The Ultimate Doom, part 1
Dr Arkeville The Decepticons attack a solar station of a maharadja and the Autobots come defend the station against them. This attack was only a diversion; Sparkplug meanwhile is kidnapped by the Decepticon cassettes from the Ark. Doctor Arkeville, a brilliant evil scientist who works for the Deceptins needs Sparkplug for an experiment. The decepticons flee from the solar station when they hear that their diversion was succesful. Sparkplug is brought to Decepticon Headquarters and Dr. Arkeville places a hypnochip on Sparkplug's neck and with it he can be controlled against his own will. The Autobots have thought of a plan to rescue Sparkplug and go free him. For the first time the Autobots start an attack on the Decepticon headquarters. Megatron is discussing about the delivery of a special cargo with Shockwave, Arkeville overhears them but Megatron refuses to discus the matter. Brawn, Cliffjumper and Windcharger dig a tunnel under the ocean floor to reach Decepticon Headquarters from below. The other Autobots attack the Headquarters as a diversion. The operation is succesful, Sparkplug is rescued. Back in the Ark many Autobots need repairing, Sparkplug helps, he even "repairs" healthy Autobots. The Ark is suddenly attacked without warning, all Autobots start shortcircuiting. Spike discovers that his father disabled the outer perimeter alarm. He activates the firealarm and the foam that comes from the ceiling threatens to destroy the Decepticon circuitry, Megatron orders a retreat. Some time later the Decepticons have finished the construction of three energy pilons. The pilons act as a spacebridge which will transport Cybertron itself into Earth orbit. Earth will be destroyed and the Decepticons will be able to harvest the energy. The Autobots are repaired again and attack as soon as they notice the pilons. Megatron uses an army of human-slaves (all these are controlled by Dr Arkeville) to stop the Autobots. Spike almost succeeds in breaking the effect of Sparkplugs chip but Arkeville increases the effect. Sparkplug activates the first pilon, Thundercracker the second. Optimus Prime stops Megatron from activating the last one. Then Megatron explains the purpose of the pilons; if they are not all activated then Cybertron will be destroyed, because it is already in transport. Optimus Prime has no choice, with a feeling of regret he pushes the button that activates the pilon. Cybertron appears, Earth quakes and storms plague the Earth.
The Ultimate Doom, part 2
The Autobots discover the hypnochip The Autobots are all depressed to see Cybertron in these circumstances. Spike tries to start an attack by aiming one of the pilons at Megatron, but he misses. Soundwave starts generating audio disruptor waves, the Autobots retreat for this noise. The Decepticons keep kidnapping people to serve as slaves. These people have to harvest the energies from the Earth. The Autobots only progress slowly in their return to the Ark, the weather is very bad and visibility is almost down to zero. Bumblebee gets a flat tire, the others don't notice this, so he and Spike get seperated from the rest. A chasms opens just under Bumblebee, He and Spike almost fall in, then Laserbeak appears he grabs Spike and Bumblebee falls. Bluestreak, Hound and Windcharger return to search for Bumblebee and Spike. They see Laserbeak and manage to free Spike, thereafter they rescue Bumblebee from the chasm. Megatron uses humans to accompany the ennergy transports from Earth to Cybertron so the Autobots won't attack the transports. The disturbances of the Earth crust become more and more bothersome, even the Decepticons have their setbacks by the weather. The storms prevent the transports to Cybertron and a tidalwave even destroys the tower of their headquarters. The vulcano of the Autobot Headquarters becomes active again, Ironhide shoots the crater shut. The Autobots use the Dinobots to control the weather, the Dinobots manage to succesfully stop a tidalwave. Optimus Prime discovers that Sparkplug has also been send to Cybertron. Spike asks Optimus Primes permission to go to Cybertron to rescue his father, Optimus Prime agrees. So Spike, Trailbreaker, Wheeljack, Bumblebee, Brawn and Skyfire head for Cybertron. Spike falls through a trap door on Cybertron, Bumblebee and Brawn are the only ones who are small enough to go after him. The three of them reach the Decepticon Headquarters on Cybertron, there they discover all about the hypnochips. Then Sparkplug enters, Spike tries to talk with him, but Sparkplug sounds the alarm.
