The Complete History Of The Transformers

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The Entire History in one file

Quintesson FactoryMilions of years ago, the planet of Cybertron was made by the Quintessons as a production plant for the robots they needed. At the start they experimentated with creatures partially robot and partially organic, later they made real robots. There were two types of robots; military units and consumer goods. A computer; Vector Sigma, situated somewhere deep under the surface of the planet was used to give all the robots their own unique personalities. The Quintessons were very hard on their own robots and gradually more and more robots started to rebel. However the Quintessons had built gigantic robots to protect themselves; the Guardian Robots. Finally the great rebellion started and the robots (mainly the consumer goods) under the leadeship of A-3, managed to defeat the Guardian Robots. Start of the RebellionThe Quintessons had to flee from Cybertron. Five Autobots (Blaster, Ramhorn, Rewind, Blurr and Wreck-Gar) that came from the future helped the robots with this start of the rebellion (see later).

After the rebellion there was peace once again on Cybertron. The consumer goods-Transformers were finally able to do what they liked to do. This time was later referred to as the Golden Age of Cybertron. The military robots became restless and started riots in some cities on the planet. Not everywhere on the planet was there a struggle between the two classes of robots. So it was that two friends; a scientist (Skyfire) and a military robot (Starscream), made an expedition together. While exploring a distant planet they were seperated by a blizzard. Only Starscream managed to return to Cybertron.

Creation of MegatronNew robots were created, among these was Megatron. Megatron was one of the first robots that was able to fly in robotmode and thus he became something of a sensation. Robots in different cities heard of the incredible flying robots and of rumours that some cities were attacked by these same robots. Still they thought of the war as nothing more as a rumour, besides the guardian robots that were reprogrammed after the departure of the Quintessons protected all cities. During this time the consumer goods-Transformers developed the custom to hand over the Matrix from leader to leader. The Matrix contained all the wisdom of all its former custodians. Also the Autobot develop the art of transformation, soon the Decepticons start to use this ability too.

Alpha Trion and Orion PaxOrion Pax was a robot that worked on the docks in a city that was rich on energon. This city was Megatrons next target due to this energon. Megatron made friends with Orion Pax, who was awed by all of Megatrons capabilities. As soon as Orion Pax showed the energon supplies of the city to Megatron, Megatrons orders his troops to attack. Orion Pax, his girlfriend; Aerial, and another friend get seriously wounded. Once again some Autobots from the future play a critical role in Cybertron history, this time it are the Aerialbots. They carry Orion Pax off from the place of attack and in search for medical help they find Alpha Trion (it is possible that he still calls himself A-3 at this moment). Alpha Trion has made some sort of hospital and is already helping as many robots as he is able to. He promises to do his best for Orion Pax.

Introduction of Optimus PrimeAfter some time Alpha Trion reports to the Aerialbots that he was able to repair Orion Pax, he has even rebuilt him. Orion Pax new name is: Optimus Prime. Alpha Trion was also the bearer of the Matrix at that time and while he rebuilded Orion Pax he gave him the Matrix. Alpha Trion assures Optimus Prime that he will send some droids to get the other wounded, he has even already a name for the girlfriend of Orion Pax/Optimus Prime; Elita One. Optimus Prime heads back to the battle, together with the Aerialbots. Optimus Prime drives off Megatron and many of his forces. The Aerialbots notice how many of Megatron troops go after the energon and decide to blow the entire storage building skyhigh to prevent the energon from falling in the wrong hands. They are almost killed themselves while doing it, but they are transported back to their own time just in time.

The RobosmasherSo the war on Cybertron starts for real. Megatron leads the military robots, his group is named the Decepticons, Optimus Prime becomes the leader of all the robots that fight for peace, this group is called the Autobots. Not all robots are willing to fight for peace, many leave the planet in search for a new home. So the battle rages on for milions of years. Even among the Decepticons there are some differences of opinion, Megatron captures five renegade Decepticons and stores their personality chips. During this time many new weapons were tested. One of the most feared of these weapons was the Robosmasher. This device of the Decepticons was able to reprogram any robot into a follower of Megatron. Omega Supreme and DevastatorOne of the last victims of this machine were the Constructicons. After being reprogrammed they lured Omega Supreme away from Crystal City, by saying he was needed in another city that they claimed was under Decepticon attack. As soon as Omega Supreme realized that he was tricked, he ran back to Crystal City, only to see it collapse. Omega Supreme followed the Constructicons and tried to undo the Robosmashers work, but without any results. The new ability from the Constructicons to form a gestalt (Devastator) surprised Omega Supreme and almost he himself became a victim of the Robosmasher. He managed to destroy the Robosmasher and he pursued the Constructicons across the galaxy for milions of years.

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