More Than Meets The Eye, part 1
The Ark takes offThe episode starts with a view of space, slowly the camera zooms in on Cybertron. The narrator tells the Cybertonian history in short: Many milions of years ago on the planet Cybertron life existed. But not life as we know it today. Intelligent robots that could think and feel inhabited the cities. They were called Autobots and Decepticons. But the brutal Decepticons were driven by a single goal: total domination. They set out to destroy the pieceloving Autobots and a war between the forces of good and evil raged across Cybertron, devastating all in its path, draining the planets once rich sources of energy. The Autobots on the verge of extinction battled valiantly to survive. Wheeljack and Bumblebee appear from beneath a hatch. They have found some energy conductors which they plan to bring to Iacon. On their way to there they are attacked by Starscream, Thundercracker, Skywarp and some unnamed jets. They escape the Decepticons and arrive at their destination. Soundwave is observing Iacon, he sends Laserbeak to spy on the Autobots. Laserbeak overhears a discussion between Optimus Prime, Jazz, Prowl and Trailbreaker. They are planning to start a search mission for energy. Soundwave goes back to Megatron to report. Megatron plans to follow Optimus Prime on his search, he gives Shockwave command of Cybertron during his absence. The Autobots board their ship, the Ark, and take off. The Decepticons take off directly after them. Two astroid collide precisely in front of the Ark, the Autobots use their lasers to cut a way through the meteorides, the Decepticons follow them in their path. Prowl notices the Decepticon ship. The Autobot try the lasers, but they are exhausted. The Decepticon ship comes along and the Decepticons board the Ark. A battle starts on board, no one is left at the controls. The ships get into the gravity of a planet and get seperated. The Ark with both Autobots and Decepticons on board, crashes into a vulcano. Four milion years later a vulcanic eruption reactivates the Arks main computer, Teletran one. It sends a probe to explore the planet, the probe sees a military jet and sends scematics of it to the Ark. Teletran One repairs the Transformer which is closest by: Skywarp, Teletran One makes his transformation a jet. Skywarp drags Megatrons body to Teletran One and he too is repaired. Together they repair all other Decepticons. The Decepticons leave the Ark and decide to plunder the planet and then to conquer the universe. Starscream gives a shot as a goodbye to the Autobots. Inside the Ark, Optimus Primes body falls backwards in the repair beam of Teletran One. He too is reactivated. The Decepticons start making a new base with materials of a electric station that they have wrecked. More and more it becomes clear that Starscream is planning to overthrow Megatron. Optimus Prime has repaired the other Autobots and he orders Hound and Cliffjumper to explore the planet and find the Decepticons. When they have found them, Hound wants to head back to Optimus Prime, but Cliffjumper takes a shot at Megatron. He misses and Soundwave sends Laserbeak to investigate the source of the shot. Laserbeak attacks them, Hound falls into a ravine and Cliffjumper gets back to the Ark. Ratchet and Cliffjumper head back to retrieve Hound. Thundercracker and Reflector see a car and think it might be an Autobot. Soundwave sends Ravage to investigate the car, the Decepticons have thus their first encounter with humans. On a oilrig Sparkplug Witwicky and his son Spike are working when the Decepticons attack. The Decepticons start storing oil in energon-cubes. The Autobots arrive and attack the Decepticons. The Deecpticons leave with the energon-cubes. The oilrig sinks slowly into the water. The Autobots are all floating in the water, which is covered by burning oil. Optimus Prime does his best to save Sparkplug and Spike.