The Ultimate Doom, part 3
Megatrons ship explodes Spike is very emotional, Brawn and Bumblebee almost have to drag him away from Sparkplug. Before they can leave, Shockwave, Soundwave and two jets arrive. Brawn proves to be a tough Autobot, he stops Soundwave and the jets. Spike quickly rans for the door, but Shockwave orders Sparkplug to stop Spike, Sparkplug obeys Shockwave. Shockwave shoots at the two humans, but Brawn jumps in between. The situation starts to look very grim, but then the other three Autobots arrive. All Autobots escape from Decepticons Headquarters, Skyfire keeps the Decepticons busy while the other Autobots hide in Wheeljacks workshop. In his old laboratory Wheeljack starts working on a machine to counter the hypnochips. Optimus Prime and the other Autobots on Earth destroy an energyplant which Megatron had built to harvest energy from tidalwaves. Still Megatron has managed to obtain enough energon for his purposes. Spike infiltrates Decepticon Headquarters again and is captured, this was part of the plan: the other Autobots arrive and use Wheeljacks invention to free Sparkplug. The group of Autobots can now return to Earth. The Autobots on Earth attack Megatrons spaceship, now that it is still parked on the ground. Skyfire arrives and all the humans are released, this eases the Autobots in their attack. Quickly Megatron boards his ship and takes of. The Autobots have lost this battle. Worst of all the presence of Cybertron all the time in Earths orbit results in the imminent destruction of Earth. Spike has an idea: the energon on Megatrons spaceship, if that explodes then Cybertron will be pushed out of orbit. The Autobots start firing and hit the ship. Cybertron leaves Earths orbit and Megatron has lost. But Megatron is not killed, he floats in space between the debris of his ship.
Countdown To Extinction
Optimus Prime loads MegatronThe Autobots are busy repairing the damage on Earth that has been done by the orbiting of Cybertron. The Decepticons are also busy repairing their headquarters, but they miss Megatrons leadership. While they are quarreling, Megatron arrives and resumes command. Starscream and Dr Arkeville head for the secret laboratory of Dr Arkeville. Laserbeak informs Megatron on their activities. Megatron and the Decepticons head also to the laboratory. The Autobots notice Megatron and the Decepticons and decide to stop a reunion of Megatron and his troops. In the laboratory Starscream finds an exponential generator, which can destroy the entire world. Starscream activates a timer to destroy the generator and the Earth within eight hours. Dr Arkeville tries to stop him, but Starscream takes him with him to Cybertron. On Cybertron, Starscream orders Shockwave not to try and contact Earth. Once again Dr Arkeville tries to stop Starscream, but he gets electrocuted. Meanwhile, the Decepticons lure the Autobots in a trap of quicksand. Megatron leaves Laserbeak to guard the Autobots and he and the rest of the Decepticons continue their journey. The Autobots manage to distract Laserbeak and after Ironhide freezes the sand, they are able to follow Megatron. The Autobots and Decepticons start a fight, Shockwave contacts Megatron and warns him. Just in time Megatron disconnects the timer. Dr Arkeville is partly rebuilt as a robot, but he is still functioning. Starscream wonders what happened with the timer and heads back to Earth to investigate. Megatron and Optimus Prime work together to get rid of the generator that is about to explode. Megatron transforms and Optimus Prime loads him with the generator and blows it into space. The generator explodes when it passes Starscream and Starscream crashes on Earth. There he is "welcomed" by Megatron.
A Plague Of Insecticons
The InsecticonsIn the demonswamp on Bali, three unknown Transformers attack a few villagers and take their food. The villagers send a SOS and the Autobots respond. Skyfire takes Brawn, Windcharger, Bumblebee and Spike with him, while Sparkplug tries to contact Optimus Prime. The Decepticons also hear of the Transformers and decide to investigate. Ravage manages to track them and the Decepticons find their base. It is an old Decepticon escapepod, launched when the Decepticons and Autobots crash landed on Earth. Optimus Prime and a group of Autobots run in some kind of procession in a canyon and are delayed for their rendez-vous with the others. Meanwhile, the three new Decepticons (the Insecticons) attack an field of workers. Skyfire arrives and the Autobots attack. However, the Insecticons are able to duplicate themselves infinitely and the Autobots have to hide in the field. Shrapnel shoots a grenade and the shrapnels cut all the corn. Then Megatron and the Decepticons arrive and join forces with the Insecticons. Luckily, Optimus Prime and the others arrive also. The Decepticons leave and head for an oil refinery. The Autobots follow, but Soundwave detects them. Megatron orders the Insecticons to deal with the Autobots, and he will take care of the Insecticon clones. The Insecticons prove to be a nuisance for the Autobots, but finally the Autobots arrive at the oil refinery. The Insecticons have already arrived there and start drinking from an oiltanker. Much of the oil gets into the water. As soon as the Autobots arrive, a battle commences. Dark clouds gather above the fighting Transformers. A rocket from Bombshell starts a thunder-storm, then Shrapnel starts directing the lighting at the Autobots. Spike realizes that rubber tyres will protect them, and the Autobots are able to fight back. A forcefield of Trailbreaker is even able to make all the clones disappear. Then Megatron starts pushing a burning oil tanker to the oilrefinery, but Optimus Prime prevents that and throws the tanker to Megatron. The Insecticons decide that they are better off themselves and leave, the Decepticons follow them.
