The Big Broadcast of 2006
Two ancient races are at war. The Quintessons have been aggravating the war for centuries(?) so that they can sell arms to both sides. The Autobots eventually discover a lost Quintesson Journal detailing these activities and display it at a peace conference they set up between the two races. The races call off the war and go their separate ways.
The Quintesson Journal
The Quintessons transmit subliminal messages over the Junkions' airwaves in an attempt to control them. The Junkions first become hostile and then generous -- a phase in which they decide to share their doctored airwaves with the other races in the galaxy, spreading the subliminal messages even further. Cyclonus attempts to convince Galvatron of the strategic possibilities of this but he refuses to listen, so Cyclonus investigates on his own.
Grimlock's New Brain
Galvatron attempts to sabotages the Autobots' new power source on Cybertron by introducing particles that cause Transformers to go out of control. The Autobots travel through the subterranean caves of Cybertron to shut down the malfunctioning power source, and Grimlock is charged with the particles, which makes him brilliant. Galvatron is determined to find more of the particles and discovers they only exist in Unicron's brain. The Decepticons and Terrorcons travel to Unicron's head and get a new supply, but Grimlock has anticipated this and the Autobots counterattack. The Autobots are being defeated by the particles, but Grimlock creates the Technobots to battle the Terrorcons who have formed Abominus. Grimlock's incredible knowledge is transferred to Computron. The 'cons are defeated and their supply of the particles is destroyed.
Money Is Eveything
The Technobots are patrolling Earth with Marissa Fairborne and capture a smuggler who has been double crossed by the Quintessons. He takes his ship and some of the Technobots to the Quintesson base against the plans of Fairborne. The others follow and are attacked by the Terrorcons, who are being controlled by the Quintessons on timers. The smuggler uses a clever ploy to reenergize the damaged Technobots using the device he smuggled, and Abominus and the Quintessons are defeated.
Only Human
Rodimus, Magnus, Arcee, and Springer are captured by humans led by Cobra Commander and their consciousnesses are removed. They find themselves in human bodies, and barely escape being killed in a trash compactor. Meanwhile, their Transformer bodies are going to be used to infiltrate Autobot City and destroy the remaining Autobots. Springer manages to be the pilot of his own body and rescues the other Transformer-humans and then attacks Autobot City straight on to let them know something is wrong. The Autobots are returned to their bodies by Perceptor.
Call Of The Primitives
During a huge battle, all of the "primitive" Transformers are summoned to a planet. An energy creature has been unleashed, and it drains the life energy of all the other Transformers. Its creator, Primacron, was also responsible for Unicron and many of the primitives, and his assistant believes that only the instincts of those Transformers can stop the intellect of Primacron. All except Grimlock are defeated and he stops the energy being who has betrayed Primacron by throwing the system into reverse.
Face Of The Nijika
NijikaThe Autobots discover a fight between the Quitessons and Galvatron. The Quintessons seem to keep Galvatron away from some sort of disc. The Quintessons refer to the disc as a Quantum Lock. The Autobots interfer, the Quintessons open the lock and the Autobots (Rodimus Prime, Perceptor, Ultra Magnus and Blurr) and Cyclonus are sucked in. The Quintessons themselves enter too, then the lock closes again. The Quintessons control for the lock is damaged, so they need the help of Perceptor to repair it. Perceptor is locked in microscope mode and crashes near a farmer, he sees the Autobot symbal and says one word: "Nijika". The crashlandings of the other Autobots are noticed by villagers nearby, they are talking about the return of the devils of the sky. All people have some sort of crystal on their forehead. In a fury they head for the Autobots. The farmer removes Perceptors Autobot insignia and uses it as the face of a small robot. The robot is activated and appears to have Perceptors personality. Rodimus Prime and Ultra Magnus decide to leave the wounded Blurr behind in their search for Perceptor. Perceptor ask the farmer about the "space devils" that he is talking about. He tells a story of long ago: Their ancestors had developed a spaceship to travel to the sky. The robot Nijika was constructed to steer the ship. The people send lightbeams to the statue of Kodory, their guardian, from the crystals on their forehead. The Quintessons arrived at the moment of the launch and destroyed the ship and Nijika. They also entered a statue of Kodory and disconnect some cables inside. Then the disc appeared in the sky and all the stars vanished and the light of their minds disappeared. Perceptor understands the Quintessons must have feared the going to the stars of these people. Cyclonus and the Quintessons decide to work together to find Perceptor. Rodimus Prime and Ultra Magnus find the body of Perecptor and head to the city. Blurr is captured and is about to be thrown in a melting pit. Then Nijika/Perceptor arrives and stops them, Cyclonus quickly gets Nijika and heads to the Quintessons ship. Blurr saves Nijika but after she has repaired the controls for the lock. Perceptor is restored back to normal. The Quintessons leave and use the controls, but Perceptor tricked them, the stars reappear and the light is returned to the peoples minds.