More Than Meets The Eye, part 2
Megatron and Optimus Prime battling on the damTrailbreaker keeps the fire at bay with his forcefield and Wheeljack extinguishes the fire. The Autobots save all humans, Sparkplug and Spike offer their help; they can help the Autobots with information on Earth. The two humans come with the Autobots to the Ark. Outside Spike finds Soundwave transformed into a taperecorder, he takes him with him and puts him on a panel in the Ark. Spike is impressed by all the capabilities of the Transformers, Hound takes him along for a ride. When Spike returns he finds Soundwave and Ravage stealing information from Teletran One. He pushes an alarm button. Soundwave escapes, Ravage is captured by the Autobots. Soundwave reports to Megatron that the Sherman dam produces large quantities of energy, Megatron decides to attack it. Rumble goes underwater and starts making a tidalwave, the dynamos of the dam are making overhours. Jazz and Spike are alerted by Teletran One of the tidal wave, they report to Optimus Prime. The Decepticons are collecting the energy from the dynamos, ignoring the warnings of the people there that the dam is going to crack. The Autobots arribe and are attacked by the Decepticons. Hound goes underwater to find the source of the tidalwave, he finds and attacks Rumble. Bumblebee and Ironhide use their lasers to make new channels for the water, to prevent a flooding. Megatron and Optimus Prime start a battle on the dam using an morning star and axe respectively. Rumble leaves the water and pushes Spike aside. Spikes screams distract Optimus Prime and he falls from the dam, Jazz pull Optimus Prime from the water. Spike dives after Hound and frees him from a some stones that had covered him. Mirage and Huffer suggest to leave Earth to stop the fighting, Optimus Prime disagrees he wants to stop the Decepticons here. Meanwhile the Decepticons keep collecting energy on Earth. Starscream uses some energon-cubes to test them, Megatron is angered, they now need still two supllies of energy before leaving Earth. Trailbreaker, Spike and Sparkplug were spying on the Decepticons and hear that they plan to first attack the Birma crystal mines and then a rocketbase. They head back to the Ark, some Decepticon jets try to stop them, but Sideswipe and Sunstreaker arrive to drive off the jets. The Decepticons are already in the mine and are collecting the ruby crystals when the Autobots arrive. Wheeljack has a bomb to collapse the mine. Sparkplug has worked in these mines, so he and Bumblebee enter the mines with the bomb. They plant the bomb and are on their way back when they run into Thundercracker and Skywarp. The Autobots start to get worried, Optimus Prime goes after Bumblebee and Sparkplug. He stops at the entrance and sends Roller inside. Then the bomb explodes. Optimus Prime is blown away from the entrance.
More Than Meets The Eye, part 3
Megatron comes from his shipThe Autobots run to Optimus Prime and put him back on his wheels. Roller has escaped the blast and comes riding from the mines. Optimus Prime tries to transform and succeeds. The Autobots start digging for Bumblebee and Sparkplug, after some time they find them. Then an explosion takes place: the Decepticons survived the bomb and have blast their way out. Ironhide ignores Optimus Primes command and goes after them. Bluestreak goes after Ironhide to stop him. Skywarp teleports to a position behind the two Autobots and shoots Ironhide down. Bluestreak drags Ironhide from a little lake in which Ironhide crashed. The other Autobots arrive there too and together they head back for the Ark. Hound has suddenly an idea, he could make a hologram of a rocketbase and so they could lure the Decepticons to them. Optimus Prime agrees with the idea. They make certain that Ravage overhears them talking about a rocketbase and then they let him escape. Megatron is pleased with Ravage report, Starscream tries to kill Megatron in order to get the command of the Decepticons. Megatron survives. The Autobots are prepared at the hologram-base when the Decepticons attack. Megatron has seen through the deceit. The Decepticons that attack are just dummies, the real Decepticons have attacked a real rocketbase for rocketfuel. The Decepticons have finished their spaceship and have a fuel cargo of energon-cubes. Optimus Prime asks Autobot volunteers to attack and stop the Decepticons. All Autobots and the two humans volunteer. The Decepticons are about to board the ship when the Autobots arrive. A battle starts at the launchsite. Optimus Prime defeats Megatron, however Ravage interferes. The Decepticons quickly withdraw, board the ship and take-off. The Autobots are stranded on Earth. Optimus Prime orders Sideswipe to give him his rocketpack. Optimus Prime flies after the Decepticon ship, but is shot down. The Autobots help him back on his feet, Optimus Prime suddenly notices that Mirage is missing. On board the ship Starscream aims his gun on Megatron. Mirage appears on board and blats the controls, Starscream shoots Mirage. Megatron gets his gun and shoots at Starscream. The ship gets out of control and is about to crash on Earth. Mirage jumps from the ship and uses his parachute to save himself. The Decepticon ship crashes in the ocean. The Autobots celebrate their victory. The countries of the Earth give the Autobots the energy needed to restore Cybetron. The Autobots are making the Ark spaceworthy again. On the bottom of the ocean a hatch of the Decepticons ship is opened and Megatron emerges.