Heavy Metal War
Megatron receives the Decepticon powersThe Constructicons steal some materials from a construction site. Back in a temporary Decepticon base they start constructing a machine which will enable Megatron to receive the special powers of all the other Decepticons. Megatron heads to the Ark and challenges Optimus Prime for a duel. Th duel will be held under Cybertonian law, which means the two of them will have to fight just the way as they are, without any help. The troops of the looser will have to leave the Earth for ever. Back in his base, Megatron orders his troops to give him their powers. He then orders the Constructicons to destroy Teletran One during the combat, because Teletran One will be able to detect Megatrons deception. Spike is worried, but Optimus Prime reassures him that he will win in an honest combat. Both Autobots and Decepticons head for a crater where the combat will take place. The troops gather at the edge and the two leaders start the battle. After a relative short fight Megatron wins. Optimus Prime orders his troops back to the Ark, they will then leave the Earth. The Constructicons have reached the Ark and are about to destroy Teletran One, but then it becomes apparant that the Ark is not deserted: the Dinobots are still present. The Dinobots attack before the Constructicons can do anything, the Constructicons have to pull back. Outside the Ark they transform into Devastator and the fight continues. The Autobots arrive back at the Ark, but they can't help according to the law. While repairing Optimus Prime the Autobots discover Megatrons deception, the law does not apply anymore. The Autobots head outside and help the Dinobots. All the Decepticons are driven into a chasm with lava. Megatron shortly resurfaces and promises that the Decepticons will rise again.
Autobot Spike
Spike with MegatronSparkplug has created a new Autobot: Autobot X. Unfortunately the programming of the personality failed and Autobot X goes beserk. The Autobots disable him. Wheeljack has the idea to make a machine to transfer the personalities of an Autobot into Autobot X. So in the future they will be able to store a Autobots personality in Autobot X, while they repair the Autobots body. Spike calls Autobot X "Frankenstein". Meanwhile the Decepticons attack the New Airforce Rocketbase. The Autobots head towards the rocketbase. During the battle the rockets explode, the Decepticons leave. Megatron gives one last shot at Bumblebee. Spike who was riding in Bumblebee is serious injured and is brought to a hospital. The doctor suggest it would be helpful if they could store Spikes personalities somewhere else, during their operation. Sparkplug immediately thinks of Autobot X. The transfer is a succes. Spike is confused and also beserks. After the Autobots restrain him, Sparkplug gets him to listen to reason. Laserbeak records all this and reports back to Megatron. Megatron decides to try to make Spike a Decepticon. Spike is watching Tv and sees the movie Frankenstein. He realizes he has become a monster and goes beserk once again. He leaves the Ark, followed by Bumblebee. Megatron finds him and convinces him to join up with the Decepticons and to take revenge on the Autobots who made him into this monster. Bumblebee overhears and heads to Optimus Prime to warn him. The Autobots were just finished with repairing the rockets and they head for Spike. Optimus Prime explains Spike he is suffering from a side-effect of the mind transfer. Spike won't listen and starts shooting, using Megatron as his weapon. Sparkplug arrives and calls to Spike to chease firing. Spike shoots at him and he falls in a ravine. Spike realizes what he did and saves Sparkplug just in time. Megatron orders Spike to destroy them, Spike agrees he is now able to destroy "them". He starts firing at the Decepticons using Megatron. Megatron quickly transforms and the Decepticons flee. The doctors have now cured Spikes body and the Autobots are able to bring Spikes mind back into his own body. Bumblebee wonders what would happen when you transfer a robot mind into a human body. (Perhaps already making a reference to the episode "Only Human"?)
The Core
Devastator stops the drillThe Constructicons construct a drill, this drill is meant to reach the center of the Earth. When the drill will reach the Earth's core then the Earth will explode and the Decepticons can use the energy to accomplish their plans. Megatron has positioned a spacebridge nearby, so all the Decepticons will be able to flee from the Earth in time. To cool the drill, the Constructicons use the water of a river, a Autobot patrol heads for this river to investigate where the water is going. Mirage discovers the Megatrons plan and the Autobot patrol quickly flee from Devastator to inform Optimus Prime. Chip and Wheeljack construct a device to bring Devastator under Autobot control, Optimus Prime plans to use this device to stop the Decepticons. The device works; Devastator becomes an Autobot. Ironhide freezes the river and the drill must stop without its cooling. However Megatron had enough water stored and uses this water to start drilling again, additionally he has a device to bring Devastator back under Decepticon control. The Autobots attack the drill again and Megatron uses his device and unexpectedly Devastator attacks the Autobots again. Chip uses his device, but Devastator goes beserk. He even destroys the space bridge, now Megatron has to join forces with the Autobots to stop the drill. With their joined efforts they get Devastator back to his normal self and Megatron orders Devastator to stop the drill. The other Decepticons flee as far from the drill as they can, but luckily Devastator is successfull.