The Burden Hardest To Bear
Scourge with MatrixThe Decepticons make various attacks on Japan, the Autobots drive all attacks off. The Japanese government blames the Autobots for all the damage. Rodimus Prime can't take all the responsibilities anymore, he leaves the Autobots to take a rest. Marissa follows him to talk with him. Dead End and Wildrider spot Rodimus Prime and attack him, Rodimus Prime falls in a ravine and the two Decepticons get the Matrix. Galvatron is very pleased with the Matrix, he tries to use it, but the ancient Autobot leaders appear and demand the Matrix to be returned. Galvatron promises to do that and when they disappear he orders Scourge to destroy the Matrix. Scourge doesn't destroy it but uses it himself. Marissa brings the wounded Hotrod back to the other Autobots, Hotrod no definetly decides to quit the Autobots. Scourge defeats Galvatron and Cyclonus and takes command of the Decepticons, he leads them in an attack on Earth. Hotrod seeks the help of a japanese sensei, this sensei learns Hotrod to follow ones destiny and to do ones obligations. The Autobots defend a city from Scourge and the Decepticons. Scourge attacks two humans, Hotrod arrives just in time to protect them. Now that he sees what the Matrix has done to Scourge he realizes that he and the Matrix belong to eachother. After a short fight he takes the Matrix back and turns back into Rodimus Prime. Galvatron finds Scourge and has a "talk" with him. Rodimus Prime is finally able to bear the burden of his leadership.
The Return Of Optimus Prime, part 1
Optimus Prime is being repaired Two humans, Gregory and Jessica, are heading to a star in their spaceship in order to test the heat resisting alloy used for the ship. When they are near the star they notice another spaceship, on board that ship is the body of Optimus Prime. Jessica decides to retrieve the body, Gregory is against it, he has still a grudge against Optimus Prime because he was wounded in a fight between Optimus Prime and Megatron. They manage to rescue Optimus Prime and their ship survives the star going nova. In the star there was some kind of spores, back on Earth Gregory and Dr Morgan (Jessicas father), discover that the spores can bring hatred to anybody they touch. Then their research lab is attacked by the Terrorcons, the Protectobots come to the rescue, but the Decepticons manage to steal the heat resistance metal and Jessica is severly wounded. The Protectobots bring her to the hospital and give her metal braces to help her walk again. Her father starts to hate the Transformers too, he blames them for invalidating Jessica. Gregory and Dr Morgan make Jessica lure the Autobots to the Research lab. Jessica warns the Autobots it's a trap, but Rodimus Prime wants to rescue Optimus Prime. Many Autobots get exposed to the spores and start smashing everything, the Decepticons arrive too and many of them are exposed too. Rodimus Prime and Jessica escape with Optimus Primes body, Wreck-Gar tries to heal him, but fails. Rodimus Prime orders Sky Lynx to find a Quintesson and make him repair Optimus Prime. All Transformers start going beserk and destroy everything they see, the humans get infected too. Rodimus Prime disconnects Metroplex, because it would be too dangerous if Metroplex would be infected too. Ultra Magnus attacks Rodimus Prime and infects him and Wreck-Gar. Sky Lynx rescues a Quintesson from infected Sharkticons. The Quintesson and Sky Lynx start repairing Optimus Prime and finally they succeed.
The Return Of Optimus Prime, part 2
Optimus Prime gets the Matrix Optimus Prime asks Sky Lynx for an update on the current situation. He hears that some Autobots were not infected, these Autobots were wounded while defending the city from Superion. Together with the Quitesson five Autobots are repaired: Kup, Blurr, Blaster, Steeljaw and Bumblebee. Bumblebee is rebuilt into Goldbug. All Autobots are very happy to meet their leader again, they ask him about his plans to stop the plague. He has no plan, so he decides to get the Matrix from Rodimus Prime in order to get the wisdom needed to stop the plague. Jessica tells him about her fathers metal, which will enable him to get the Matrix without getting infected by Rodimus Prime. The metal was taken by the Terrorcons to Char, so the Autobots head to the Decepticon planet. Optimus Prime saves Galvatron from infected Decepticons and Galvatron agrees to tae him to the metal. Optimus Prime refuses however to tell Galvatron how the metal is going to be used. After some adventures they get to the metal, Jessica unintendedly reveals the secret and Galvatron betrays the Autobots, luckily he fails. Optimus Prime and Sky Lynx escape with the metal, the other Autobots, Jessica and Galvatron get infected. The Quintesson coats Optimus Prime with the metal. Optimus Prime fights Rodimus Prime and retrieves the Matrix, now Sky Lynx gets infected too. Back in Autobot headquarters Optimus Prime enters the Matrix, he learns that no one has ever had enough wisdom to stop the plague, that's why the spores had been stored in the star. Optimus Prime realizes the Matrix itself perhaps has enough wisdom. He releases the powers of the Matrix and the plague is stopped. Dr Morgan and Gregory apologize for the troubles they caused, Galvatron shows his respect for Optimus Prime and he tells there will be no fighting this day. Optimus Prime gives the empty Matrix to Hotrod and tells him it will be filled by the wisdom they will accumulate from now on.