Transport To Oblivion
The spacebridgeThe Autobots are wondering whether they really defeated the Decepticons for ever. On Cybertron, the energon supplies become critical and Shockwave tries to contact Megatron. The Decepticons have rebuilt their spaceship into an underwater headquarters and Megatron is suprised to get a message from Shockwave. Shockwave informs Megatron on a new intergalactic transport system. Megatron decides to plunder the resources of Earth. The Autobots notice a problem at a solar power station and detect the Decepticons there. They decide to attack, but the Decepticons get away with the plundered energon. Optimus Prime sends Bumblebee to spy on the Decepticons to learn why they need the energon. Spike accompanies him and together they see the Decepticons in a canyon. The Decepticons are testing a space bridge to Cybertron. The first test fails; the test vehicle does not arrive on Cybertron. Megatron thinks a passenger is needed to steer the vehicle. Then Bumblebee and Spike are spotted and Megatron plans to use them as volunteers. The spacebridge is activated too early and Bumblebee manages to escape in the confusion. He is captured once again. Megatron reprograms his memory circuits with a false location of the space bridge. Bumblebee hurries to the Autobots as soon as he regains consciousness. He tells them that the spacebridge is in a cave. The Autobots head towards the cave. Inside the cave they are ambushed. Luckily the space bridge is about to be reactivated and the Decepticons leave for their next test. Bumblebee was injured in the battle and Ratchett notices that his memory circuits have been altered. Ratchett restores his memory and the Autobots head after the Decepticons. The Decepticons put Spike in a vehicle and are about to send him to Cybertron when the Autobots arrive. Optimus Prime and Bumblebee rescue Spike and destroy the vehicle. Megatron attempts to save the energon cubes that were inside the vehicle. An explosion blows him into the spacebridge and the spacebridge is activated. Starscream assumes command and orders a retreat. On Cybertron Megatron arrives safely in Shockwaves command centre.
Roll For It
Megatron energizes himself with antimatter All Decepticons think that Megatron is dead. Starscream leads Thundercracker and Soundwave to an attack on a dam. The Autobots arrive and the Decepticons are defeated. Optimus Prime sends Bluestreak and Prowl after them. Megatron contacts Starscream from Cybertron and orders him to attack a nuclear laboratory plant and steal an anti-matter formula. However, they need to be repaired first. Megatron uses the space bridge to head back to Earth. Reflector is already investigating the laboratory to help the Decepticons gain access. Chip Chase, a wheelchair-bound friend of Spike, visits the laboratory together with Spike and Bumblebee. He gets new software from professor Alcazar which will enable him to connect his computer at home with the computers in the laboratory. Chip, Spike and Bumblebee leave the laboratory again and are attacked by Laserbeak. They manage to escape. Bumblebee brings Chip back to his home, so that Chip can warn the professor with help of the new computer connection. Bumblebee and Spike leave to get help from the Autobots. However, Bluestreak and Prowl are busy in a fight against Starscream and his two companions in a hangar. The other Decepticons attack the laboratory and the professor quickly sends the files they want to Chip and then deletes them. Prowl is damaged by Soundwave in the fight and he uses his sensors to connect to a online computer to get help. Luckily he finds the computer of Chip. Via his computer at home Chip takes control of Prowls actions and he is able to defeat Starscream and the others. However, Megatron has already traced the files professor Alcazar has send to Chip. Megatron contacts the retreating Strascream and orders him to kidnap Chip. Chip has memorized and deleted the files, but Megatron is able to extract the data from him in the laboratory. All Autobots gather outside the laboratory in which the Decepticons and Chip are. Mirage, Hound, Bumblebee and Spike are able to enter the laboratory undetected and rescue Chip. Megatron in the mean time has created anti-matter. As soon as Chip is safe, the Autobots attack. Megatron throws an cube of antimatter energon at them and the Autobots have to return to headquarters for repairs. Wheeljack has a plan to deal with the situation. Teletran One warns the Autobots about the imminent arrival of the Decepticons. Outside the Ark a battle commences. Megatron uses antimatter to energize himself during the battle and becomes invincible. Megatron transforms and is handled by Skywarp. Chip places a device on Skywarp and Teletran One is able to take over Skywarps actions, just according Wheeljacks plan. Teltran One causes the antimatter to overload and Megatron quickly has to get rid of it. The Decepticons leave and Chip is the hero of the day.