A Decepticon Raider In King Arthur's Court
Attack on Blackthorns castleAutobots and Decepticons are fighting each other at some ruins. Starscream, Ramjet, Ravage and Rumble detect some enrgy at the ruins and enter them. Hoist, Warpath and Spike follow the Decepticons. Starscream examines a stone, a energy burst appears. The Decepticons leave the ruins and are attacked by some knights. One of the knights is Sir Wagond of Blackthorn makes an alliance with the Decepticons to defeat his enemy, the Red Knight. A girl overhears this conversation and flees, followed by Ravage. The girl runs into Spike, Warpath deals with Ravage. The girl introduces herself as Nimoe, she is the daughter of the Red Knight, Sir Aveley. The year is 593. The Autobots go with her to her father. He is preparing for a tournament the next day. He organised the tournament to get Blackthorn here and to make piece with him. Hoist makes an armour for Spike, he becomes Nimoes champion. Blackthorn chooses Ramjet and Rumble as his champions in the tournament. Sir Aveley and Warpath battle them and win. Starscream kidnaps Nimoe orders Aveleys surrender and leaves. Both Autobots and Decepticons are getting to low on energy to function properly. Merlins owl, Salmon, sees all this and reports to his master. With gold Starscream makes electric wires, then he lets people walk in a tredmill to make energy for him. Spike heads out to free Nimoe. Starscream starts making a large amount of gunpowder as a substitute for lasers. Blackthorn makes piece with Nimoe and agrees to help her against the Decepticons. Spike arrives too. The two Autobots arrive with the entire army of Aveley to free Nimoe. Sir Wolf, the help of Blackthorn, is promised command by Starscream, he tries to stop Blackthorn, but fails. Spike and Nimoe get rescued from Ravage by Salmon. Warpath and Hoist get defeated, because of lack of energy. Both Blackthorn and Aveley ask Merlin to restore them. Merlin agrees and the Autobots defeat the Decepticons. All Transformers head back to the ruins, Merlin calls the location the Dragon Mount. They indeed get attacked by a dragon. Merlin had invented gunpowder too, he gives it to Warpath to drive of the dragon. The Transformers say goodbye and enter the ruins again. They step outside and get attacked by the Decepticons, the Autobots quickly leave. Starscream is so overjoyed to be back that he throws himself around Megatrons neck, ruining Megatrons shot.
City Of Steel
Optimus Prime disassembled Laserbeak is flying over New York and enters the sewers. Underneath the city the Constructicons are busy with a new headquarters. The Decepticons make the Empire State building sink into the ground. The Autobots are alerted by a newbulletin and head for New York. Laserbeak tells Megatron the Autobots are heading for Central Park, Megatron plans a ambush. Scavenger is still in the sewers and positions himself underneath Optimus Prime. Then he smashes the roof of the cavern. Optimus Prime falls into the hole. Megatron quickly immobilizes him. Megatron orders the Autobots to leave the city, otherwise he'll kill Optimus Prime. After the Autobots have left, Megatron decides to cut Optimus Prime into pieces anyway. He gives all pieces except for the head to the Constructicons. Wheeljack, Ratchet, Hound, Trailbreaker, Mirage, Bumblebee, Tracks and Spike ignore Megatrons order and enter the sewers from the harbour. Hound has problems finding Optimus Prime, his sensors seem to malfunction, meanwhile they're attacked by some sort of robotic crocodile. They lure the beast away and continue their search. Meanwhile the Decepticons are busy rebuilding New York into New Cybertron. The Autobots find Optimus Primes head. Hound realizes that his sensors locate all the different parts. The crocodile was made of the other parts. They capture it and start rebuilding. Only the right arm is missing. The Constructicons put it as a weapon on a tower in the centre of the city. The Autobots head for the tower, but get attacked from everywhere by the constructions of the Constructicons. Even without arm Optimus Prime is able to tack out these defences. Ironhide, Ratchet and Optimus Prime start climbing the tower. Spike and Bumblebee enter the tower. Optimus Prime has almost made it to the top. The Constructicons form Devastator and he heads for Optimus Prime. Inside the tower Spike and Bumblebee disable the controls for Optimus Primes arm. Devastator grabs Optimus Prime and climbs to the top in King Kong style. Spike calls to Optimus Prime that the controls of the arm are disabled. Optimus Prime sends a signal to his arm and the arm shoots Devastator. Both Optimus Prime and Devastator fall, but Optimus Prime is caught by Ironhide and Ratchet. The Decepticons flee once again, Ratchet repairs Optimus Prime. The Autobots head back to the Ark, Bumblebee is seen driving away with a numberplate saying "I love NY".