Season 2: Masterforce

Who's who in this series?
32 - Destroy the Autobot Base
Overlord waits for KnokMinerva shows Knok around in Autobot HQ. Later Knok secretly enters the command center in Autobot HQ and starts taking photographs of files on the Autobot defences. With this information Doubledealer leaves HQ and delivers the film to Decepticon Headmaster Juniors and Overlord. Then Doubledealer heads back to Autobot HQ. Later that day, Hawk notices someone has accesed the computer. He gets suspicious and asks whether any of the Autobot Headmaster Juniors knows anything about it. Meanwhile, Knok plants a bomb at the power core of Autobot HQ. The bomb explodes shortly thereafter and the Autobots hurry to the side of the explosion. This enables Knok to enter the command center again and he uses the computer once again. Hawk is convinced Destruction of the citythat there is a traitor and he and Hi-Q make a plan to catch the traitor. When shortly thereafter the surveillance cameras of Autobot HQ start acting weird, Hawk sends the Autobot Powermasters out to keep an eye on the surroundings of Autobot HQ. Knok quickly volunteers to help with Doubledealer and Hawk agrees. Unseen for Knok, Hawk and Hi-Q exchange glances. Outside HQ, Knok changes in his Decepticon outfit and Doubledealer transforms in his birdlike Decepticon mode. He meets with the Decepticon Headmaster Juniors and hands them over all the scematics of Autobot HQ. Hawk and the Autobot Powermasters arrive and they are able to take Knok prisoner. However, the Decepticons manage to leave with the data. Some time thereafter, Darkwing and Dreadwind start bombing a city. The Autobots see the news on the television and consider what they should do. Hi-Q just has to do something and he takes the Overlord starts the attackAutobot Powermasters with him to save the city. Which leaves only Hawk and the three Autobot Headmaster Juniors in the HQ. The Decepticon see the Autobots leaving Autobot HQ and they leave Decepticon HQ to attack the now almost defensless Autobot base. Hawk is busy repairing the power core, hoping to put more power to the defense systems. But Knok has one more surprise: in his cell he pushes a button in his handpalm and a bomb explodes in the command center. This is the moment that Overlord was waiting for: he and the Decepticons land on the island on which Autobot HQ is situated and start blasting everything they see.
33 - The Autobot Base explodes
The Autobot base is attackedSlowly the Decepticons advance on Autobot HQ. Overlord shoots a rocket which destroys the communication disc on top of Autobot HQ. Inside Autobot HQ the situation gets critical. Rockets have already destroyed some sections and a fire erupts. The next missile impact causes a shortcircuiting in one of the computer, which explodes. Hawk gets blown away and is seriously injured. Meanwhile, Powermaster Optimus Prime is fighting the Decepticon Powermasters in the city, while the Autobot Powermasters try to help the injured people. When Optimus Prime has finally defeated the two Decepticons, he is radiod by Overlord who notifies him of the imminent defeat of Autobot HQ. Optimus Prime and the Powermasters quickly return to their base. Overlord is waiting for Optimus Prime, and Optimus Prime quickly combines with his two trailers to form Super Powermaster Optimus Prime and starts a battle. The Autobot Powermasters enter their HQ and discover Hawkthat the Seacons have already entered the base. The Seacons are destroying everything and the Autobots are forced to retreat to the upper section of their base. Minerva has just time to save Knok from his cell that had caved in. The Autobot Powermasters radio Optimus Prime to inform him their situation is hopeless. Optimus Prime is able to escape the battle with Overlord for a moment and sends a rocket to Autobot HQ. The lower section of the base explodes and the explosions slowly expand upwards. Overlord approaches Optimus Prime again, but Optimus Prime is able to send him flying. Then Optimus Prime disconnects his second trailer and sends it to the base to rescue the other Autobots. The base explodes shortly after the Autobots are rescued. Knok regrets his actions and Optimus Prime allows him to leave.