Divide And Conquer
Optimus Prime after Laserbeaks attackNew factories are busy creating weapons against the Decepticons. Chip is helping to make the production more efficient. Then the three Decepticon jets and Soundwave attack. Chip sends a distress signal. Optimus Prime and Spike are investigating the site of the spacebridge, but it has disappeared. Optimus Prime receives Chips signal, he decides to go to help and he orders the Autobots which are still in the Ark to meet him at the factory. Optimus Prime arrives first and engages the Decepticons. While Optimus Prime is trying to protect the humans the Decepticons take their opportunity and are able to hurt him severely. The other Autobots arrive and the Decepticons leave. Optimus Prime is still functional and is able to head for the Ark on his own powers. Megatron sends Laserbeak to learn about Optimus Primes condition. Laserbeak arrives while Ratchet is operating him, Laserbeak shoots at Optimus Prime and he explodes. Wheeljack checks Optimus Primes body and decides the only way to save him is a new cosmotron. Unfortunately the only cosmotron he knows of is in his workshop on Cybertron. Bumblebee, Trailbreaker, Ironhide, Bluestreak and Chip voluntare to go. Chip uses Teletran One to locate the spacebridge. Starscream, Thundercracker, Rumble and Reflector are present at the spacebridge, a battle emerges when the Autobots arrive. It starts raining, this gives Megatron who was watching the battle an idea. He orders the Decepticons to retreat and the Autobots are able to enter the spacebridge. On Cybertron they surprise Shockwave and one of the Reflector robots and are able to head for Wheeljacks workshop. Chip cracks the code for the doorlock the Decepticons put on the workshop. Inside they find the cosmotron. Three Cybertron style jets fly over at Megatrons command and create a storm of acid rain. The Autobots start short circuiting. Megatron decides it is now time to attack the Ark now that four Autobots on Cybertron are dying and so is Optimus Prime. Chip tells the Autobots not to give up and Trailbreaker manages a forcefield to protect them. Again the manage to pass shockwave and head for Earth. Meanwhile the other Autobots prepare for battle. Without the leadership of Optimus Prime they are no match. During the battle Chip and the others arrive, Bumblebee enters the Ark and gives the cosmotron to Ratchet. Outside Megatron has won and he claims no one is able to challenge him. Then Optimus Prime voice sounds, challenging him. Megatron yields for the moment and the Decepticons head back for base.
