Links to TRANSFORMER-related homepages

If you have a homepage that you want to have in this list, please E-mail me. All the links have been checked at November 11, 1999
More Than Meets The Eyes!,
A large list of links to Transformer Homepages. If you're ever looking for a specific page, this is a good place to start your search.
The Complete Transformers Listing Page,
Also a listing of Transformer Homepages. This one is alphabetical. It seems that this page is really complete, at least I haven't been able to prove otherwise.
Planet Sabreton,
A very nice page. It contains lots of Transformer info, also on Japanese and Machinewars Transformers.
The Ruins Of Cybertron,
A excellent homepage with a lot of information, images and sounds.
Ninjatron's SykoGrafix!,
Unfortunately, currently removed from the net because of space restrictions.
Transformers Chat Room,
A chat room for Transformers fans.
Terry's (unofficial) Transformer Pictures and Sounds Page,
Nice page with lots of scanned photos of Transformers and Transformer stuff and sounds.
The Colossal Collecting Collective,
A very varied site. It has some reviews of toys, among them also a few Transformers.
Grimlocks_Dada says:,
At this site you can buy Transformers, this page has a clear layout so you can quickly find a Transformer that you might need.
#Cybertron On DalNet,
Information on the #Cybertron channel on the DalNet IRC Network.
Maestro Industries,
Nice page, the Transformer section is still under construction.
Omega's giant Transformer page,
This site contains the lyrics of the Transformer songs.(offline??)
The Homepage of Trypticon,
Here you can find all kinds of info on Trypticon.

Links to other homepages

HomePage of Victor Hopmans,
This is a page on the various hobbies of one of my fellow students.
The Movies of Bud Spencer & Terence Hill,
This is one of Victors subpages.
Lost in UO,
Even if you don't know the game Ultima Online, then still you will probably like these funny comics.

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