These are some pictures taken from the japanese series.

First Season: Headmasters
BrainstormBrainstorm fights to defend Cybertron.
MindwipeMindwipe is a dangerous foe, because he can hypnotize great groups of Autobots at once.
AutobotsThe Autobots, Spike and Carly see how the Decepticons arrive on Cybertron.
SpikeSpike is an important adviser of the Autobots.
SixshotSixshot has become one of my favourite Transformers in this series.
TrainbotOne of the six Trainbots. These Trainbots didn't appear in the US series.
SoundblasterSoundwave is killed and rebuilt as Soundblaster. His main color is now black instead of blue.
SkullcruncherSkull ("Skullcruncher") and Weirdwolf.
MegazarakMegazarak ("Scorponok" in the US series).
ScorponokScorponok ("Zarak" in the US series).
GalvatronGalvatron still leads the Decepticons in most episodes.
WheelieToo bad; Wheelie also doesn't die in the japanese series.
FortressFortress and Cha. Better known as Cerebros and Kup in the US series.
Second Season: Masterforce
HawkHawk is the leader of the Autobots in the second season.
HawkThis is Hawk as a human. (He's a Pretender). The bracelet is used to communicate with the other Cybertrons and is used to change into a robot.
HawkThis is Hawk in his transformation.
WaveriderThis is Waveriders as human.
LandmineAlso Landmine makes an appaerance
Bomb-BurstThe Decepticon Bomb-Burst.
SkullgrinSkullgrin terrorizes the jungle.
MinervaMinerva changes into Nightbeats head. (Off course his japanese name isn't Nightbeat.)
TentakilTentakil destroys a city.
Third Season: Victory
Extra: Scramble City and Zone