Atlanticans attack and capture Wasington DC. The Autobots go to free the city, Bumblebee and Spike are going to free Wheeljack. Nergyl succeeds in constructing a weapon that immobilizes Transformers, he uses it against both Wheeljack and Starscream. Bumblebee and Spike are able to restore Wheeljack and the three of them head to the other Autobots to warn them for the weapon. They are to late, the Autobots are all immobilized and the Decepticons put a forcefield around the city for protection. Wheeljack contacts the Dinobots to ask them for help. The Dinobots smash the forcefield and attack the Decepticons and Sub-Atlanticans. Grimlock destroys Nergyls weapon, freeing all Autobots. The Decepticons and Sub-Atlanticans go back to Sub-Atlantica, Starscream tells Megatron about Nergyls betrayal. The Autobots and Dinobots attack Sub-Atlantica, Nergyl decides to blow up his city. Wheeljack, Bumblebee and Spike trie to stop him, helped by Rumble and Ravage, but they are to late. The Transformer flee and Sub-Atlantica sinks back into the ocean.
Attack Of The Autobots
Megatron alters the Autobots' rechargers to change the Autobots to evil. Jazz and Bumblebee (who did not recharge) and Sparkplug, work to restore the Autobots and prevent Megatron from stealing a solar power satellite. After restoring the Autobots to good, Jazz shatters the Decepticons' escape rocket with a musical sonic boom, and their plot to return to Cybertron with the satellite is thwarted.
The Master Builders
The Solar TowerPowerglide is attacked by the Starscream and Thundercracker, he puts up a good fight, but finally he crashlands. Grapple develops a Solar Tower, this tower will be able to produce large quantities of energy out of sunlight. Optimus Prime is impressed, but he is against building one, it would be to vulnerable for a Decepticon attack. Teletran One reports Powerglides troubles and Optimus Prime sends Grapple and Hoist to repair Powerglide. After repairing Powerglide Hoist and Grapple discuss Grapples plan, the Constructicons overhear them talking. The Constructicons attack and capture the two Autobots, Scrapper doesn't finish them off. He tells them that the Constructions have deserted the Decepticons and that they will help Grapple to built the tower. Grapple demands proof of their desertion, Scrapper agrees and frees them again. Back in Decepticon headquarters Megatron questions the Constructicons about this betrayel. Scrapper tells him that it was a list to get the designs of the tower. Megatron gives them energon to convince Grapple. The Constructicons head back to the two Autobots and convince them with the energon. Together they start building the Solar Tower, they are noticed by Powerglide who informs Optimus Prime. The tower is almost finished: Devastator helps Grapple to place the last part. Then the Decepticons attack Grapple and Hoist. The Autobots arrive some time later and attack. Thanks to Smokescreen the Autobots manage to make Devastator fall through the tower. The Decepticons retreat and the Autobots start searching the rubble in search for Grapple and Hoist. Finally they find them, Grapple and Hoist give offer apologies, Optimus Prime excepts them. He orders them back to base and tells them to clean up the rubble the next day.