S.O.S. Dinobots
The three DinobotsThe Ark is disturbed by some earthquakes. The Autobots investigate the source of the disruptions and find a cave with dinosaur bones. The Autobots are fascinated by the bones. Soundwave and Reflector are investigating a waterfall and head back for Decepticon Headquarters. Spike takes Hound to a museum, there the skeletons of a brontosaurus, triceratops and a tyranosaurus rex are present. Hound makes holograms of them how they would have looked alive. Wheeljack and Ratchet get the idea to make robotic dinosaurs. The Autobots start creating Dinobots. Megatron and the Decepticons leave their headquarters to attack the waterfalls. Wheeljack and Ratchet present the Dinobots to the Autobots, their names are: Grimlock, Slag and Sludge. The Autobots are impressed. A short demonstration makes clear what an enormous power they have. Wheeljack is just explaining that the brain modules are still quite simple, when the Dinobots go beserk. The Autobots have great difficulties with stopping them. Grimlocks destroys Teletran One. Bumblebee gets the Dinobots to follow him, Wheeljack stuns them. Optimus Prime decrees that the Dinobots should never be reactivated again, because they are too dangerous. The Decepticons attack the powerplant at the waterfall, the humans try to contact Teletran One but can't get contact. Hound and Spike are patrolling the neighbourhood, while Ratchet is repairing Teletran One. They detect the Decepticons and alert the Autobots. Wheeljacks stays, secretely working on the Dinobot brain modules. Also Bumblebee and Ratchet stay. The Decepticons are collecting large amounts of energy when the Autobots arrive. Megatron connects his fusioncanon with an electric cable of the powerplant and shoots at the Autobots. The Autobots fall into the water and are captured. Bumblebee had gone after them and sees everything, he takes Spike along and heads back to the Ark. Wheeljack sees the Dinobots as the only possibility to save the others. The Dinobots are reactivated, Wheeljack asks them to go and save Optimus Prime and the others. The Decepticons are about to execute the Autobots when the Dinobots arrive. The Decepticons do their best to stop them, with little effect. Wheeljack frees the others while the Decepticons are distracted. Megatron orders a retreat when he sees the Autobots are free. Wheeljack and Bumblebee asks Optimus Prime fogiveness for disobeying his orders, but he thinks they acted wisely. He tells them that the Dinobots may stay among the Autobots, since they have proven their value.
War Of The Dinobots
Optimus Prime defeatedChip is working in an astronomical observatory and sees a strange meteor approaching Earth. He alerts the Autobots and they quickly come to help. The meteor could contain much energy, so Optimus Prime decides to head for the calculated place of impact, a deserted city, to keep it from the Decepticons. For certainty not only the Autobots but also the Dinobots come along. Meanwhile Megatron is angrie, the Dinobots are too strong for his soldiers. He orders Soundwave to seek for a week spot of the Dinobots. The meteor crashes and the Autobots take a sample of it to investigate in the Ark. The Dinobots are stay behind to protect the meteor. Optimus Prime is very pleased with the Dinobots and decides to let Wheeljack and Ratchet built two more of them. Chip chooses a stegosaurus and a pteradon as new forms. Soundwave makes a brainscan of the three Dinobots at the meteor site. Megatron now knows the week spots: Slag is hostile, Grimlock is arrogant and Sludge is stupid. He plans to use this knowledge to turn them against Optimus Prime and to get the meteor. Megatron heads to the Dinobots and starts to talk to them. He tells them that they are the strongest, so they should lead. The Dinobots agree. The Decepticons take the meteor away. At the Ark the two new Dinobots finish completion. Wheeljack discovers the meteor is unstable. Trailbreaker puts the sample of the meteor in a forcefield, just in time for a giant explosion. Optimus Prime heads to the meteor to destroy it. The two new Dinobots are ready: Snarl and Swoop. The Autobots test their abilities, the two are strong enough to defeat a group of Autobots. Optimus Prime arrives at the site of the meteor and notices it is gone. He is attacked by Slag. Grimlock and Sludge join in. Optimus Prime has no choice but to fight back. Optimus Prime is finally defeated after a battle in which he proves himself a valiant warrior. Autobot training is still in the Dinobots circuits, it prevents Grimlock from killing Optimus Prime. The Dinobots go to Megraton, with Optimus Prime as their prisoner. The Decepticons are gathering the energy of the meteor in a canyon. Starscream is concerned about the stability of the energy. The Dinobots arrive, Optimus Prime warns Megatron too, but Megatron ignores the warning. The Autobots in the Ark notice the new location of the meteor. They send the two new Dinobots, because they can get there the quickest. The energy cubes of the Decepticons explode by themselves. Snarl and Swoop arrive and a battle between the two groups of Dinobots starts. The meteor is about to explode, just when Grimlock stands next to it. Optimus Prime saves him just in time. Grimlock sees that Optimus Prime is a good leader and he, Slag and Sludge head to Megatron. Megatron and the Decepticons flee. The other Autobots, Chip and Spike arrive. Grimlocks asks Optimus Prime for forgiveness, Optimus Prime hands him his hand. The Autobots then head back to the Ark again.
