Statistics of Alpha Trion's Database
December 21, 2000,
NewsI've added pictures and updated the summaries of The Killing Jar, Chaos, and Dark Awakening.
November 29, 2000,
I've added pictures and updated the summaries of Five Faces Of Darkness, part 3, part 4, and part 5.
November 6, 2000,
Well, it has been some time since the last change :-). I'll try to make the next update much, much sooner. Currently I have made two updates; the summary of the the Ducth Comic #7 is added (this contains the stories of the US comics #13 and #14), also I've added the section Other Series to the index. This new section contains descriptions of other great series that were broadcasted around the same time as the Trasnformers or somewhat later. I guess that most Transformer fans have liked these series too. I have removed my guestbook, as the server on which it was located has disappeared.
February 29, 2000,
Added MP2 files from the Intro and Extro Themes of all Japanese seasons. Also made the MIDI files from my homepage downloadable. You can go to the music download page by selecting "Music" in my Index, or by clicking Here.
January 6, 2000,
Added scans of all front covers of the Transfomer comics from the Netherlands in the Comics section. I've also added the summaries of the six first comics.
December 3, 1999,
Added a few new topics with pictures in the encyclopaedia: G.B. Blackrock, Buster, Scraplets, and Jessie (With thanks to Victor Hopmans who made the scans for me). I've also added the names of all Transformers from Machine Wars, with a special thanks to Sszl111 who supplied me with the info on Machine Wars.
November 17, 1999,
I've updated the summaries and added pictures of A plague of Insecticons, Five faces of darkness, part 1 and Five faces of darkness, part 2.
November 11, 1999,
I've updated the linkslist and added two new sites. Also I've corrected a few typing errors in the script of The Movie, with a special thanks to Kelvin ("Goktimus Prime") who pointed them out. Additionally, I've updated the summary and added pictures of Countdown to extinction.
November 5, 1999,
I've updated the summaries and added pictures of Transport to oblivion and Roll for it.
October 27, 1999,
Added the summeries (with pictures!!) of two japanese episodes (episodes 32 and 33 of the second season): Destroy the Autobot Base and The Autobot Base explodes.
September 2, 1999,
Added the scans of the brochure from the Netherlands from 1985. This brochure includes the Autobot Cars, Decepticon Jets, Aerialbots, Protectobots, Stunticons, Combaticons, etc.
September 1, 1999,
I've updated the summary of Make Tracks.
August 12, 1999,
I've updated the summary of Blaster Blues. Additionally I've added scans of the 1993 brochure from the Netherlands, it contains among others Actionmasters, Overlord, Motorvators.
July 8, 1999,
I've updated the summaries and added pictures of Divide and Conquer, Fire in the Sky, Fire on the Mountain, and Autobot Spike. Sorry for the moderate quality of the pictures of "Divide and Conquer" and "Fire in the Sky", but the episode that I have are very old copies.
June 24, 1999,
Added the scans of the brochure from the Netherlands from 1987.
June 22, 1999,
Added scans of two brochures from the Netherlands: 1986 and 1992.
June 21, 1999,
Added the section Brochures in the category My Collection. This section will eventually contain scans of all brochures that I own. It now contains the 1984 brochure from the Netherlands, including a comic that was part of it. A special thanks goes to Victor Hopmans (The Movies of Bud Spencer & Terence Hill) who scanned all brochures.
April 29, 1999,
I've updated the summaries and added pictures of City of Steel, Microbots and The Insecticon Syndrome. Also I've updated the link to the homepage of Tony Davis in my links list.
March 14, 1999,
The search engine now contains 60 Transformer items, more items will follow soon.
March 11, 1999,
Added a few new names in the search engine, now 30 Transformers can be found using this engine. Also resolved one little bug in the engine; the option "Additional Characteristics" did not work.
March 10, 1999,
I've been constructing a Transformer Search Engine. The engine itself is ready, some options will still be added. At the moment just 17 Transformers can be found using this engine, but that will change soon. Please try it out and let me know what you think about it.