Fire In The Sky
Skyfire as Decepticon It looks like winter, the entire Autobot headquarters is covered in snow, the Autobots are having a good time. However, they are in a desert in july! Optimus Prime tries to find out the cause of these low temperatures. In the arctic, the Decepticons are pumping the heat energy from the Earth core. Rumble is digging a new shaft and finds a Transformer in the ice. Starscream recognizes him as Skyfire. Starscream and Skyfire were both scientists before the war, while exploring a planet milions of years ago he and Starscream got seperated, only Starscream was able to return. The Autobots find the cause of the low temperatures using spy-satelites and head for the arctic. Meanwhile the Decepticons have repaired Skyfire, he is grateful for his rescue and he joins the Decepticons. He gets a guard duty and soon he encounters the Autobots. A battle starts and the Autobots have a difficult time fighting Skyfire. Spike and Sparkplug get seperated from the rest, Skyfire notices them and makes contact with them out of curiosity. They try to convince him that the Decepticons are evil. Skyfire brings them to Megatron, because he is convinced the Decepticons are good. The humans are put in prison by the Megatron and Starscream, Skyfire is starting having doubts. The Autobots enter the icy caverns in search for their two friends and are able to find them. Ratchet, Gears, Hound and Ironhide find the Decepticons, but are captured. Starscream and Skyfire take the Autobots to be executed, Skyfire protests and Starscream shoots him. A hologram of Hound showing himself and his three fellow Autobots destroyed convinces Starscream and he leaves. Ratchet starts repairing Skyfire, meanwhile the other Autobots arrive. Laserbeak notices the Autobots and the Decepticons head out to attack the Autobots. Optimus Prime and Megatron make themselves some swords from a crystal and start fighting. Megatron looses, but he sees Skyfire appraoching. He orders Skyfire to destroy Optimus Prime, but Skyfire changes his Decepticon insignia into an Autobot insignia. He defeats Megatron and then he defeats Starscream in an airbattle. Skyfire blasts the Decepticon caverns and stops the heat loss. Unfortunately he flies too low and is covered in the icy landslide that he created to collaps the cavrens. The Autonots swear to remember him.
Fire On The Mountain
Megatron gets the Power Crystal Starscream and Thundercracker are steeling steel from a factory. Brawn and Trailbreaker try to stop them, but fail. The Autobots launch a spy-satelite to try to figure out where the Decepticons are. Megatron, Skywarp, Rumble and Soundwave are at an Inca temple, inside they find a the Crystal of Power. The Decepticons made a weapon frame from the stolen steel and put the crystal in it. Laserbeak detects the spy-satelite and Megatron destroys it with his new weapon. The steel was not adequate to stand the heat and Megatron heads to a mining town to get better steel. Sideswipe and Wheeljack free Skyfire from the ice. Skyfire picks up Brawn and Windcharger from the Ark and heads for Peru. Brawn and Windcharger have a little fight with Megatron, Soundwave and Laserbeak when they arrive, but they are no match for the Decepticons. Skyfire heads to the Ark again and picks up some more Autobots. He brings the Autobots to the mining town and continues to the temple on his own. The Autobots and Decepticons start fighting in the town. Spike and Bumblebee save a local girl, who offers to bring them to the temple by a secret way. Thundercracker and Starscream shoot Skyfire unconscious at the temple. Meanwhile in town, Megatron leaves with the metal and creating a landslide to keep the Autobots busy. Skyfire is put inside the temple and the Decepticons start making the new weapon frame. Spike, Bumblebee and the girl enter the temple, find Skyfire and start repairing him. The other Autobots arrive at the outside from the temple and have a hard time with the Decepticon defences. Spike succeeds in repairing Skyfire, who is in return able to save Spike from Ravage. Brawn succeeds in reaching the top of the temple and this distraction enables Ironhide to reach to top too. Megatron is about to shoot Optimus Prime with the weapon, but Skyfire arrives in time to stop him. Wheeljack invents a cover to stop the flow of Earth's energy that was a result from the theft of the Power Crystal. The flow is stopped and Earth is saved once again.