February 7, 1999,
I've moved to the "big city" ("big" at least for dutch standards), so I thought it was about time to update the About myself section. I've also updated the summaries of: War Of The Dinobots, Megatron's Masterplan, part 1 and part 2 and The Autobot Run.
January 17, 1999,
Updated the summaries of More Than Meets The Eye, part 1, part 2, part 3 and S.O.S. Dinobots. Because the summaries of the episodes have been put in eleven files instead of one file (See January 13), some links in the encyclopaedia will now take you to the name of the episode in the list with the names of all episodes instead of the summary of the episode. In this list however you can again select the name of the episode and it will take you to the summary. This little inconvenience will be solved as soon as possible.
January 13, 1999,
I've cut the page with summaries of the series into eleven parts to reduce loading time.
January 11, 1999,
I've cut the History into four parts to reduce the loading time, the Entire History as one file is also still available. I'll do the same for the episodes of the series on wednesday 13th of january. Until then it will take some time to load all the summaries (including the sven new ones), so please be patient or wait till wednesday. The seven updated summaries are: A Decepticon Raider In King Arthur's Court, Desertion Of The Dinobots, part 2, The God Gambit, Quest For Survival, The Search For Alpha Trion , Sea Change and Kremzeek!.
January 4, 1999,
Updated the summaries of Child's Play, The Gambler, Hoist Goes Hollywood, Starscream's Brigade and Carnage In C-Minor. I've also added the summaries of the first three episodes of "Headmasters" on the Japanese Homepage. The links in my Links-list have been checked and updated. Next weekend I'll add more US and Japanese summaries. I'm not yet able to put pictures of the Japanese series on my homepage yet, because I' waiting for a needed patch for my TV-card.
January 1, 1999,
A happy new year to everybody! I've added four summaries of the US series again: Auto-Bob, Prime Target, The Girl Who Loved Powerglide and Triple Takeover. Also I've made a japanese version of my homepage. It contains information that is related to the japanese series. I'll update it regulary until it is just as extensive as the US site. At the moment the following sections are ready on the Japanese site: Home, Miscellaneous Episodes and Short Summary. Also the section "What's the Japanese Name?" already contains a number of names. Graphics will follow soon.
December 25, 1998,
Added a lot of summaries again: The Ultimate Doom, part 1, part 2 and part 3, Heavy Metal War, The Secret Of Omega Supreme, The Key To Vector Sigma part 1 and part 2, Masquerade, Cosmic Rust, War Dawn, The Revenge Of Bruticus and The Burden Hardest To Bear. A special thanks to my brother Remco ("Avocet"), who made summaries of: Trans-Europe Express, Aerial Assault, B.O.T., Web World, The Rebirth, part 1, part 2 and part 3.
December 19, 1998,
I've updated the summaries and added the pictures of seven episodes: Enter The Nightbird, Atlantis Arise, Day Of The Machine, The Golden Lagoon, Face Of The Nijika, The Return Of Optimus Prime part 1 and part 2.
December 18, 1998,
I've updated the summaries and added the pictures of four episodes: Dinobot Island part 1 and part 2, The Master Builders and Auto Beserk. The next update will already be tomorrow.
December 14, 1998,
Sorry that it has taken so long for this next update. The reason is that I had to finish my study a few month earlier as anticipated in order to apply for a job. Luckily all worked out fine and I'm now Master in the Medicine. I've written a new summary for three episodes of the US series (The Core, A Prime Problem and Desertion of the Dinobots, part 1) and put a picture taken from each of these episodes in the text. The next update (containing new and better summaries for other US episodes) will be next friday (12-18-98), possibly even already on thursday. I'm constructing a new sub-homepage entirely dedicated to the japanese series, this section will be up just after the christmas weekend.
October 25, 1998,
Added the names of all the Predacons and some Transfomers from the second generation in the encyclopaedia, again with the help of Joe Igo ("Clamup7004"). Click HERE to see all the names in one list.
October 20, 1998,
Added all the names of the Maximals in the encyclopaedia (thanks to "Clamup7004", who mailed them to me). Click HERE to see all the names in one list. (The Predacon names will follow the next weekend.)
October 6, 1998,
Added the item Gestalts to my encyclopaedia and added some text at various item.
October 3, 1998,
Added over 35 pictures taken from Transformers in my own collection, in the encyclopaedia (almost all Transformers in my collection are now displayed in the encyclopaedia). Among others: Autobot Headquarters, Blurr, Circuit, Gutcruncher, Megatron (Actionmaster), Mirage, Optimus Prime, Ratchet, Rumbler, Scattershot, Skystalker, Slicer, Ultra Magnus, and many more.......
Also I've updated the text of a lot of items and added a few new items in the encylopaedia, among others: Guardian Robots, Hot Rod, Megatron, Optimus Prime, Starscream and Ultra Magnus.
September 27, 1998,
Added over 30 pictures taken from my own collection in the encyclopaedia. Among others: Black Omen, Dirtbag, Galvatron, Hooligan, Inferno (gen 2), Jetfire, Roadblock, Space Case,........and many, many more.
September 8, 1998,
Added the links and text for the Axelerators, Mini-Jets, Jetfire and Powermasters, 2nd generation.
September 5, 1998,
Added the links for among others the Illuminators, Heroics, Skyraiders and Gnaw.
September 4, 1998,
Added the links for the Autorollers. Added Jetfire and Ironhide to my own toyslist :). Checked all the links on my links list and changed the list where necessary, also I've put a few new links in my list.
August 30, 1998,
Finished the part "Post-Movie Series" of the The Complete Transformer History. This entire history section is now basically ready, I'll probably still add some pictures and correct typing errors.
August 22, 1998,
Added a totally new section to my database: The Complete Transformer History, this section tells the entire history of the Transformers in chronological order. Also added two new items in the encyclopaedia: Aerial and the Robosmasher.
August 9, 1998,
Added the links for the Obliterators, Motorvators and Firecons.
August 3, 1998,
Put in the links of the Canon Masters (=Turbomasters) and Scope Masters (=Predators). Also put in the link to Tony Davis' new homepage (Index of Tony R. Davis' Directory), there you can buy Transformers, espacially Beast War Transformer.
July 26, 1998,
Added a few pictures again. Among others Abominus, Hun-Gurrr, Octane, Primacron and Road Burner.
July 25, 1998,
Watching over 40 hours of new Transformer episodes takes longer then I had anticipated, but I'm getting there. :) In the meantime I've added the names of the Junior Headmasters and Powermasters including their Nebulon partners. Also I've put in Primus and Xaaron. Finally I've changed and added some pictures, among others: Afterburner, Blitzwing, Unicron and Wreck-Gar.
July 19, 1998,
I've just received tapes with the US episodes that I missed and all the japanese episodes. I'll put a description of every episode on my page as soon as I've seen them all. So far I've already put some pictures from this serie on my homepage. Also added the names of all the Headmasters and their Nebulon partners.
July 11, 1998,
Added the names of all the Targetmasters and their Nebulon partners. Put in the links concerning the Lasercycles and Omnibots.
July 6, 1998,
Added a few new texts and pictures to the encyclopaedia. Among others: Crystal City and the Female Autobots.
July 5, 1998,
Added 99 new pictures to the encyclopaedia. Also updated some texts in the encyclopaedia.
The links in the toyslist, series summaries, The Movie script and the summary of the japanese series will now take you to the illustrated encyclopaedia, instead of to the total encyclopaedia.
Submitted this page to The TF "INNER CIRCLE" Webring.
July 4, 1998,
Added all the names of the Micromaster Patrols and their individual members. Also added new pictures to the encyclopaedia.
June 28, 1998,
Added a lot of pictures to the encyclopaedia again. Mostly pictures of Micromasters and Actionmasters.
June 27, 1998,
Added some extra pictures to the encyclopaedia, including pictures taken from my own collection. Also put some extra items in the encyclopaedia.
Added the "What's New?" section
Added an extra Transformer tune